Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back From The Dead Book Review

I have a real spy thriller of a book to tell you about today called Back From the Dead writtem by Peter Leonard.  It is hard to believe that so much time has passed since World War II and the images of the Holocaust once again rise up to be recognized.  If you are into spies and private investigators and then people who take the law into their own hands, then this will be a good book for you to read.
Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Peter Leonard’s jaw-dropping VOICES OF THE DEAD introduced us to two mortal enemies: Holocaust survivor Harry Levin and Nazi death angel Ernst Hess. Now, their struggle reaches its dramatic conclusion in BACK FROM THE DEAD.

Bahamas, 1971. Ernst Hess, missing and presumed dead, regains consciousness to find himself stuck in a hospital bed on a strange ward in a foreign country. He must do what he needs to do to get his life back and to finish the job he has been doing for decades. Harry believes he has already stopped Hess.

When he finds out that the war criminal has somehow survived, Harry must do the only thing he can do – kill Hess again – even if it means crossing continents and putting his life and the lives of those that matter to him on the line. Action-packed and darkly humorous, BACK FROM THE DEAD is the unforgettable conclusion to a story that launches Peter Leonard into the pantheon of great suspense novelists.
This was some book to read! These men are all over the place hunting each other down and trying to kill each other because they have found that some of the Nazi soldier's who help in killing the Jews are being found by people hunting them down. So, when one of these men is found, he doesn't go down without a fight but the guy that thinks he killed him, is in for a rude awakiening.

Hess it the name that this Nazi guy used but everyone back in Germany think he's a great guy, a hero but he is good at hiding things. He does have some wealth but when it is confirmed that this guy is the one who killed the girl and that he is one of the Nazi soldiers who helped kill Jews in the concentration camps, is still alive and not dead after all.

Even the people responsible thought that they had succeeded in getting rid of him but he is tough and finds a place to stay and lay dow. Unfortunately, he killed the owner of the home and he eats and drinks and then falls asleep in the other bedroom.  He is trying to stay one step ahead of the law and with his girlfriend's help, things start to go his way a little bit.

But, what he doesn't know is that now there are three types of people after him, a cop, a German Officer or Spy and a Jew out for revenge and he is the one who shot him and thought he had killed him.

Hess decides to go back to the States and try and finish off the witnesses against him and to get some help with getting his money back that the government froze.

Will he succeed? What would you like to have happen? He is a cold blooded killer and he is still just as prejudiced against anything other than the white people. Will he get the last laugh in this game and how many will survive?

Happy Reading!


CMash said...

I loved this book! It surely was a page turner. So glad you enjoyed it. Very nice review and post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

ann said...

This sounds like a very interesting book. I like war related books .Thanks so much for the great review

Robin Wilson said...

I love books about History and historical fiction as well~ This sounds like a great one for my hubby and I to read together! Sometimes he will even read out loud to me and I love it!