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DermOrganic Argan Hair Products Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have a really new and nice organic company to tell you about today called DermOrganic Argan Hair Care Products as well as Skincare Treatments. But, all I will be taking about today is Hair Care.

As everyone knows, I have the awfullest time with my hair so I love trying new and exciting things, especially if they have Argan Oil. Even Dr. Oz on TV is excited about Argan Oil, so I guess it must be pretty darn awesome!
Here are the 3 products I got to try:
1.)  Daily Conditioning Shampoo
2.   Intensive Hair Repair Masque
3.)  Leave in Treatment
Let's start with the DermOrganic Shampoo. I think you are really going to love this product. I loved the scent when I first opened it up and couldn't figure out what in the heck it smelled like because it was so different. I looked at all the ingredients and couldn't really tell which one it would be, more than likely, a mixture of them all.
Here is what the ingredients are:
Further enriched with Argan Oil with Omega-6 and Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Rice Amino Acids, and anti-oxidant plant extracts to preserve the life of hair color.
-Gentle sulfate-free formula
-Safe for color-treated hair
-The shampoo made with facial cleansers!
-Revitalizes and enlivens
-Rich luxurious lather makes other sulfate-free shampoos jealous!
-Enriched with Omega-6, Panthenol B5, Rice Keratin and Antioxidant
Also, you need to know that since this shampoo is made without salt, sodium chloride or other artificial thickeners, variations in thickness will naturally occur. 
Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage, and rinse. Follow with DermOrganic Masque and/or Daily Hydrating Conditioner.
These products are so easy to use and you won't go wrong with any of them, no matter which ones you try. This shampoo is great on color treated hair, and I know this because I have colored hair, so it really does work! Another great thing is that you can use this shampoo as a body wash that will leave your skin soft and supple.
DermOrganic Masque is an intensive deep conditioner that revitalizes and repairs damaged hair from the inside out. It has unique properties that won't build-up or over-proteinize hair, making it safe for everyday use.  Made without silicone, propylene glycol or glycerin, use as often as desired for silky smooth hair without fear of buildup.

I think you will love this Masque because it will help repair your hair and will help you restore resilience from salon treated hair colors. It seals the cuticles to give your hair more help to be strong and beautiful.

It's gentle enough to use everyday if you need it or as a deep masque 2 or 3 times a week as deep reconstructor.  And here are some other advantages that you will love about this masque:
-Repairs damaged hair
-Smoothes and softens
-Strengthens and texturizes
-Makes hair manageable again
-Fortifies and improves elasticity
-Enriched with Omega-6, Antioxidants,Rice Keratin Amino Acids and Essential Lipids

Directions: For at home care, apply to clean wet hair from roots to ends. Leave on for approximately 1 minute or longer as needed to repair. Rinse. Use at least two times weekly, safe to use daily.
For an in-salon deep masque treatment, apply to clean damp hair. Cover and place under heat for 3 to 5 minutes. Cool for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse.

The Original! DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment is made with Certified Argan Oil of Morocco to repair, protect and improve hair shine. Restores optimal moisture balance, smoothes and softens, speeds drying time, and protects hair from thermal styling. Along with that, you get some of these additional advantages:

Adds incredible softness and shine
Protects hair from thermal damage
Speeds drying time up to 40%
Restores optimal moisture
Revitalizes and repairs
Seals cuticle & protects color
Smoothes and softens
Enriched with Omega-6, Lipids, Antioxidants, Vitamin E and Natural Moisture Factors
Made with Certified Argan Oil of Morocco
Directions: Work a few drops into clean damp hair before styling to repair, protect and seal in shine.

All three of these products have Argan Oil in them and we all know that Argan Oil will leave our hair feeling silky smooth and wow, what a shine you will have! I have to use a frizz control oil and was so happy when I found that these products had the Argan Oil in them.

I love that my hair looks more alive and smooth! I bet you noticed that the Leave In Conditioner has Certified Argan Oil of Morocco in it, so that is why I am so excited!

Do you know what Argan Oil is? Here is what DermOrganic says about it:


The Argan tree is native to the region of southwest Morocco. In the early 2000′s there were only 6000 Argan trees in the world. The Argan forest became a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) nature preserve and an aggressive plan to grow the forest put into place. In recent years, the Argan forest has expanded to well over 12,000 mature trees and growing.

The Argan tree grows a small fruit, inside which resides the Argan seed. Goats love to eat the fruit of the Argan tree, and you will find that they climb on top of each other, just to get a bite! The Argan forest is a wholly organic forest, with no artificial fertilization or pesticides permitted.

Connect with DermOrganic several ways:

Mailing Address:
25413 Rye Canyon Road
Santa Clarita CA 91355
Phone:   800-662-7839  or 1-661-257-4814
Facebook | Twitter |

DermOrganic has been kind enough to let one winner have the same set of products that I just reviewed. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone! You will love these awesome products.

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Jessica Forrestt said...

No I havnt tried their products but I WOULD LOVE TOO :)

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No I haven't.
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I haven't tried argan oil before. I have tried morrocan and macadamia oils and they work great. So I think this is very similar.

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No, I haven't tried the Argan Oil Hair Products before.

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No, I have never tried it but I would love to..they sound like they are awesome.

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No, I haven't tried the Argan Oil Hair Products before. Cheryl Abdelnour

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No I havent tried before but I have heard great things about it and would love to try

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never tried this. thankyou, ken

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I haven't tried argan oil before.

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Nope I have never even heard of these products before! Would love the chance to try them though!
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I have, but not from this brand, and I have liked the results. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

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I have tried Moroccan oil which I think is similar

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I don't think I've tried it before, but I'd love to see if it helps with my hair! steph4575 at msn dot com

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I have never used Argan Oil Hair Products before

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I have tried hair products with argan oil and that is all I will use now! I also use pure argan oil on my body! Sheena Mariee Eaton
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No I have never tried, But have been using more natural and organic products. So I would love to try!!

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I have never tried them, but I would love to!
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I haven't tried any Argan Oil products yet.

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MaryBeth said...

Thanks for the great review of DermOrganics. I have been using all 3 of these products for the past couple weeks, and honestly cant say enough good things about them. My hair is very shiny now, and just feels stronger and in much better condition than before I started using them.

I didn't realize the shampoo can double as a body wash. I love products that can do double duty. I'm going to try it tomorrow.

Dorielle said...

No, but I have been dying to try these products. They seem like exactly what I need for my poor, devastated hair.

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I've never tried them before. Thanks.
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I haven't tried these products before

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