Friday, April 26, 2013 Calming Formula Review

I have to tell you that my Yorkie, Charlie, is one of the most picky, stubborn dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! But, he sure does make it difficult to find dog food and treats that he likes. I can't tell you how much money we have wasted on food and treats hoping to find something that he would eat!
Finally, our Vet said to just boil chicken for him and that is what we did several years ago and that is what he continues to eat. Sometimes, he will get a little something up his butt and not eat that either so I have to get creative and put some gravy or a little bit of shredded cheese on top.
So, when I had the chance to review the Calming Formula from, I was crossing my fingers and hoping he would like them.  We needed something that would calm him down when we go on small trips to see Mike's parents or even longer ones to see my Aunt who lives in West Virginia. He shivers and pants like he's going to death row or something!
He used to love to ride and we don't know why all of a sudden last year when we went on a trip to see my Aunt in the summer and then on to Niagra Falls then to Virginia to Annapolis for a few days and then to Virginia Beach. After that trip he is terrified of riding. I don't know if being gone from home that long or all the hotels scared him or what, but ever since then, he is terrified of riding.
Now, he will beg to go because I think staying at home scares him even more, so I do still take him with me to go grocery shopping or just run errands or go get groceries but he will shiver and shake the whole time. So, I really wanted these Calming Formula for dogs treats to help him. But, alas, he wouldn't even touch not a one!
So, I gave the container to my daughter who has 2 dogs and they loved them! Of course, they aren't afraid of driving but she said she gave it to them when they get excited at home and don't want to go to sleep at night. She says it works like a charm! Go figure!
Took me a little longer than normal to get this review done because I waited too long on Charlie, keep trying to get him to eat off and on and then finally gave it to her and she forgot to get back with me for about a week. But, she said it definitely does what it says it will do. There is lecithin, valerian, ginger, and thiamine in the formula and it's used to keep your dog calm during stressful situations, which is in our case, riding in a car.
As you can see above, they are soft chews, which is one reason why I thought Charlie would go for it, because he does not like the hard treats like biscuits or bones. The treat's that he finally accepted are the Sweet Potato looking fries and the ones wrapped in either chicken or duck. Now, he will eat Duck Jerky Strips but not Chicken Strips! Isn't that the craziest thing? He used to love Chicken Strips but now he won't touch them, I think it's because he has to eat chicken for all his meals.
Finally, though about 2 weeks ago I found some Turkey and Sweet Potato Jerky Strips in the fridge section of our local store that he loves, so at least we have some options, although they are small and few. We even found some bison and sweet potato dog food he will eat once in a blue moon but, he is healthy and happy so the Vet said to leave it be.
I did notice this ad on site about the 50% off on joint support and I know alot of dogs, like Yorkies have this problem so I thought I would share it with you. I am not sure at this point if I can get Charlie to eat it or not. Do you know we even have to cut up and hide his Heart Worm Pill once a month in some kind of soft that we eat like mashed potatoes or cream cheese.  Just enough to cover the pill up and even then sometimes he will spit it out! He is really something.
But, if you have no trouble with your dog taking Vitamins, this would be the place to go because you also get money back on your purchases! They also offer free shipping on orders over $50.00.
They carry alot more than just vitamins and other pharmacy items such as treats, toys, beds, cleaning supplies and many more things. It is also not just for dogs. I saw things for cats and even saw some aquarium supplies that can be used for fish, hamsters and turtles or other amphibian pets. So, go and check them out and see if they have some things that might save you time and money. Plus I like the fact that I don't have to go to the store!
I found this statement in the About Us section of their site:
We are closely connected with the consumer, and we're confident that will strengthen that connection. We are a base manufacturer, leaders in research and development, but we work with and for the customer.

Staying close to our customers ensures that we understand their needs and respond with effective solutions. We respond quickly because, with a team of 50 employees, we're small enough to be flexible and don't have a bureaucracy to slow us down. As a result, our customers know we're a company that listens to them and delivers products to meet their needs.

Secrets of our Success

We're successful for four reasons.

  • Products. We develop and manufacture top-quality products.
  • People. We have a great team here- experts dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Partners. We have the best partners in the industry, including Chr. Hansen, the world's top producer of probiotic cultures and supplier to 90% of the world's yogurt industry and over 80% of the world's cheese producers.
  • Our product, people, and partners bring us the true secret of our success: loyal customers.
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Mailing Address:
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Phone:   1.888.873.9719
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


jopb said...

I didn't know that thewy had products like these to calm dogs down. Could you crumble it into his food soehow so that he'd eat it without realizing it?

Betsy Barnes said...

Never knew these existed. We had a dog who really could have benefited from these. :)

ann said...

i knew they did have something for dog and for cats to calm them down. I know people who use it if they are going on long trips with their pets