Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Performance Anomalies Book Review

Here is an excerpt from the inside jacket of the book written by Victor Robert Lee:
An orphan and a loner, CONO makes his way from the forests of Brazil to a life as a freelance spy, prostituting his talents to dubious organizations and governments.  
When he is called from Istanbul to rescue the fierce and stunning Xiao Li in Kazakhstan, he is sucked into a deadly maelstrom of betrayal. The fate of an oil-rich nation the size of Western Europe is at stake.  
So, too, is a hidden stockpile of weapons-grade uranium. A brutal Beijing agent craves Cono’s suffering; a jihadi cell wants him dead.  
As the human cost of his mission escalates, Cono realizes that he must turn his strange talents toward higher deeds in the future—if by his guile he can survive the explosive present.
My Thoughts:

Okay, I had to do this review as soon as I finished it this morning because there is so much stuff going on in this book my head was swimming trying to keep up with all the character's that Cono meets and knows from the past and present.

Evidently, an old enemy/friend sorta from some place called Kazakhstan has taken an old girlfriend/friend/prostitute and will kill her if Cono doesn't come and help him out of some kind of jam he has gotten himself into with some higher up even bigger bad guys than Timur.

Cono has an ability to see things quicker than a blink of he eye which has gotten him out of situations in the past and also earned a reputation that he is someone you don't want to mess with. But, these powers come at odd times and cause him alot of pain afterwards and if he does go to sleep, that sleep is like a permanent dreamlike state and he see's things that he is not sure is real or not. Plus, if he isn't woken up, he could actually sleep around 20 or more hours at a time.

Now, to be honest, it took me a few weeks to read this book because I had alot going on and I had to keep going back a few pages to remind myself of what had happened because the book is that fast paced and never seems to stop. This poor man Cono is getting used by all sorts of people who want him for various reasons.

He does like 3 women in his life and unfortunately, the call to go help the old girlfriend means leaving the one he has in Brazil and he isn't too thrilled about it but he does like the old girlfriend so he does go. From the get go it is like everyone is out to kill him and for some odd reason so does the man who called him for help.

The story is complicated and unfortunately very fast. I pride myself on being able to read a book in one night sometimes but this one was so intense. Plus I had alot of product reviews and giveaways going on and had to keep stopping to do those and then I haven't been well for a few weeks either so that didn't help either.

It is a good book, a good mental book for you to sort out and figure out who are the good guys (which is very few) and who the really bad guys are (which is alot).  If you have the time, I would suggest that you try to read this book within 3 days of starting it or you will be left like I was, a little confused and kept confusing who and why did all these different people want to hurt him and his friends. Yes, they take another woman friend who was never a girlfriend, just a friend.

It doesn't end the way I thought it would either, which is a shame and also a little crazy because I don't see how this one bad guy survived it all. Like I said, it is not your normal book and if you want to really fully understand it, read it faster than I did so you don't get confused and have to keep going back to remember which name went with what character.

I had no problem with the women. I knew who they were and what their parts were in the book, but it will be the last 2 chapters that will blow your mind.

If you like fast paced, bad guys at every corner, then this is definitely the book you want to read. It will keep your juices flowing pretty darn good!

Happy Reading!

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Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

Great Review. This sounds like a good book.

Ari T said...

Goodness the book does sound incredibly fast and very detailed! Lots of stuff going on, I presume! Like watching a James Bond movie with all the espionage. I'm not sure if this kind of book with so many bad guys is what I would enjoy, but I've read mystery thrillers before so maybe it might just suck me in.

Thank you for your excellent review, Mary!
I hope that your health improves and you can feel better as soon as possible! Don't worry too much about getting behind; we all can relate! Thank you so much for all you do!!

slehan said...

I can tell from your review that this is not my cup of tea.

Mer said...

This sounds like a great thriller! I'm looking for some new books and this one sounds like a real page turner. I'll make sure to have a decent block of time, though.