Friday, May 24, 2013

Destiny's Flower Book Review

I have a really awesome Science Fiction (at least that is what I think it is) book to tell you about today called Destiny's Flower written by Dr. Linda Harley. It really is an awesome book and about 3/4 of the way into the book, I realized that there was no way this could end in what little bit was left and sure enough, it didn't!
As you can see from the cover, it says Book 1 but I did not see that when I picked it up to read. I do know that they are hoping the 2nd book will be out sometime in December. I will definitely have to mark that down and not forget to look for it because the story is just too awesome. I have always been a Fantasy type of reader if I am not reading about Thrillers/Serial Murders/Mystery, then this kind of book is what I read.
I don't normally go for the soft romance type books but have read some that I really like. I think everyone will enjoy this book because it has a little bit of everything in it. I do have about 5 authors I follow very closely because they write books that pick up where the last one ended so if you miss a book, it really won't make much sense.

So, I keep the Book Series ones to go back and refresh my memory but will give away the others. Now, I will add Linda Harley to that list to make it 6 authors!
Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Doctor Lynn Davis is kidnapped by handsome Lord Kyle von Talion and taken to a far of planet, Saldiora. As she finds herself in this unfamiliar culture, she must learn to fight with a sword, ride a talking horse, and endure the politics of a royal court if she is to survive.  
Kyle has his hands full keeping Lynn from making cultural blunders and ensuring her safety. The Juntu’s are plotting to take over Saldiora and consider Lynn to be a threat to their success. Will Lynn live long enough to fulfill her destiny and save the kingdom of Saldiora?
This book never stops with the action and this book is packed full of it! I could not put it down the night I started the book and had to stay up all night until I finished it. I was a little disappointed it didn't get further along in the book before it ended but I have worked out several scenario's in my mind as to what I think will happen.

I can't share that because if I am right, it gives the whole plot away and if I am wrong, it will not be a pretty thing to see egg on my face. I see this story working out in 2 ways and both will be awesome but I am leaning towards one that I don't think most reader's will see coming. All this talk about finding Tristen a bride that will become the Queen of Saldoira from a choice of 10 what they call Beauties, is really about two things I think.

One is getting the lost heir back, which they think might be Lynn Davis, although they have no solid proof when they kidnap her from Earth. And the other I think is to hide the fact that Tristen has already decided who he will pick but has to go through with this Beauties Gala that has been a tradition for a very long time. I won't say how or why or even whom I think it is because I want you to read the book and see what you think.

Several things gave it away and because I am an avid reader and love solving the murder or mystery before the book tells me or who is going to die or live for that matter, I have guessed right more times than I have guessed wrong. But, I still love the chase! And that is all that really matters to me. I love the in between stories, the details and the ride of the book, even if I have sort of figured out what I think might be the outcome.

You will love this book because it has everything in it, adventure, mystery, back stabbing, science fiction (like they have nanobits that heal you quickly & can heal wounds that otherwise you die from) to romance and to heroic actions from several of the key players. I even love the bit about the royal horses being able to talk to the humans on Saldoria. The story is both modern and old timey.

They still ride horses but can fly spaceships that have futuristic abilities only found in movies like Star Wars.  So, think of it as Star Wars with ages of traditions on a faraway planet where they are steeped in tradition and have Queens and Kings and fight with swords like in the King Author books.

It's a great mixture of both worlds and you will love the way it works and doesn't seem stupid or dumb. It is actually quite believable. And that my friends, is what a good author always does and what I look for in the books I select to read.

This one is a winner and I can't wait for the ride on the next one, even if I suspect at least half of what I got out of the first one, I still want to take that ride!

Happy Reading!

Author Info:
Linda Harley was born in Durban, South Africa and at the age of 7 developed a love for music and writing. She received her BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA in 2002 and 2004, respectively and in 2011 she received her PhD in Applied Physiology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Linda loves to travel and see the world. Experiencing new cultures and immersing herself into these cultures is a daily adventure for her. 

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S C said...

It sounds like this story captivated you. A lot going on but somehow seems to weave together to fit by your synopsis. I like the idea of meshing old time and modern in a new world. I can imagine him trying to get her through cultural differences and situations. We experience that today just in different countries. An interesting concept.

Sherry Compton