Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tommie Copper Compression Tights Sponsor Spotlight Review

Oh, my goodness, if you have any aches and pains in your legs or thighs or even butt area, you are gonna love these compression tights! They are so awesome if you suffer from Fibromyalgia like I do along with RA.  These wonderful feeling Compression Tights is one of many products that Tommie Copper has made for people who have chronic pain.

These tights are designed to help relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness, aid performance and recovery and stimulate oxygen delivery to the muscles. I can tell you that my legs felt so comfortable and because both of my knee's have been replaced, they get cold in the winter so these helped keep my knee's from getting so cold which leads to pain. You will love them just like I do. I am gonna have to check out some of their other products, too.

Here are the benefits of these awesome tights:

  • Helps relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles
  • Gentle effective compression allows for 24 hour use
  • Wickable fabric keeps skin dry
  • Covered elastic waistband allows extra comfort
  • Comfortably and discreetly wear under pants or dress
  • Accessorize with a skirt or wear alone while out
  • Machine washable. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets
  • Sold individually
  • And guess what? They come in several colors besides my beloved black colored ones. They have navy, grey and teal. I went with black because it hides things better than the other colors. My thyroid recently tanked and I put on some weight but the real issue is the RA and the swelling that accompanie's RA.
    My shots that I take for RA have stopped working so I will have to change to another one and I see that doctor next week.  So, the black color helps me to conceal the swelling better and when I get everything back to normal, I would love to get the navy blue, which is below.
    These awesome tights can also help with:
    **Calf cramps
    **Cold weather
    **A great night's sleep
    **Makes a great gift
    These are the grey ones. They don't have the teal ones up yet. It is a spring/summer color so they are probably still working on the picture updates.
    Now, they have alot more products than just the compression tights. Here are some of them that I think if you have aches and pain in these area's, these would help alot. I am thinking the gloves might give my fingers and hands some relief because they hurt alot after typing for awhile.
     Don't they look like they would work?  Here is what Tommie Copper says about their gloves:
    Tommie Copper's comfortable full finger compression gloves provide comfortable support that helps relieve joint and muscular pain in the hands and fingers, promote recovery and aid performance. Check out what else it will help with by following the link I provided.
    Okay, I bet this is the teal color on this Elbow Compression Sleeve. The only difference is that this sleeve comes in a cobalt blue also along with the grey and black.
    Now, here is the one other product I think I would love, it is the Compression Short Sleeved Shirt. They also have them in long sleeves. I think with the tights and this shirt, I will have almost total compression. But I guess if I got the long sleeved one then I will be totally covered. I may have to bite the bullet and do that. Because my shoulder, elbows and back need some relief also. Below is the Long Sleeved Compression Shirt.
    Here is what Tommie Copper says about this shirt and why I am definitely going to order it. I just made up my mind when I read what it can do:
    Tommie Copper's women's long sleeve compression shirt uses compression to provide support for the muscles and joints in the neck, shoulders, torso and back.
    Now, because I probably did not make this obvious, all of these can be bought in Men's sizes also. So, if you have a spouse who is in trouble, I would definitely get them one of these. We are thinking about getting Mike one, too. He wants me to get mine first since I am in more pain than he is. His pain is mostly the shoulders whereas I have pain everywhere.
    You can also get socks if your feet hurt!
     Or if you prefer to just have the short ones, that is also possible:
    I hope that I was able to give you guys some idea's of what area's you can try these awesome products on and get some relief from the pain. Make sure to check out the sizing chart so that you order the right size. You don't want them to be too big or they won't work right.  You also don't want them too small because that would just cause you to be uncomfortable.

    Compression helps stabilize and support muscles. Gravity can cause a build-up of fluid in the muscles and surrounding tissue, not only from overuse or repetitive movements, but also during and after exercise. This increased swelling may result in limited mobility and stiffness due to inflammation. Compression helps provide support for tired, sore legs. You will see the difference once you start wearing any of their products.
    Here is what I found in the FAQ's section: 
    Tom Kallish founded Tommie Copper in 2010. A middle-aged and self-professed weekend warrior, Mr. Kallish suffered a traumatic water skiing accident requiring multiple surgeries on his back, knees and hips leaving him with chronic debilitating arthritic pain.  
    Finding only uncomfortable, restrictive and bulky medical compression available, he created Tommie Copper compression wear. Tommie Copper compression uses multi-directional support and proprietary fabric to provide supportive relief to users while being comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day.
    Connect with Tommie Copper several ways:

    Mailing Address:
    74 S. Moger Ave
    Mount Kisco, NY 10549
    Phone:  1-855-692-8291
    Fax:      914-864-0321

    The awesome folks at Tommie Copper will be letting the winner of my Mary's Cup of Tea Mother's Day Package  that starts on April 14th and ends on May 12th get a pair of the Compression Tights, like the one that I just reviewed. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


    carolann88fan said...

    Thank you for the introduction to a company I will be checking out. I work in the medical field and am on my feet all day, this will help with the pain.

    Dorothy Teel said...

    I love the idea of the socks as my feet are what bothers me, plus I don't think I could fit into your compression pants, but I think they are a very valuable item for chronic pain problems.. Thank you for participating in this giveaway..

    barbara stenby said...

    very interesting! The pants look just like spandex so I like them.

    john hutchens said...

    my significant other is a nurse these sound like they would be wonderful for her legs

    Tin Foil Angel said...

    These Sound awesome!

    slehan said...

    I have RA and will check these out. Right now my hands would like those gloves.

    slehan at juno dot com

    Sylvia Ortiz said...

    Would love to try these tights on nights when the back of my legs are tight and sore and keep me from sleeping.