Saturday, April 20, 2013

L. Tremain's Butter Bell Crock Pot & Tea Set Sponsor Spotlight Review

Oh, my! You are gonna love this Butter Bell Crock Pot from L. Tremain! This one is called Raised Floral and is so darn cute! They also have them in assorted colors so there will be a great color for every one of us no matter what color scheme our kitchen is. And they also have different styles and patterns so you shouldn't have the same crock pot as someone else down the street.
I really loved the one I got last year which was a salmon like pink which means it was so light in pink, that in some instances if you just glanced at it would think it was a beige or even an off white color.  See what I mean?
Anyway, here is how you use these awesome little bowls with butter:
If you can't read the instructions, I put the link on the image to take you to the page where it shows how they work. It truly is amazing that with the Butter Bells, that butter can sit out on the table indefinitely and doesn't need to be refrigerated!
When used exactly like the above instructions, these Butter Bells can do amazing things like this:
These classic crocks utilize the traditional French design to preserve butter at room temperature for a creamy, spreadable texture. One stick of butter lasts up to four weeks for a soft spread that tastes divine with every meal. Endorsed by top brands and professional chefs, the classic Butter Bell crocks offer creative solutions and decorative designs for the kitchen.
Inspired by French traditions, L. Tremain developed these classic Butter Bell crocks from durable New Bone China. Crocks maintain the freshness of butter and are dishwasher safe. The classic designs complement any table setting while adding a touch of elegance. 
In the case of the Raised Floral, here is how they made that awesome crock:
The signature line of Butter Bell crocks features raised floral patterns to evoke feelings of springtime and warmth. Both designs incorporate the English word "Butter" on one side and the French word "Beurre" on the other. The all-white crocks blend in with any table setting and create classic serving pieces for spreads.  
The signature hand-painted crock integrates rosy spring flowers with green leaves and stems. The writing is highlighted in forest green to match the dark trimmings around the edges of the dish and lid.  
A creamy off-white background, which is also available in pure white, complements other dinnerware pieces and allows the butter crock to stand alone as a central focus. As a hand-painted piece, each crock contains unique strokes and flaws for a charming effect.
They have so many other colors and design patterns that you really need to go and check it out. But here are a few to give you a feeling for what is in store for you on their online website.  I gave one of these away last year for Christmas. Isn't it awesome? This one actually came with it's own spreader while the floral one will not. Some of them do and some don't. See what I mean by diversity?
Here is one other sample and these are actually called the Antique Collection.
And this is only the beginning of what kinds they have. They do have some that are just plain with no designs on them at all. So, I think it is safe to say that I believe you will find your style and color somewhere among all of these awesome colors and designs!
Now, here is the 3 piece Tea Seeper set that will also come with the Raised Floral Crock Pot for the winner of my Glass Handbag Event.  If you love tea or any other kind of beverage that needs to be seeped and separated from the actual drink, this is what you want!  I love mine and I know you will too once you get the hang of it. You can try so many different flavors of tea when you are able to seep tea instead of using just teabags. If you love tea as much as I do, then a Tea Seeper is essential!
Here are some of the things you need to know about the Tea Seeper:
  • Includes ceramic mug, tea infuser, and ceramic lid
  • Perfect for Brewing any brand of Loose Tea
  • Made of durable New Bone China
  • Tea steepers are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Size/Capacity : 10-oz.

  • The three piece Tea Steeping system is designed for individual brewing of your favorite herbal teas. The lid keeps the water hot while brewing and can be used as a holder for the infuser after steeping. The mugs have an easy grip handle so you won't burn your hand. These stylish and versatile steeper's come in five different colors and are great for home or office use.

    You can also match these awesome Tea Seeper sets to the Retro Crock Pots so that you have matching sets! Here is what I am talking about so that you get the idea:

    I hope I have given you some great idea's that you can get your Mom for Mother's Day or even for yourself.  I love my Butter Bell Crock and my Tea Seeper. I got green because it is a Springy color and I liked the shiny newness that it glowed, just like the name, Neon Green!

    There are so many other products that L. Tremain sells, that it would be impossible for me to mention them all. Please stop by and look at all the awesome things that they have and you will want to keep going back for more and more things!

    Lastly, here are 2 special offers that I thought you might be interested in, especially the Butter Bells:
    Special Offer Icon
    Buy 2 Butter Bell Crocks and receive 1 Free Bonus Antique Pastel Pink Butter Bell Crock.* Click Here to View your Bonus Butter Bell Crock Click Here

    *Offer valid on full priced Butter Bell Crocks only. Limit of 2 Bonus Butter Bell Crocks per order. Bonus Butter Bell Crock is Antique Pastel Pink Butter Bell Crock (SKU: 415049). Offer valid through May 16, 2013, or while supplies last. Terms subject to change at any time.
    Special Offer Icon
    SPECIAL SHIPPING OFFER $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping on All Orders!* Use Coupon Code C98626 at checkout.

    *$7.99 Flat-Rate shipping offer applies to Super Saver Shipping within the contiguous U.S. and APO/FPO. Not available on shipments to AK, HI, or U.S. Territories. Cannot be combined with other special offers or applied to previous purchases. Terms subject to change.

    Connect with L. Tremain several ways:

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 10728
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90295
    Phone: 1.800.666.6126
    Order: 1.888.575.1900
    L.Tremain has been gracious enough to offer the winner of my Glass Handbag Giveaway Event the Raised Floral Butter Bell Crock and the Green Tea Seeper Set. The Event starts on April 22nd and ends on the 28th.  Open in the U.S. only.  Good Luck Everyone!
    Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Some of the pictures came from my camera and some came from L Tremain's Product's website.


    Susan Johnson said...

    I had a similar butter bell crock years ago, that I absolutely loved, but it was an unfortunate victim of slippery hands and a hard kitchen floor. I haven't been able to find one similar, until I saw your review of L. Tremain's products. Not only do I like the variety of designs, I really like the tea Steeper mugs with the matching tops-how clever! Thanks for the review, I never would have found them without it!

    slehan said...

    I'm sorry, but at my house a stick of butter would not last 4 weeks in the crock. It would be empty much before that. Looks like a great product.

    slehan at juno dot com

    ann said...

    I tend to agree with slehan about it not lasting 4 weeks at her house it would last at mine either. I like that it last 30 days without refrigeration - they are so cute too

    Mer said...

    I love products that are practical and pretty, and the butter bell is just perfect!