Monday, April 8, 2013

Krave Jerky Sponsor Spotlight Review

We haven't had Jerky in awhile and Mike was getting cranky at this point so I had to reach out and find someone who was willing to be in my Honor the Earth Giveaway that was considered natural, etc for Earth Day. Thankfully, Krave Jerky had not ever let me review them before so we have another new company to talk about! I love it when I can sometimes bring the regulars together with some new ones so that I don't become a stale and boring blog. Gosh, that would just be awful!
Mike has been eating this stuff like crazy and I think he finished 2 bags before I even got a taste so now I have to take his word on several flavors, so hopefully, what he likes is gonna be what some of you men like also. Plus, I was just diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with acute gastritis so I have had to be on a pretty bland diet. So, I was actually afraid to try anything too new that looked like it was spicy. Mike is my tester now before I am allowed to eat anything!
I didn't even get to smell this one because it was the first one that Mike opened and I had asked him to leave one piece in the bag for me to taste and for me to keep up with the names so I didn't know what we had gotten but did he listen, NO!  He said it was for my own good because it would have been too hot for me. I figured it would be with the Chili in the name and I have become weary of anything that has Lime attached to it. I made the mistake of getting Chicken Lime one time at a restuarant thinking it would be like lemon chicken, NO!
It was the hottest darn thing I have ever tasted so now I stay away from Lime anything. If it wasn't for the Acute Gastritis I might have made the attempt but one scare was bad enough. They actually thought I had cancer the stomach was so red and there were a few tiny sores. So, yeah, we are kinda protective of my tummy right now. 
Mike says a man and a woman who like spicy foods will love this Chili Lime Jerky. He said it was real tender and was really amazed about that. Most of the jerky that Mike has gotten is real tough and hard to chew so this was a nice surprise.
Mike also liked this one but it wasn't his top favorite but he said it was good. He said I could probably eat a bite or two of this one and I did take baby bites. It is nice and tender and if you like heavy basil, then you will love this jerky.  It wasn't my favorite but it wasn't bad or hot spicy, so that was a plus. I bet someone who eats alot of Italian will love this one, too.  Or lovers of basil will rejoice on this one. Basil Citrus Jerky is gonna be liked by unique people.
We aren't big Italian fans of the really heavy sauces. I go for the more mild sauces and I stay away from all red sauces. (tomatoes are really bad for gastritis so no tomatoes).  But, even before that, I only liked my red sauce. To me commerical sauces are too heavy and I like alot of veggies in my sauce with hints of tomatoes, it is not the main taste.
This was one of my favorites. I love garlic and then the touch of lemon was not strong, just a little tickle, so this one is one of the ones I told Mike to try and not eat all of it because I would like to have another bite or two myself.  That man can seriously put away this jerky! Sometimes he will take a bag with him and munch on it all day or one of the other guys will ask for some.
So, I told him that this bag was staying at home so I could enjoy it a little, too. He got to eat 3 out of the 5 so the 2 that I could eat I said to back off.  I did laugh when I said it because he knows even if I do love it, I still won't eat too much meat, because I get stomach cramps when I eat meat, so it looks like I am being pushed to be a vegetarian and I don't think I am gonna like that one bit!
The Lemon Garlic Jerky is awesome and nice and tender and you will love it. Coming from me, that is a huge compliment because normally, I let Mike eat all the jerky in the past because it was always so tough but not this one. Very nice!
And this one was my number one favorite. I love Teriyaki and I have to be careful with this sauce also because we have been out for Chinese and some make it hot and some don't. So, Mike is my tester and he tests everything before he lets me touch anything when we are eating out or he brings something home for dinner. This was perfect as perfect can get. Just enough flavor to make it awesome. It was even more tender than the other ones, in my opinion. I was able to easy just pull a tiny bit and it fell apart.
 This was made with pork and I thought I should mention that because believe it or not, you can be allergic to it. Mike and I both had allergy tests a few years back and he tested positive for pork really bad and then beef next. But, did it stop him, NO! Well, it did finally on the pork, we stopped buying pork to fix at home but he will occasionally get it if we are eating out. But, he is always sorry the next day.  So, he has eased up on pork but not on beef. I will probably get to enjoy my Teriyaki Jerky all by myself!
Now, this was the one that really set my tongue on fire. Thank goodness I did not swallow. As soon as it hit my tongue I knew I was in trouble and spit it back out. My tongue burned for a few minutes and I drank some water and it went away pretty quick.  Mike forgot that he hadn't told me about this one called Garlic Chili Pepper and he thought he had them separated but somehow this ended up on the side he thought I could handle.
Mike loves it! He said if you like hot wings, then you are gonna love these even more. I was looking a the Garlic and should have paid more attention to the Chili Pepper but because it was on the pile that Mike said was fine, I didn't doubt it for a second. Now, my hot is probably somebody else's medium.  Or that is what Mike says. He says this one did not burn his tongue but when your immune system has been compromised like mine has, it is a big deal.
Taking RA medications is the same as Chemo, it lowers my immune system so I am more sensitive to things than other people might be. That is also why we don't go out to eat much because if I catch a cold or the flu from someone, it could be dangerous. Although, I do take the flu shot and the pneumonia shot every 5 years, I still have to be careful.
I wanted to explain my health situation so that you take this information with a grain of salt. Mike says all 5 flavors were really not that bad (as far as spicy or hot).  So, only listen to my advice if you have similar stomach issues and if you do, I would avoid the ones that I thought were a tad too hot or spicy for me. But, if you are like Mike and have no stomach issues, then enjoy and eat as much as you want.
I keep saying this but I like to remind people, we are all different. We are not gonna all like the same things. And I wouldn't want it any other way. How darn boring would it be if we all liked the same thing and never wanted to try anything new?  So, it's all right that I didn't like a few of them or rather couldn't eat a few, but you may be able to eat them all and have a ball in the process!
I thought you might like to know about this special they have going on. Buy Five Bags and get your shipping free!
There were a few flavors we did not get to try so you will have to use your own judgement on those. I would read the ingrediants carefully and if it sounds like your cup of tea, then go for it. The one that caught my eye was the Pineapple Orange. That one should be interesting. Then the other one called Black Cherry BBQ Gourmet sounded interesting also. The only one I am not sure about would be the Sweet Honey Chipotle. I have been fooled by that last name before. But, if they sound good to you, then go for it.

They also have several nice Tshirts with their name on it along with some running shirts and a wine opener.  They also have the Krave Klub where you can join and get 5 bags per month for $30 a month.

I found this about the man who created Krave Jerky:
Born with a wooden spoon in his mouth to a lauded Sonoma County wine family, KRAVE founder and CEO Jonathan Sebastiani has grown up working in and surrounded by the culinary and wine industry. From these years of experience, he has developed a keen sense of flavor and a respect for the process needed to develop a food product with integrity.   
Sebastiani has the tools and skill set to create and educate consumers about a new breed of jerky. Seeking natural renewable energy in the form of a healthy, high-protein snack while training for the New York Marathon, Sebastiani came to appreciate the merits of jerky and, in turn, the need for a more innovative jerky product.  
KRAVE delights in the playful irony of a low-brow snack meat developed amidst the privileged wine country lifestyle. The same man who once worked to knock wine off its pedestal with "Wine Brats", a marketing and business initiative to make wine more approachable to young adults, Jon Sebastiani now seeks to bring class to jerky by placing it on that very pedestal and asking that skeptical foodies give in to the krave.
Connect with Krave Jerky several ways:

Mailing Address:
Krave Jerky
117 W Napa Street Suite C
Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: (707) 939-9176

The folks at Krave Jerky have been kind enough to give the winner of the Honor the Earth Giveaway Event that starts on March 9th and ends on the 22nd, the same 5 bags that I just reviewed. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


AnnaZed said...

What is it with guys and the jerky?

I won't say it's a pure I guy thing. I particularly like having some when on a long hike (it evokes all of these images of pioneer folk chomping), but truly the men around her would eat jerky every day if I let them. One of the main reasons that I don't is the dodgy looking ingredients in most jerkys.

This stuff looks fantastic! Not only that spicy too.

Another topic for another day, but what is it with guys and the spicy foods ... ?

{in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

Melissa Storms said...

I won an assortment of Krave Jerky a little while ago, we really liked it, though I am the only one who liked the chili lime in my house :)

Kelly A. Tanner said...

I really want to try the Garlic Chili Pepper Jerky! I love spicy foods, and have been craving jerky on a daily bases while pregnant.