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Krill Oil Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I know you have seen me talk about Krill Oil in the past, but I gotta say it and I know I probably said this too, but, I know for a fact that Krill Oil works better for me than any other over the counter fish oils. I have tried several brands but it seems like when I come back to the Krill Oil, it just makes such a difference in the cholesterol numbers.
You can ask my doctor if you need to and he will tell you about how my cholesterol will go up and down. The only difference is that when I run out of the Krill Oil and take the Fish Oil that my husband buys at the drugstore, it seems like the next time I go have it checked, it's climbed back up.
Well, let me back up a bit so you know which part I am taking about. Because I have thyroid issues, it can give false/negative numbers on my cholesterol because the thyroid has a hand in that also it seems, so when my thyroid is too high like it was in December, the cholesterol goes high or the triglycerides will be extremely high and all the doctor's freak out on me. But what they keep forgetting is that when the thyroid is off so is my cholesterol.
All I can tell you is that the trigs (as I call them) were very high back in December and then about 2 and a half weeks ago I had it checked again and the trigs were back in the low 200's which is still a little high as they like for them to be around 150 but with my thyroid issues (now it is too low so they had to change my dosage once again) this number is actually good, at least for me.
I have had a heart doctor and an internist tell me that as long as it remains in the 200's I should not let this rule my life and that as long as it does not go into the 300's and up, I will be fine. For some odd reason, when the thyroid is either normal or low, the trig's show their true numbers but when my thyroid is too high, it also makes the trig's look high but that could be a false reading.
High thyroid levels will make everything appear like it is also high and it may not be or it could be. So, I have decided that I will just keep on taking the Krill Oil along with the one cholesterol pill which works on the bad LDL numbers and not the trig's, I am not gonna freak out. I am already doing as much as I can to make these numbers right and that is about all I can do.
I also found out according to Krill's online site that it also seems to have some effects on these also:
Clinical data has shown Krill Oil seems to possess numerous benefits and has the ability to: protect your heart, lower your cholesterol, fight PMS symptoms, combat inflammation, optimize your brain's capabilities, fight aging AND boost your overall health and wellbeing!
Now, isn't that interesting! I wonder if I took more of the Krill Oil if it would help with the RA and Fibromyalgia. I know it probably won't help the Fibro but it might help with the RA because that is what it is, inflammation of the joints and boy, do I have a bad case of that going on right now.  Just to have some relief there is worth it to me. 

I have to be honest and say I have only been taking one Krill Oil instead of the 2 that it recommends but it's because I take so many pills, it is hard for me to get them down, plus I notice if I take my RX meds for the LDL and the Krill Oil, I will burp up the oil all night long and it has led to some almost throwing up. So, I had to cut back to one a day instead of 2.

Even Dr. Oz gets in on the Krill Oil discussion!

So, if Dr. Oz says it is good, then we all better listen up as he seems to be the go to doctor at the moment.  Didn't Oprah Winfrey discover him or at least made him the doctor to call on many occasions and I guess he turned that into a big industry for himself. But, I think he is honest in what he says and he comes across as being concerned about women's issues. So, listen up and learn something!

Hard to believe that is where they get the Krill Oil from but that is exactly where it comes from. Not very appetizing are they? But, they sure do pack a whollop of the good oil that we need to help us with healthier hearts and hopefully with our eating habits once we kick the habit of getting high cholesterol in the first place.
Lastly, here is why Krill Oil is so good for us:
More Omega-3’s. We provide 50% more Omega-3’s per serving than other leading fish oil brands. Each Viva Labs Krill Oil capsule contains the highest concentration of both DHA and EPA in phospholipid form. When your body is absorbing Omega-3’s at its maximum potential…you are receiving optimal benefits!
Phospholipids. Each of our krill oil capliques are literally packed with the ‘good fats’ necessary for ideal brain health. What makes our krill oil such a powerful ‘tour de force’, is that our Omega-3’s are stored in phospholipid form, which are natural fats found in your body.
This means your body doesn’t need to do extra work to convert essential fatty acids. Absorption is faster, and easier on the body, rendering it that much more effective! Oh, and because of phospholipids, you won’t get an upset stomach, uncomfortable fish burps, or negative side effects from your Viva Labs, Inc. Krill Oil!
Astaxanthin. This antioxidant powerhouse packs a super-punch. Because it is considered the most effective antioxidant in the caretonoid family, Viva Labs, Inc. Krill Oil has an ORAC value of 431! That’s 54 TIMES the antioxidant boost found in fish oil.

Purity. When we look at the food chain, krill are found at the very bottom. This means your Viva Labs, Inc. Krill Oil, is effectually free of the metals, toxins and other contaminants that plague lesser quality fish oils. On top of that, we harvest our krill from the fresh, pristine waters surrounding Antarctica! 
Connect with Krill Oil (Viva Labs):

Mailing Address:
Viva Labs, Inc.
616 Corporate Way,
Suite 2 #3024
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
Phone:  1-800-921-VIVA (8482)
Email:   customercare@vivalabs.com|

The nice folks at Viva Labs who supply Krill Oil has been kind enough to let me have one bottle of Krill Oil to give away to one of you. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck!

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Gala said...

I didn't try it yet, but going to.

rookieabh said...

No I haven't
Ashley Sifers

Kim Pinch said...

I haven't yet but I read a lot of positive things about it.

Sandy VanHoey said...

I have not tried yet but seems something I really need to be taking

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

I have not tried it yet.
natalie parvis

Courtney Tucker said...

i have not tried Krill Oil yet, but it is on my list, thank you.

Courtney Tucker

Jill D said...

I haven't yet tried krill oil but I do take fish oil supplements and it is my understanding that krill is better than fish so I'd love to try it out. mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Susan said...

I have not yet tried Krill Oil. I think after reading this review it would behoove me to take Krill Oil.

Susan Spurrier

gigisusan at gmail dot om

Rain Jeys said...

I haven't but it sounds greatly beneficial.

Julia Wellman

Peggy Greco said...

I havent tried it, but hubby did once from a sample. pgreco84@gmail.com

rebecca boyd said...

never tried it but heard a lot about it. Sharaeab@yahoo.com

Klydra Pugh said...

I have not tried krill oil yet but plan to switch from fish oil.
Thanks for the chance.

Marlene Breakfield said...

I've been taking megared for a couple of months. I have RA and fibromyalgia, too.

Madonna said...

I haven't tried it yet but I would really like to because I read its great for fibromyalgia.

Stacy said...

I have tried it before.
Gingeroo616 at AOL dotcom

Kim Reid said...

I haven't tried it yet, but I want to because of the cholesterol lowering benefits - thanks!

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Courtney Tucker said...

I commented on your Facebook!

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