Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Women Gather Book Review

I just read a book called The Women Gather written by Katalin Kennedy. It is a book that spans our time and time into the future around 2066.
Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Nora’s mission had been demanding. She wanted to find a way for women to rediscover their true selves, denied to them throughout the centuries and to make the world a better place.  
When the young girl Aideen asks Tunde if she may come to Lemuria, Ontario and learn about the beginnings of the Norean Order founded in 1998, she agrees. Tunde’s preoccupation, however, is with the smooth flow of the ‘Gathering’ symposium of 2066. Women from all the Sanctuaries throughout the world are in attendance and await the momentous event: the opening of the Portal to the Outerworld.  
She has little time to spend with Aideen who unravels layers and layers of stories found in letters, articles, diaries, newspaper clippings and videos about the struggles and triumphs faced by Nora’s family and by the Order itself.  
What Aideen also detects is something she considers to be mystical that no one wants to acknowledge.
Okay, I have to tell you that this book has alot of back and forth letters like is mentioned in the excerpt that Aideen is reading. I liked the story but the back and forth of having to read letters from people to people and keeping up with the order of the letter's proved hard at times.  I really lost track after the story was told how 2 women from the past were murdered by one of the husband's and then he killed himself.

After that, I had a hard time understanding where who was where and what was the Outerworld? I am not sure if they went somewhere off planet or into another dimension or just went to a town. I think the letters threw me off with the back and forth to the past and I must admit, I haven't been feeling too good lately and have been in pain, so that might explain why this book was hard for me to imagine or come to grips.

I am normally able to see thru any book and tell you right up front what is going on but this book really takes 100% concentration and I would read it while you are somewhere peaceful with no noise or interruption. I wish I could have put this one off a bit so I could go back and re-read it again so I had a better grasp at what was going on.

But, I believe if you will read this when you can fully devote your total mind to it that you will get it all right away. I have read other books before that did this back and forth thing and I was able to finally grasp it. But, with not feeling good and in some pain, I could not focus like I wish I could have and I was gonna try to read it again, but ran out of time.

I haven't given up on this book. When I have some spare time later on, I am gonna re-read it and then come back and add some more comments to this post. I feel it is a good, well story and I hope that you will give it a try because the subject matter sounds fascinating.

 On Christmas Eve, 1956, Katalin (Kennedy) and her parents escaped from Hungary, their homeland. The following April, they arrived as refugees in Saint John, New Brunswick.
She spent most of her adult life in Ottawa, Ontario. Katalin graduated from Carleton University and joined Health Canada. She managed major national projects as Program Consultant on Seniors’ and Women’s Issues. Katalin is involved in various community activities including writing her monthly Kindness column for Cornwall’s Seaway News.
Her first novel “The Women Gather” has been published by Baico Publishing Inc.


First prize, second and third prize: Autographed Copy of The Women Gather Book.

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Della Bercovitch said...

Hello Mary, Thank you for hosting Katalin today on Mary’s Cup of Tea. Your honest review on The Women Gather is appreciated. I trust that by the time you read this, you are feeling better and remain in good health for a long time to come. I also hope that within the next few weeks you will be able to find the time to go back and re-read the book as it is worth the time and the effort.
Katalin will be by later in the day to respond to any questions and/or comments you or your readers may have.
To all readers, please take a moment to enter the giveaway to win an autographed copy of The Women Gather.
Please join us tomorrow for Katalin’s guest post at Emerald Barnes’ Dreaming Awake Blog Have a great day everyone!

Katalin Kennedy said...

Good Morning Mary. Thank you for agreeing to host my novel, "The Women Gather". It was never intended to be an easy read. If you do go back to it, perhaps you will see the links more closely. There are many messages but one I like to suggest is that we all have the gift of insight; if we only learned to harness it for goodness, we might eventually gain world harmony. Take good care of yourself, Katalin

Mary Bearden said...

I will. I think I was struggling with the Fibromyalgia and the RA meds have stopped working and my mind just could not grasp the book. Normally, I read to escape that pain but this book overwhelmed me and I think it would have been that way with any book that particular few days. So, yes, I do intend to go back and give it another shot once everything settles down. I can usually see a book with great insight when I am in the "moment". Thanks to both of you for being so kind. I really do appreciate it.