Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pine Brother's Cherry Sore Throat Lozenges **Closed**

I have another "Loyal Readers" giveaway where there is no sponsor. This is just a freebie from me to you on items that we aren't gonna use and I hate seeing things thrown away when they are perfectly good and are awesome products.
I just don't like cherry tasting medicines whatever they are. I am more into their Honey flavored drops and love them. I did give a few bags of these to my daughter and they love them but I have given them so many that they don't need any either.
So, that is good news for you guys as you will have a couple of quick and nice giveaways to enter. At least this are alot easier on me, too! I love going thru these really fast. I don't know if you have tried Pine Brothers before or not, but if you have, you know how good they are without me having to tell you and for those who haven't tried them, they are really awesome.
I don't think they were made for this idea but I use them on the days when my dry mouth is really bad and I just need to keep something in my mouth to keep it from drying out. Others will laugh because these are really good sore throat lozenges and here I am using them for dry mouth!
On this one I won't ask the question of how many winners. I want the one winner to get both bags as they are not quite 100% full so I would feel better if I have one winner who gets both bags.

Open to the U.S. only and Good Luck Everyone!


Susan said...

I use Luden's brand cherry when I can find them.

Susan Spurrier

gigisusan at

Kim Pinch said...

I usually use Nice cherry or lemon, whichever I can find.

kumquat8 at hotmail dot com

rookieabh said...

I gargle salt water!
Ashley Sifers

Sonya Sanderson said...

I use Hall's

Jessica Robinson said...

I use these now!

Tiffany Weikel said...

i use ludens.

Kelly Grant said...

halls cough drops

Madonna said...

I am so addicted to the sore throat spray fro Chloraseptic. I haven't had a sore throat for a while but I just recently learned that marshmallows are supposed to be good for them so I want to try that .

Stacy said...

I use honey and lemon.
Gingeroo616 at AOL dotcom

polly said...

I usually use halls cough drops

lisa said...

When I do get a sore throat I gargle with salt water