Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blue Steel's Jubilee Earrings & Bracelet Sponsor Spotlight Review

Now, I know over the last few Events that I have teased you guys with different pieces of jewelry that
was in each giveaway event, well, we are at the final event for Mother's Day and because of that, there will be 2 pieces of jewelry given away at this event! Yes, you heard me right! The winner of the Something Special for Mom Giveaway Event will get both the Jubilee Earrings and the Jubilee Bracelet! They are both truly awesome!
It's hard to tell much about them now, but when I got them, I was really impressed with them. Not just because of the design, but because they aren't just ordinary silver earrings. These actually shimmer! They are delicate and even though they look big, they are still dainty. And they really aren't all that big.

Mom can still wear them. I know I did wear mine and I normally don't go for big dangle earrings, but something about these tipped the scales and you will love them also! These are hammered abstract design french wire earrings made out of .925 Sterling Silver. You will be impressed with the quality of jewelry from Blue Steel, just like I am.
And the biggest thing about these pieces are:
Durable and Sturdy: While on one hand most of the gold ornaments are so delicate that they can be deformed by little manual effort, the silver jewelry items are durable and sturdy enough to bear considerable pressure. The silver ornaments can't be broken and deformed easily. This quality of silver jewelry makes it long-lasting and a choice of many.
This is also a tough one to see the true beauty in the bracelet but I absolutely loved this one! It is very light and dainty as well and this sterling silver bracelet is 8" long. Here, this might help some, I did take a picture of it on my arm:
Now, can you see how different it looks when worn versus the computer picture? Even the pictures I took by themselves did not get this detail until I put it on.  It sorta looks like someone just hammered and bent the steel and it sorta really does look like that but that is also how it shimmers, like I mentioned above in the earrings. Totally awesome set!
Another great tip about Blue Steel and the jewelry that they carry:
Inexpensive and Economical: Money is an important consideration for most of the people while purchasing any product. Any rational man wants the optimum worth of his money; he wants the best thing at the cheapest possible price.
Silver jewelry perfectly fulfills this requirement because it is quite inexpensive and economical when compared to other jewelry like that of gold and platinum. Also, it is far ahead in elegance and design than other jewelry types.

GUARANTEED MOTHERS DAY DELIVERY - FREE 1st Class Shipping On All Orders Over $100 or Overnight by Friday, May 10
You can click on either the banner at the top or this one and both will take you to Blue Steel's website to see what all they have in stock. They are also offering 20% off for Mother's Day and you can still get by Friday if you order now.  They have a wide selection of beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms.  I love this set of rings below and would love to have them myself!

Did I mention that they also have bridal jewelry? If you are thinking along those lines and really need to trim your budget for now and maybe get something nicer later on when things are looking up, they have some really cute sets or just bands to choose from. Like this one below:
This statement pretty much sums up Blue Steel and their jewelry:
Blue Steel jewelry is edgy, industrial, and sophisticated all in one. You can dress the part at a formal event, rock concert, or when riding around with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon. If you have any questions, please feel free to either give us a call, or send us a email.
Connect with Buy Blue Steel several ways:
Mailing Address:
8615 Commodity Circle Suite 15
Orlando, FL, 32819
Phone:    1-800-450-8067
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The winner of my Something Special for Mom Giveaway Event will get both the bracelet and the pair of earrings! You are going to love them! The event starts on May 10th and ends on the 26th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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