Friday, April 19, 2013

The Jeweler Book Review

About The Jeweler:
Cole Hanson learned the jewelry trade early in life. Dealing in emeralds in Columbia, Hanson is kidnapped and taken to the mountain jungle lair of the Black Jaguar, a cocaine drug lord. He witnesses a horrible triple murder, executes the killer, and escapes.
Hanson is overwhelmed by a euphoric rush and struggles with this discovered Jekyll and Hyde personality. Hanson is recruited to become an assassin for the CIA who learns of his strange predilection for death and uses this alter ego to press The Jeweler ever deeper into espionage and assassinations around the world.
Murder occurs in England. Diskettes with top secret information about the Soul Catcher are stolen. Incensed, Hanson seeks the killers, but is on his own without CIA approval as clues take him across Europe and to the Vatican for revenge.
After twenty years of service The Jeweler attempts his toughest sanction. Hussein is well guarded moving between palaces and seems an impossible target until fate deals a hand. Hussein flees on his mega-yacht. Hanson battles his way on board for the final action and twists in the Persian Gulf.
About Ken Murray:
Ken Murray lives with his wife Beth in Winter Park and has sons and daughters and three grandchildren. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he served in a top secret cryptographic unit of the U. S. Army in the Pentagon during the Korean war organizing intelligence from codes deciphered by the National Intelligence Agency.

He moved to Florida in 1958, retired early and for the past fifteen years has been writing novels and poetry. Check him out on Facebook.
You will love this fast paced drama centering around this guy who really starts off being a good upstanding person who is just interested in jewels and gems and wants to make a living off of them and he travels the world to places that have the best quality gems.
While in Columbia, he is kidnapped and goes thru a horrible experience and sees some people murdered and somehow he manages to get loose and he kills the person who did the murders and flees. This one act changes his life forever. He finds out he actually liked killing the man.
Somewhere along the way because he does travel alot and is on buying trips to pick up jewels, he becomes a target for the CIA who want to recruit him into being an assassin for them. Strangely, after awhile he finds that he really does like what he does.
Somewhere along the way, he meets a beautiful woman and asks her to marry him and she knows nothing of what he does. She thinks he is on business trips when he is gone. And strangely, after getting permission from the CIA, he is allowed to tell her only that he works for the CIA and that it's for their country and she must never tell anyone that he works for them. He does not tell her that he is called The Jeweler, their paid assassin.
Until something goes wrong and someone stills some evidence on discs that have top information on it and for the first time goes after them without the CIA's sanction. He travels all over Europe and it leads him to the Vatican to get his revenge.
Then after twenty years in service he gets a fax that will change his life and the life of others. Will he take the job?
Read this awesome thriller to find out!
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