Thursday, May 30, 2013

GRIM Book Review

Here is the excerpt from back of the book:
Who is the man behind the mask? When everything is taken from him, Detective Adam White must choose what's most important. Does he stick to the heroic ideals which made him a famed paragon of justice and take down a murderous madman?  
Or does he give in to his vigilante impulses, avenge his wife's murder, and become the type of killer he's hunted for so many years?
Wow, let me tell you, this book was packed with a lot of action that started on the first page all the way to the last paragraph! I never knew what was going to happen next. I tried to figure it out and then it would be something totally different than what I thought it would be.

I can tell you that the excerpt that I just wrote that is really the one on the back of the book, is totally misleading. There is so much in between those lines and what really happens that it will shock you silly!

This is a story about 3 completely different men but they all have one thing in common and that is that someone murdered a person that each man loved. In the case of the "real" masked man, it was 2 people, one a woman who he fell in love with while fighting in Iraq and she was killed by her own people for seeing an American soldier and the other person that the masked man loved was his father.

The other two men, one who is a homicide cop, lost their wives to men who are pure evil and don't care about anyone or anything except for what's in it for them. The man behind all the evil things is trying to buy up all the land in this one town where all three of these men live and if you don't cooperate, then he sends his enforcers out to make sure you change your mind.

This story has a lot of twists and plots I did not see coming about who is real and who isn't and which man thinks he is talking to real people when actually he is talking to their ghosts or he is hallucinating.  Then comes the final shocker as to how each man comes into a power that once a deal is made, it can't be broken or your worst fears will come true.

Or maybe not. This "shocker" might be good or evil, the book leaves it to you to decide. I am still trying to figure it out myself so don't ask me because I am still scratching my head on this one.

Happy Reading!
About The Author:
Joseph was married to Dr. Amy (Waggoner) Spencer, an accomplished veterinary doctor, on March 14, 2012. He received word his debut novel was accepted by his publisher, Damnation Books, the next day.
Joseph is hard at work on the rest of the series. Book 2 – Wrage – will be released June 1, 2013.  Murphy, a 15-year-old orange tabby, is perhaps the most vocal member of the family. The Spencer family enjoys reading Charlaine Harris, George R.R. Martin, Mary Janice Davidson, and most paranormal stories.
The Spencers also enjoy quoting movie lines from “The Princess Bride”, “Rain Man”, “Bridesmaids”, and “Office Space”. 

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