Saturday, March 9, 2013

MorningStar Farms Prouct Review

I recently had the pleasure of getting a few MorningStarFarms Products to try. We got these two items:
This was a bag of the frozen meat that had already been crumbled into pieces for me and that was a big hit with me because I hate getting my fingers in all that squashy meat! And it helped save a good bit of time because no cooking was involved. Just threw it into whatever you want to make and that is it! I couldn't believe how awesome it all was and with the sauce and the seasonings added, nobody had any idea that it wasn't real hamburger meat!
This is what I made with the bag of meat and tomato sauce. It is my version of a veggie chili.
I used the whole bag on the chili. I had thought about saving a little to make a veggie soup later on but decided against it. Mike will eat chili better than veggie soup any day and if he found out it wasn't real meat, well, he might not have tried it at all. I never let on what it was until he finished and said how good it was but that it did taste different. He wanted to know if I added a new ingrediant and that is when I told him.
He actually took it better than I thought and for what it's worth, we did eventually almost finish the whole pot. I did have enough left over to freeze so that one day in the future when I am in a hurry or don't feel good he can grab a bag and heat it up and have an instant meal. So, it went much better than I thought it would.

Now, here is where I knew I would have trouble. Mike is a firm believer in hamburgers coming off the grill, especially his grill and you won't talk him out of it period. So, I had to come up with another clever plan and decided I would just unthaw them and crumble them up like the bag above and I made stuffed green peppers. Mike loves those and so in order to make it look more and to really try and spice up the flavor so he wouldn't suspect, I added more rice and tomatoes than I normally would and pretty much had stuff over running the peppers but at least he ate 2 of them and never complained once!
After you take them out of the pan, you could tell better that they looked like stuffed green peppers:
Because the box with the burgers in it actually ended up having more meat than I had anticipated, I did not get more green peppers, which is actually fine by me, because I only make them for him anyway. I dig all the stuff out and eat mine that way, so he got all 4 stuffed peppers and I got all the leftover stuff that was all around the pan and piled heavy on top of the peppers.
It was then that I told him that they were actually the Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers. He kinda looked at me like, how dare you lie to me, but he never said a word, just nodded and I knew he liked it, just didn't want to admit it out loud.
So, I think in the future, I will just buy the bags of the meat already done and all I have to do is mix them up with whatever I am cooking. Sure beats the heck out of having to cook the meat, drain the grease off and then I would pat it down with a paper towel, then I would mix all my other things in with it, depending on what I am making.
Of course, if he had let me make them into hamburgers/cheeseburgers, this is what they would have looked like. I got this picture off of MoringStarFarms site. I think it looks pretty darn good myself but there was no way I was gonna talk him out of his ritual hamburger on the grill routine.
You would really be surprised at what all they have. Even I did not know that they had so many to choose from. I did know about the breakfast items but the other products were totally a surprise like the Chicken, they have Buffalo Wings, which is one of Mike's favorite things in the world and they don't look bad in the box, so I may try getting him a box of those and see what he thinks.
I copied this one so you could see how good they look on the box:
Well, getting him to eat what I did twice in a row wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so maybe he will be more open to healthier meals every now and then, Then I will try to add a few more along the way and hopefully before long we will both feel alot better!
I hope that you will give them a try and see that they really aren't as bad as you might think. Right now they are having a Meatless Monday every week and you can win prizes and get new recipe idea's for that day. Just eating their foods once or twice a week will make a good impact on your life, so try it and see if it works for you and win some prizes along the way.
 Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you. I am a BzzAgent and I was given this toy by them to do a review.


Ari T said...

I love Morningstar meatless products! I'm a vegetarian so I have to get my protein from sources outside of meat, so Morningstar's products (especially their veggie burgers) come in handy! I've never had the crumbles, but it looks like it works really well with chili recipes. Or anything that might require ground beef. I'm glad your husband took it better than you thought! I always think it's easy to disguise meat with these meatless products when it's a recipe that allows for a lot of other flavor. Thanks for sharing your experience with Morningstar. I didn't know about Meatless Mondays so I'll have to check it out!

Avon Shay said...

I too am a BzzAgent and had the chance to try MorningStar Veggie products. I was really excited about participating because I'd just recently discovered and tried the Breakfast Hot & Spicy Veggie Sausage Patties. It was very good! With this opportunity, I tried the Spicy Black Bean Burger, omg, they're delicious!! Thanks for a great review, Mary. The dishes you've made with looks so good...especially the stuff peppers. I have to try that! :)

Mer said...

While I'm not a vegetarian, I'm trying to go meatless a few days a week for health and wallet reasons. The crumbles look good, and so simple to use!