Friday, April 5, 2013

Cut and Run Book Review

Overview of Cut and Run written by Traci Hohenstein:
When Matt O’Malley turns up at a truck stop with a nasty concussion and no recollection of what happened to him or his family, investigator Rachel Scott knows she and the Florida Omni Search team have to act fast.  
Whoever attacked him still has his wife and children, and a gruesome piece of evidence points to deadly possibilities. While Matt sweats under the scrutiny of the FBI, his shattered memory slowly pieces together disturbing details. Afraid to trust even his brother with this new information, he turns to Rachel, who scours southern Louisiana for clues.  
Along with retired police detective Red Cooper, Rachel searches everywhere from a voodoo parlor to an eerie Houma swamp, unearthing troubling secrets about the O’Malleys…and a shocking truth behind the disappearance of Rachel’s own daughter. Traci Hohenstein picks up her suspenseful Rachel Scott series with its third entry, Cut and Run—a gripping thriller that captures the haunting spirit and intoxicating mystery of New Orleans.
My Thoughts:

After Rachel Scott's daughter, Mallory is abducted at age 3 and never found, it put alot of pressure on her marriage to Rick Scott which ended in divorce. Rachel never gave up and eventually found a group called Florida Omni Search.

When the lead detective who handled Mallory's case retires, Rachel gets him to come to work with them. Red has alot of contacts and friends that can help them and he uses them to put the word out and they start searching. In the meantime, they run across Matt and his story about his wife and children being kidnapped.

Unfortunately, he had been hit over the head and couldn't remember much. He was found behind a dumpster and alot of people figured he did it.  The awful part was that his wife Evie, died while trying to throw up but with duct tape around her mouth she could not get it out and drowned. They threw her body into the swamp and by the time the FBI found out, all that was recovered was an arm with her hand and she still had on her rings. They were able to identify her thru that and DNA.

This is truly a devasting book about what happens to children who are abducted and the people behind it all and why they did it. In this one case, this woman named Melinda thought she could kill the wife and have it look like Mike did it so her children (2 of them) could be adopted. That is what Melinda wanted more than anything, children. What  a sad story! But we hear it all the time on the news, don't we about someone killing another person over crazy things.

I am going to end here because there is lots more to this book and a few more surprises and you will cheer thru some of it and weep at the rest.

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Thanks for checking out my author page. A little about me... I live in NW Florida with my husband, who is a firefighter, and my three kids. We live near the beach, where I love to hang out every chance I get. I am a full-time writer, but in my spare time I love to paddleboard (YOLO!).

I'm the author of the bestselling Rachel Scott series: Asylum Harbor, Burn Out, and Look For Me (series prequel). The third book in the series, Cut & Run, will be available April 2nd 2013. Cut & Run is set in New Orleans and features a missing family, voodoo, eerie swamps, and betrayal.

The Hollywood Hills series is a group of romantic comedy novellas that I wrote featuring Special Delivery, Split Decision, and the newest release, Sinfully Delicious. Something Delightful (Venus Vanderbilt's story) will be out Summer 2013!

I love to hear from my readers and answer each email. You can send me a private email at or find me on Facebook. Facebook is where I post news, pictures, excerpts, appearances and more. Thanks for reading! Traci


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