Friday, April 5, 2013 Soy Serenity Candle Sponsor Spotlight

I have another new and great company to tell you about that I just found recently. You guys know how I feel about my candles. They are more beloved sometimes then my perfumes or lotions. If I need a quick pick me up or am feeling down, a nice candle with a great smell will help me get out of my bad mood quicker than anything else I have tried. The only other thing that really helps me is my light scented lavender lotion and then add a lavender scented candle.
The name of the company is and they produce the Soy Serenity candles. They have so many options to choose from that it was hard to decide what to do. So, here is what we did so that I could smell as many different scents as possible.
I got two of the tins in Ylang Amber and Lavender Vanilla and then got some tea lights in Vanilla Verbena, White Tea and Ginger and this last one is beyond me. I have gone thru the lists and can't figure out what it is. On the back of the card it has what I think is a CU Amber.  So, I am not sure if that meant Cucumber Amber but there isn't any such scent so what I think is a CU might be something else.
I love Lavender Vanilla and this one was one of the best! I love when they pair Lavender with another great scent to make something even more tempting!  Every scented candle travel tin is skillfully handcrafted by their master chandler and her staff, for maximum scent throw by using the finest fragrance with essential oils and the best 100% Vegetable Soy Based Wax. They are also 100% earth friendly.  They are also hand poured so there won't be any machines making these babies!
And as you can see, the bottom candle is the Ylang and Amber. That one is a strong earthy musty like smell that will be good for an outside party or in a big room that has plenty of room to air the scent out properly.  Don't try to put this one in a closed room. This is gonna be awesome when used the right way!
I have three scented tealights that were sent and it looks like they sell them in big bundles so you won't have to worry about running out. From an amazing burn time of up to 50 hours per package, to the earth friendly vegetable ingredients the character of every Soy Serenity Tea Light Candle stands for "Handmade Premium Quality".

These were the tealight scents I got and the only one I can't figure out is the one with in the middle with the CU amber? maybe?  Any quesses?

Also, check out their Facebook pages as they run contests on them all the time for different sizes and kinds of candles. Can't hurt to try! See the Facebook links at the bottom of this page.

They will also be giving my reader's a 5% off by using this coupon code at checkout is (SOYSERENITY) "IN CAPS PLEASE" has small jars, medium jars and large jars in addition to the ones that I have talked about. They even have Jewelry Candles which would have been nice but here is a look at one called Apple Crumble:
And they also have tarts as well:
This is what I found in the About Us section:
Serenity Candle Company (Soy Serenity Brand Candles)
Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley New York

Our Mission is to spread "Serenity" one candle at a time to every household. We produce a premium quality soy candle at an everyday low price, and that is how the idea of evolved. Michelle our talented chandler had a vision, to take her decades of knowledge in this industry and create a "Soy" brand for everyone to enjoy, while doing what she loves.
The winner of my Earth Day Giveaway will get to choose their scent in 2 of the large jars as seen here:

As mentioned above, the winner of the Earth Day Giveaway will get to choose 2 scents in the large jar candle size. The event starts on March 6th and ends on the 20th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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Melissa Storms said...

I was just looking at the soy serenity candles the other day, they sound wonderful and if I can't win one I am going to ask for a couple for Mother's Day! :)