Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scandalicious Candle Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have a brand new company to tell you about today called Scandalicious Candle and they sent me this really cute Votive Candle in the Cashmere & Silk scent to review.  But what really drew me to her unique way of making candles was putting the icing caps on the candles to make them look like milkshakes or cupcakes, whichever you prefer.
But, what was really quite unique and made me smile were the little candle melts that she makes. She has them in all kinds of shapes from these silhouettes to butterflies, hearts, teacups and lips, you name it!  It's been quite awhile since I have actually done candle melts and haven't seen them around much lately until I saw hers and realized that they were still alive and well.
If you have never used a candle melt it is quite simple. You can have a stand alone unit or a plug in unit that keeps the candles hot so that they melt and when they do they leave whatever heavenly scent was inside the candle melts. This one below is a plug in ceramic candle warmer. When turned on you put the candle melts in the little cup or bowl on the top and they will melt and keep your room smelling really good!
Or you can use the kind that doesn't plug in and they have a wide hole in the back and you place little tea lights in the hole and light them up and as they get hotter, they will melt the candle melts on the top. I actually have both kinds and I really prefer the plug in ones for only one reason. I have had 2 of the other kind crack on me and one busted.
This is one of the ones that require the tea lights in the back. If you are going to use this kind, make sure your warmer is thick and well made.  The first time I ever used one, I didn't know anything about them and bought 2 really cheap ones. Those are the ones that cracked and one actually got so hot it busted. But that was my fault. I was in a hurry and didn't have time for the candle melts to melt so I used 2 tealights in the bottom instead of one. That is why it busted. It was too much heat.
So, I learned a good lesson and Thank Goodness I was home and saw it right away. I had to grab a tub bucket I had and throw it in there to keep from blowing up or burning the wall. That is the other safety issue. Keep it in the middle of the table, never near a wall or anything for that matter. Once you observe those 2 rules, you will be fine with your tealight method instead of the plug in.
Here are the tea kettle and teacup melts that would have gone good with my blog! I didn't even realize it til now what they were! Hence, the name, Mary's Cup of Tea. She has tons of scents to choose from and I am not even gonna attempt to list them all, it would take forever. Go on over to her Etsy Shop, Scandalicious Candle and you can pull down the menu that has all the scents listed right there.
I really loved these. How she got them so perfect I don't know. I guess there are molds but still you would have to be pretty patient and that is something that I am not! So, it's a good thing that there are people out there who can take the time and effort to make pretty things for those of us who have no clue. I bet she made these for Valentine's Day.
Now, these are the Cupcake Candles and comes in all colors and scents also. I didn't see another votive so she must have sent me her last one and is making more. But these really do look like real cupcakes, don't they? She wraps them up in either saran wrap or some other special clear wrap and ties different color ties on them. They are really cute as they can be.
Here's a few more different colors of the cupcakes. Not sure which scents are what because the list is quite large, I kid you not!  I don't know what other colors or scents she makes the votive in either since mine is the only one I saw on her site that day, but I bet she has more somewhere for emergency orders.
This is how my Cashmere & Silk Votive came in this really cute wrap with the yellow ribbon. She must have special labels that she puts on her jars and cupcakes. I know the melts have names of the fragrances on the back part of the melt so you will always know what you got. Oh, I did find some more votive's and here are a few more to check out:
I also wanted you to see these too because they are too cute:
Now, here is what the winner of the March Into Spring Giveaway Event will receive:
This is called a Butterfly Hugs Gift Set and this will be in the set:
Step into Spring with this all for one Candle Warmer Set. Included are a Candle Warmer, 2 unscented tealights, 6 Rose candle melts, 4 Butterfly Candle melts, Tea place inside a white box & Candy, each with a unique Spring fragrance that I know you will love.
We design our candle set to not only look beautiful, but also to smell great. We hand pour all our candles in small batches, so you can be assured of receiving a high quality scent.
I went ahead and just grabbed her description of the gift set because it seems silly to try and say the same thing but a different way. So, the winner of the March into Spring Giveaway Event that starts on March 11th and ends on the 25th will win this Butterfly Hugs Gift Set. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Georgette C said...

How cute- the presentation is fabulous! I would not have any problem putting these in someone's Easter basket or for a shower gift. They sound very simple and some great scents. I would love to try them.

Melissa Storms said...

These are adorable, I love the wax melts.

Jennifer Hiles said...

Just love the milkshakes and cupcakes candles! I'm not sure I would be able to burn them, they are just too cute to melt! I love candles though, always a favorite gift to give/receive. She does a wonderful job, I'd love to see how she does it.

Sharon Shoemaker said...

I think the butterfly hugs gift set is completely adorable! Thank you for the opportunity!

Carol L. said...

These are definitely the most adorable candles I've ever seen. I'm a huge candle burner in my home. She's so talented and must have unbelievable patience. :) I'm definitely going to her Etsy Shop. I love them.You can't believe how many candles I buy every year. :)
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Lisa love said...

Hello everyone,
I have been quite busy with the candles and making products for 4 of the stores here in Detroit. I like to say thank you Mary for doing such a wonderful article and review on my products.
I would also like to say thank you for the wonderful comments. The price is fair and the shipping is no more $2.oo for most items.
I'm glad you all like them and believe me I love making them!
feel free to contact for more info.