Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yantra Mat Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have another great tool to help with pain relief and yes, it looks like I took a turn somewhere and my last three posts have been about how to help with pain relief. Why do you ask? Well, because mine has taken a drastic step backwards and I feel like I am back in 2003 with everyone scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened.
Well, I sorta know what happened but don't want to point fingers, but I went along with some treatments that I knew would cause problems but did not want to go to the pain clinic and look or sound like a drug addict so I let them do all of those steroid shots in the beginning even though my real pain is my stomach and bladder. The rest like the neck and back and the RA and Fibromyalgia I have learned that there isn't much you can do with those.
So, as long as my stomach and bladder are sorta pain free, then I can live with it. Well, I never dreamed those shots would do as much damage as they did either! Now, my thyroid has tanked, white blood cell count is off the charts, I am having severe heartburn all the time, have thrown up brown bile and now my Gastro doctor says on top of everything else, I know have Acute Gastritis. He thought at first I had stomach cancer and he biopsied it and it was negative but that about tells you how bad it looks in there. All from taking steroid shots!
So, on Tuesday, I guess I made the pain clinic mad because I said no more shots and then they basically called me a druggie but they did release me so that my other doctors can take over my pain management. I really don't like confrontations but both my Gastro and Internist said he had to go if he was not willingly to give me medications only and no more shots.
I am very sensitive and just can't take them. Now, I am in more trouble then I was back in 2003. So, I have set out on a course to find some different ways to help alleviate my back and neck pain and I will pretty much try anything once.
So, here is where the Yantra Mat comes in. I heard about it and thought what the heck, might as well try it and see what happens. Because Mike has the worse pain in his lower back and he still has to work and I don't (I am on disability), I decided to let him try it out first. 

He has been sitting on it while watching TV and laying down on it also and says it takes a little getting used to but then it seems to be helping. He is gonna get a pillow case if he can find one long enough to that it covers most of all of the area's that he hurts the worse. The Yantra Mat is made of materials that will make you chuckle:
The Yantra Mat is made of 100% cotton. The spiked flowers are made of 100% non-toxic ABS plastic (similar to LEGO™ blocks).
I have a Medium Yantra Mat and this is what it is composed of:
Contact points:8820
Piked flowers 210
Dimensions: 30 x 17 in
Pressure point surface:25 x 15 in

I have no idea what those numbers mean but it has something to do with how many pressure points the mat has, I believe. I really do hope that this can help because I am gonna need it pretty quick myself,  The reason isn't too bad but my shoulders are really killing me after just typing in 3 quick reviews and giveaways both hands but more the left one is about to bust!

If you want my opinion, I think the RA injections have stopped working and that is why we re-did my bloodwork on Friday to see if the White Blood Cell counts are normal or higher and if the sed rate is high (indicator that the inflammation is very high which it has been since 2005) I am on my 8th or 9th different medication for the RA and I don't think there are many more left to try, then I will be screwed. 

It's like my body produces antibodies after awhile and it causes the meds to go to the organs since the joints and muscles won't take them. That is where the major danger is, the heart being attacked will be fatal.

This is what the sides of the duffel like bag that carries the Yantra Mat comes in. You can also get other colors than black like burgundy and neon like green. I also found out that out that this little gizmo is the thing that helps everyone rest more comfortable and that it does make a difference in

This 100% ABS plastic disc may look intimidating, but it's the secret to the Yantra Mat's amazing acupressure benefits.  Hundreds of these flowers combine to give each Yantra Mat at least 8,820 effective pressure points -- more than any other mat on the market.

This is how the Yantra Mat works and please follow the directions clearly or you won't have a good experience.

To begin
Getting Started
Carefully lie down on your Yantra Mat. Distribute your weight evenly over the contact points. For the first few minutes, you will likely experience discomfort; this will subside. Breathe deeply and remain still.

Certain conditions can make our skin more sensitive. The Yantra Mat should not feel painful. If it does hurt, place a thin sheet between your body and the mat. After a period of time, try using the Yantra Mat without a protective layer.

Days 1-4 We recommend about 10 minutes of use. You'll recognize the Yantra Mat’s effects right away, but they may develop once you start using the mat more frequently. Some people fall asleep on the mat. Others get an energy boost immediately after use.

Days 5-14 We recommend about 20 minutes of use, preferably at bedtime. If you fall asleep, that’s okay. Avoid watching the clock (set an alarm if you must). The most important thing is to relax. It doesn’t matter if your total time on the mat is more than 20 minutes. Remove the mat when you wake up and go back to sleep.

Eventually, you’ll feel that you awake more refreshed and energized for the day ahead. After 14 days By this time, you will have learned a lot about the Yantra Mat and its effects on your body/mind. Try 20-40 minutes, or more. You can lie on the mat as long as you like. We suggest using the mat daily, although some people use it less often.

I thought you might want to know that you can get several sizes w/o paying for shipping in case you wanted to try it. That way you can have one to sit on and one that will stretch out with you when you go to sleep at night. Actually, Mike just came running in here and grabbing the Yantra Mat because he forgot it earlier and now he is having some issues.

There is so much to tell you and show you but I am running out of time and my fingers are really starting to hurt bad so I better stop while I can.  Check out their website and other references of  their Yantra Mat and make sure you fully understand what this mat can do for you and how much you will come home with something truly awesome!

Connect with Yantra Mat several ways:

Phone:   1-866-229-2866

The kind folks at Yantra Mat have agreed to give one winner the same Yantra Mat that I just reviewed. You will really love this.


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I would choose purple.

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Sounds interesting! I would choose black!
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I would choose the purple for my wife. thankyou, ken

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Oh I need this!! Purple or Green would be great :)

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I would enjoy a purple mat.

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Nofearpapertiger said...

My mom desperately needs this - she's going to be 63!

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I would choose purple.

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