Monday, March 4, 2013

Unite Hair Care Products Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have a new company to tell you about tonight called Unite and these are the 3 products I was sent to review:
1.)  7 Seconds Dry Shampoo
2.)  7 Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler
3.)  Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder 
I had never heard of these products until they were sent to me to review and the reason is that they are actually used by Professional Beauty Salons to help make our hair look absolutely gorgeous! So, I was very excited to try these products. I know what Dry Shampoo can do and a Detangler but the Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder is what intriqued me the most.
We'll start with the 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo. There are 6 benefits that you will love about this Dry Shampoo:
1.) Aids in preserving hair color
2.) Removes excess oil
3.) Increases Volume
4.) No visible powder
5.) Refreshes hair without the use of water
6.) You'll never be late for Happy Hour again!

I only just recently (last December) for the time used a dry shampoo that was sent to me so this is now my second or third one I think.  It has a really pleasant fragrance and does not smell medicinely like some I have smelled in the drugstore. I also like the fact that they are sulfate and paraben free.  
I am getting more and more grateful to companies that are trying to get rid of as many chemicals as they can in their products whatever they may be. I think times are changing and by using products that are better for us and actually do work, will benefit our planet and ourselves well into the future.
All I know is that 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo will become one of your new best friends in haircare. Besides the 7 Seconds, they have 5 other type of Shampoo's, so if Dry is not one of your favorites or you need one in addition to a Dry Shampoo, then you will find one for you out of those other 5 that I think will make your hair feel awesome.
I found this one called the Weekender Shampoo Clarifier the one that I would want as backup. Why? Because of these awesome things that we all need from time to time to keep our hair healthier and beautiful for a long time:
1.) Deep clarifying shampoo
2.) Use 1 - 2 times per week followed by a UNITE treatment
3.) Does not remove natural oils
4.) Gives hair a protein boost to enhance strength
5.) Swimmer's best friend! Keeps hair from turning green or any chlorine build up
Does it make sense now?  We all use shampoos, conditioners, sprays, mousse, gels, etc. so much during the week, that having this shampoo clean it all up so that we have normal natural hair again makes sense to me. If you have never had a Clarifying Shampoo, then you really need to get one.
Your hair probably has all kinds of buildup gunk on it that you don't even realize that you do. Get one and see the difference, you will know it as soon as your hair is dry by the feel of it. I did not get this brand's to try but I have tried other brands and if this one works like the others did, it will be awesome on your hair. I am not blowing wind up your pipe either. It really does make sense to do it at least once a week.
Okay, this is the 7 Seconds Condition Detangler.  You can see all kinds of video'sYouTube on how to use the products and they have some that explain what is in the products and what isn't and even give a demo on how to apply to your hair. I urge you to though because they explain what each product does in detail plus it shows you how to use and how it will make your hair look!
This is what the benefits of this Detangler will do:
1.)  Locks in color
2.)  Detangles in just seven seconds
3.)  Stylist's favorite cutting tool
4.)  UV Protector
5). Thermal Protector
6.)  Eva Longoria's favorite
7.) All Hair types
Now, this one was my very favorite, the Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder for your hair to be used a finishing product after all your styling is done. Especially great for people with fine hair or thinning hair because you don't want your hair to look flat! I hate it when my hair looks flat! You will love this product because it does more than any mousse, gel or spray that I have ever used.
Here is why:
It’s magic! With just a puff you can get more volume and texture than you’ve ever imagined! You’ll never go flat again!

Key Ingredients:
Kaolin: Adds texture and hold
Potato Starch: Thickens and adds volume
Tapioca Starch: Thickens and adds volume
Corn Starch: Adds body and hold
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Adds moisture and soothes hair and scalp

FOR BEST RESULTS: Lightly sprinkle on to roots for volume. Sprinkle throughout for added texture.

I really love my Unite products and so will you. You can shop online or go use their Store Locator and it will tell you which salon in your area carries these products. Sorry, but none of these (for now anyway) will be in a store. You will have to buy online or go to your nearest Salon.

I just found a way to grab one of their video's that talks about what Unite is all about and what is in their products and what's not. Oh, and in case you are wondering who might have recently used Unite, remember the Julianne Hough at the Golden Globes? She was using Unite products! It will be on the main page and you will be amazed at how many products they used and how it all worked together to bring that look into play and look awesome on Julianne.

Connect with Unite by several ways:

Mailing Address:
1255 Keystone Way
Suite F
Vista, CA 92081
Phone:  (888) 958-6483

I have one Unite Condition Leave In Detangler to give away to one winner! You will love this product if you have alot of trouble with tangles or maybe your children do. It will work wonders. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone.


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