Saturday, April 13, 2013

Enjoy Dry Shampoo Sponsor Spotlight Review

This is one product I have not got to review before so we have something new from Enjoy Shampoo & Conditioners and that is a Dry Shampoo!  I am very new to Dry Shampoo's and haven't stuck my head out too much on them so this was new for me in that sense also. That is why I decided to watch this video and see how they did it and I think it would be worth your while to watch it also so that you use the Dry Shampoo correctly!

I think that you will love it once you get used to it. It took me a few tries and then I was fine. Enjoy's Dry Shampoo will refresh limp lifeless hair, absorb excess oil and reveal enhanced volume and freshness.
Directions For Use:

Shake can well before each use. Hold can 8 to 10 inches away from head and apply generously to root area. Let sit on hair 1-2 minutes, allowing excess oil to be absorbed. Brush through hair until powder is no longer visible.
If you are like me and have thin hair, then your direction's change just a tad.  If you do have fine hair, hold can 3 to 5 inches from head for enhanced performance.

I would not try these for a long time because I thought they must make your hair look awful if you don't wash it but spray something into it. I also imaged it being like white chalky stuff. I had all kinds of misconceptions of Dry Shampoo's and I am so very glad I finally broke away from those thoughts and gave it a try!

What a difference it makes when you are running late and need to get out the door ASAP! I used to always be early or right on the button when I was working but over the years since I haven't worked since 2004, time has become something I don't pay attention to anymore. I work when I want to and sleep when I want to.

Well, that has come as a price tag attached to it. I am now almost always late, even when I set the clock for 2 hours before I have to be somewhere and I do get started, but for some weird reason, I always end up late, no matter how good my intentions were. I know I move slower but I wonder if I sabotage myself sometimes?

Well, whatever the reason, now I have Enjoy's Dry Shampoo and instead of trying to wash my hair and fix it, I just spray and fix and go. Definitely helps when I am in a crunch!
Enjoy has so many products for your hair it would be impossible to tell you about all of them. I have done extensive reviews on just about all of them except for a few products I saw here and there. Just type Enjoy Shampoo or Enjoy Conditioner into my Search box and it should bring up some of them, or if you would rather go on their site and see all the products they have, you can also do that. I have left a link at the top of the review and will leave more links at the bottom. You can also click on the above picture and it will take you there also. 
This is Enjoy's Philosphy on their products:
At ENJOY, we recognize that your clients are our clients and that our shared success is based on delivering complete satisfaction at every opportunity. We take great pride in understanding the needs and desires of the professional hairdresser and value strong industry partnerships and are firm believers in the “Evolve or Die” philosophy.  
Thus, we change as often as needed to ensure that every ENJOY product remains at the forefront of hair care technology and consumer demand.With decades of industry experience in professional hair care, ENJOY understands and supports all aspects of the hair care experience including salon ownership and management, branding, creative, manufacturing, distribution, education, motivation, merchandising, advertising and the customer experience. 
Connect with Enjoy several ways:
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Enjoy has been so gracious to offer the winner of my Mary's Cup of Tea Mother's Day Package the same product that I just reviewed. You will love it! The event starts on April 14th and ends on May 12th . Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

I've been hearing a lot about this brand lately. Sounds great!
natalie parvis

carolann88fan said...

I love dry shampoo I currently use Sexy Hair products and when my hairdresser told me not to wash every day I thought yuck. This product is amazing and leaves your hair smelling great too.

Dorothy Teel said...

I have used dry shampoos on residents in nursing homes and their hair tends to get sticky and dirty feeling, but this product sounds like it would be much better for hair. I am now in withdrawels as I have been trying to not wash my hair daily, and it geets to feelign yucky at times, will check into this dry shampoo. Thank you for participating inthis giveaway.

barbara stenby said...

dry shampoo has come a long way! this product looks amazing. great to have on hand for the spur of the moment

slehan said...

I haven't tried dry shampoo since 30 years ago. It did used to be white powder that always looked ugly. Glad to know that it's been improved.

slehan at juno dot com

john hutchens said...

my significant other loves this line of products she has never used the dry shampoo

Sylvia Ortiz said...

This sounds like a great product to use instead of repeat washing, which tends to dry my hair.