Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wholesale Costume Club Superhero Costume Review

I was so very fortunate recently to get this really awesome costume called Optimus Prime, from the Transformers movie, you know, the one that is like the leader of all the other Transformers.  I just knew my grandson would have a fit over this because he was invited to some kind of birthday party and they were to dress up as Superhero's for the party. That was my whole reason for getting this incredible Superhero costume.

Well, as all of my regular readers know, I fell sick a month or so ago and could not figure out what in the heck was going on until I started having tests done and the more tests they did, the more things started showing up and then I knew I was in trouble. I was suppose to drive the 4 hour drive to my grandson's and spend the weekend and go with them to the party. Well, in all the confusion of doctor appointments and tests, I forgot to mail it because we had already called the trip off and I was to mail it and they would take the pictures and send them to me by email.

So, we all know what happened. It is still sitting here and I cannot believe even my husband did not mail it. I really did not know he was so concerned and I was taking so much medicine trying to get better, I was sleeping longer hours and when I was awake I was so sick at my stomach and running a fever, I couldn't even read my books, let alone turn the computer on.

But, we have all the results and have changed alot of my medicines around but I still have 2 doctors to see this next week and 2 more tests and hopefully, it will all be settled what we should do. I am gonna have to come back and will post him in his costume as soon as I get it mailed this week but I didn't want the review to wait on pictures, so I am posting the review with their pictures and will trade them out later on.

I really hate that I let my grandson down the most because he counted on my sending that to him but as always, this came on fast and strong and we had no warning or I would have postponed applying or sent it to their address instead. I think in the future that is what I am going to do. That way, I will have the pictures they send me. I just won't be the one taking them.

I took the costume out of the bag last night and looked it over and was really amazed at the detail and imagination that this must have taken. I always have wished I had some talent to draw or design things but I guess that was not my thing. I remember when we were kids our costumes I guess would have looked pretty dumb compared to what they can do nowadays. I actually can't even remember what the heck did I wear and Mom was not a picture taker so we have no pictures of any of us wearing costumes but I know we went because I remember we used pillow cases as our candy collector.

Now, isn't that strange that that just now dawned on me! I don't have a single picture of me or my 2 brothers ever being in costume! Actually, we don't have many of Christmas either. Don't know if that was because we were in the military and overseas or what. Never really thought about it til now.  Very strange. Both of my parents are gone now so I sure as heck can't ask them. Now, that will bug me forever.

Anyway, Wholesale Costume Club has some pretty amazing costumes and the Transformer's are one of the more popular ones for the boys.  There is even a mask for the face that makes them look fierce and strong. Even though he did not get to wear this for his friend's birthday/costume party, he will have it in time for Halloween this year but I will have them send me pictures sooner than that and then come back here and swap them out.

They have amazing costumes for girls also in the SuperHero series, so don't feel left out! I like the Wonder Woman one the best. I guess because I go to see the TV series that had her on many years ago! Wow, can't believe it has been that long! Besides costumes for girls they also have costumes for men and women who like to play dress up for parties or for Halloween. Also, you will love their shipping rates!

You won't go wrong with this company because they really took the time to make them look as authentic as possible so I was really impressed. I am not worried that my grandson won't like it because I know he will and I am hoping he is one of the better dressed than they are, but who knows? You know 7 years olds can be pretty on the go so his mind is off on a million adventures and I am glad I can visit and return him to his much younger and more energized Mom who loves doing things with him.

Here is what  Wholesale Costume Club has to say about their company:
Superhero costumes for the entire family are just a click away. Imagine being the strongest, fastest, bravest and most indestructible being in the entire world. No matter what your age or sex, that's what it feels like when you put on a Superhero costume. These are the superheroes we admired as kids; they are the ones our kids dream of being. You can get these Superhero costumes and all the accessories to go with them right here on our website, and at a low wholesale price too.

For boys and men we offer traditional Superhero costumes as well as ones that are muscle bound. These truly make you look like a big, strong superhero. Batman superhero costumes and Iron Man superhero costumes are two examples of our best sellers. Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine are just a few more of the favorites for men and boys.

Superhero costumes for women, teens and girls include characters like Storm, Bat Girl and Wonder Women but the best part of being a woman is that you can do everything boys can do. That's why we have female versions of men's superhero costumes. Characters like Robin, Captain America and Super Girl make a women look like a woman but still have the essence of a powerful superhero.

Wholesale Superhero costumes will make your Halloween "super". They will also fill a child's toy box with imaginative outfits. All year long Superhero costumes let kids fantasize about being a fearless hero and saving the world from evil villains.
They even have costumes from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's! Now, that I would like to see! Gosh, and you should see all the different holidays that they have costumes for like July 4th, Easter, St. Patrick's, Mardi Gras, Valentines and even Christmas! So, I think this awesome company will do their best to make sure your event goes perfect! To have that many costumes, you would have to have a passion for being in that business and boy, what would we do if we couldn't get those ideas!

But do you know which ones are the funniest? The ones you can get for your pets or where you dress up as your favorite animal! Now, how cool is that! Oh, and you can sign up for a Membership that gives you special deals and stuff so if you want to check it out more, just click on the above button and it will take you right there so you can read all about!

Connect with Wholesale Costumes several ways:

Mailing Address:
402 Main Street, Suite 100-192
Metuchen, NJ 08840

Phone:   877-368-6688
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Mer said...

It's very detailed. I'm so amazed by the quality of costumes out there...things really were different when we were kids. I'm sure your grandson will love this when he gets it.

ann said...

wow, lots of information on these costumes. I figure costumes - Halloween and thats about it
but sounds like they have outfits for every holiday we have. gotta check it out . thanks

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

So awesome! I love how detailed that one is. I have never thought to try something like this.