Friday, January 31, 2014

Lady M Scents Review

We have been given some more products from one of my favorite shops on Etsy called Lady M Scents and wow, are you going to love some of the scents that she has come up with! She has sent me several fragrances in the past to try and I have really enjoyed all of them. I thought of her when I knew Valentine's Day was coming and as always, she jumped at the chance to be here.

She has added something new to her list that I haven't tried yet and that is the Face & Hair Mist, so I won't be able to tell you about that particular product, but I do know about the Body Sprays and Body Frostings! So, I will just be going over some of my favorite's from the past and the winner can select her own scent.

I have smelled so many of them in the past and they are all sinfully delicious. Here are a few that I remember reviewing and I can tell you that the Lavender Martini was awesome, the FlowerBomb was really off the charts and White Diamonds was so good you couldn't tell it was not the real McCoy!
1. Whisper of Love Moisturizing Body Spray
2. Lavender Martini Moisturizing Body Spray
3. White Cherry Blossom Body Butter
4. Mangosteen Whipped Body Frosting
5. White Diamonds in both Body Frosting and Spray
6. Flower Bomb in both Body Frosting and Spray
7. Willow Whispers in both Body Frosting and Spray
I really do love the Whisper of Love Body Spray and in Lavender Martini Body Spray and so will you! It is a nice clean smell that will leave you wanting more. Oh, my goodness, when I sprayed a little on my arm to just get a whiff of it, my husband who was in the living room smelled it and wanted to know what was that smell? Whisper of Love's scent is uniquely sweet, exotic, precious wood scent blended with ozone and rosewood, then gently infused with musky sandalwood, teakwood and vanilla

The Lavender Martini was the other body spray that I got to try. All I know is that I fell in love with it but of course I already love any lavender but this spray put lavender into a whole new meaning! This is how she described it and I couldn't have put it in any better terms: What do you get when you mix lavender with vodka, add a sprig of sage and basil, then kiss with white musk and a soft woodsy base? An upscale, spa-like scent that will make you scream WOWZERS! Definitely NOT your average lavender scent... very clean and absolutely wonderful!
Her moisturizing body sprays will leave your skin soft nourished and protected. The smell is intoxicating and will last for hours on the skin. Her Fragrance oils will open up a whole new world for you, scents that you have never dreamed of blended together to give off a unique smell. She has many different fragrance oils to choose from for you to use and enjoy. They come in these really pretty purple bottles wrapped with lavender ribbons. I love. the little extra care that she takes in packaging them up for mailing. They are really wrapped up tight in cellophane and bubble wrap!
I also got to review this wonderful body frosting called Willow Whispers and it is in a light green color. Monica says this about her Willow Whispers: A blend of green tea and willow combined with water-cress, ozone, orange flower, jasmine and cyclamen, then sprinkled with hints of amber and cedar. A happy and pleasant scent.. It smells so good! You'll love it just as much as I do! It's not oily at all, it moisturizes the skin leaving it soft nourished and protected. The smell is intoxicating lasting for hours.

Now, I did not get a sample of her Fountain of Youth but she describes it as being fresh air notes, Japanese grapefruit, spring melons, rose, lotus blossoms, lily of the valley, bamboo and white musk scent. Monica's moisturizing body sprays will leave you feeling light and moisturizing. They do last a good long time. Both the spray and the Whipped Body Frosting will smell exactly the same so you can layer the scents. This is a bottle of her Fountain of Youth Body Spray:

It may look heavy as a body butter but because it is whipped, as soon as you touch it and began to rub into your skin, it disappears into your skin leaving you feel hydrated without all that heavy creamy feeling you get from other body creams.
Monica's got a good sense for smell, obviously and knows what she is doing. I am in awe of people who know how to mix what with that and come out on the other end with something spectacular. As long as I get to try them, I will leave the genius's to their work while I reap the harvest.  I can't wait to see what she makes the next time!
I did not count them but there looked to be over at least 50 or more sample fragrances that you can buy for $1.95 each so that you can sample some of them without buying the bigger ones and finding out you don't like them. If, I were you, that is what I would do. Especially if you have never smelled any of these combinations, it would be worth it to sample them and get used to them before buying.

These are what the samples look like:

Happy Shopping!
Connect with Lady M Scents several ways:
Lady M Scents has been kind enough to offer the winner of my Blossom Into Spring Giveaway Hop a Body Spray, Body Frosting and a Face & Hair Mist Set. The Giveaway starts on February 1st and ends on the 15th.

She will also be in the Sweet February Giveaway Hop and the same set will be given away in that one also. It starts on February 3rd and ends on the 15th.

Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


wcaligirl said...

These products sound delicious, thanks

Carol L. said...

I was over at her shop and I can't wait to try the Lavender Martini. I too love all things lavender. Also I think it's great that she sells samples so we can get an idea what they smell like without buying larger sizes and them not being quite what we'd want. Just great. I will definitely be giver these products a try. Thanks for the post.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Marti Tabora said...

I love body sprays and I can't wait to try some of these, I think it's great that you can buy samples. Thanks.
Marti Tabora

Jennifer Hiles said...

This is a new company to me. I have not heard of Lady M Scents before. I really like their packaging and would love to try the Whisper of Love and the White Diamond scents!

Kitty Iecvan said...

The Mangosteen scent sounds exotic! I'd love to try!

Tiffany Vanick said...

The Lavender Martini one would be my favorite out of the bunch! It's such a relaxing classic scent.

Sally Bridges said...

Wow these sound awesome I want to try them really bad! The way you describe the smells is great I will have to try this stuff!!

Melissa Marinho said...

ooo, these do look and sound sinful! The review has made me want to smell the wonderful scents that have been described! I love products that last scent wise, and still smells as good a few hours later as when you first put it on. The body frosting looks like it feels so silky! I like that it looks heavy, but goes on light. These look amazing, and am going to have to check out her shop on Etsy. I think it's great that she sells sample fragrances so we can find the perfect ones for us! Thank you so much for the review and photos!