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Hugo The Happy Starfish The Last Bully Book Review

I don't know if you remember or not but not long ago I reviewed another Hugo book and it was titled The Secret To Happiness. This new book deals with being a bully. I thought it was appropriate that they should tackle the subject and especially with such a younger generation of children. Maybe, just maybe, if they get taught about it early on, it will not become a problem later on in their lives. Let's all hope that that is the effect that the Hugo The Starfish books have on our young children.
Here is what The Last Bully is about: 
Hugo is a little starfish and so it's not surprising that in this story he comes across several bigger fish in the ocean. Sadly, they are bigger fish with the wrong attitudes – they're bullies! After seeing his friend getting bullied, Hugo decides enough is enough. He forms the Anti-Bully Club and teaches the bullies a valuable lesson about respect.
By working together as a group, Hugo and his friends manage to show the bullies that there's always a bigger fish in the sea and that happiness comes from respecting others, not bullying them.
‘THE LAST BULLY’ is a confidence-boosting book for children, showing them that being different is OK and the best way to deal with bullies is to tell someone about it. 
The author is Suzy Liebermann and she has a whole bunch more of Hugo and his adventures. The difference in her books while they depict cartoon type characters, they also are teaching children how to mind their manners, be happy, stop bullying, etc. She tackles all the hard things that we, as adults, sometimes forget that children do not have the same logic or capacity to know right away when they are in over their heads and need help.
I liked the teamwork that the fish and shark, whale, crab and even Hugo all worked together to figure out that bullying is not a nice thing to do.
Children are learning at a faster pace than when I was growing up and I don't know which way is the best, but the good news is if we give them the materials and the direction of what is acceptable and what is not, they are quick learners and will mimic what their parents say to them. 
So, as adults it is up to us to be mindful of what we say and how we act around children because what we may have perceived as somthing in a joke or just cutting up, they might take seriously and view the world with that same arrogance.
You can buy any of Hugo The Starfish books on and I provided you with the link. Just click the above Amazon tab and you will be right there, ready to go. 
They also have fun activities to do on their website such as games and worksheets that will help keep your child busy while learning. I clicked on the tab and then on one of the worksheets and it asks the child how many fish are on that page. So, you see, this can be a very useful educational tool. Give it a try and see that happens.  
When you click on the above  icon it will take you to the games and worksheets and you can choose whichever book you want to work with, either The Bully one or the Secret to Happiness or any of the other ones that are on that site. Your child can have a virtual playroom right before him but also be a classroom teaching him skills to get along with other kids.
They also have the site set up so that it is in seveal languages, so everyone is covered. They may even be able to pick up some of the languages.  They have the books in 7 different languages! I love that one of them is German. My father was in the Army for 22 years and I grew up in Germany and it's like a whole different world living on base in apartments and walking out or riding my bike into town, I quickly learned the language so that I could buy these pastries in this bakery that were awesome.
We were required to take German starting in the first grade and I am here to tell you, a child can pick up a language alot better than an adult.  So, I get all the languages and it's good that we as Americans understand what other people are saying to each other, for our benefit in good ways but also for our protection. 
I had a German boy one day come running after me with a baseball bat after leaving that bakery one day and I knew exactly what he was yelling at me and other children and I never pedaled so fast in all my life!
I found this in the section About the Author:
Believing that happiness can be learned, feelings can be understood and that building character based on a positive attitude leads to happy, content, self-confident and successful human beings, I have created this exciting series of charming books about HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH.
The series of books on character education aims to help educate children about their feelings, their attitude, their choices and the consequences that follow and includes an introduction to the Spanish language, lessons of character, ecological alertness and life skills—all amid a backdrop of a colourful island and mystical underwater world.
I have always had a love for teaching and helping others. Being able to share the wisdom of the right attitude through my stories gave my life a new goal to make a difference in the world.
Today I live my dream of helping others to find the right attitude for life - because life gets so much easier with the right attitude. We might not be able to control life's circumstances or other people's actions however we can control our attitude towards them.
With lots of LOVE and HAPPINESS,
Suzy Liebermann
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Thank you for the review, looks like a good book for my kids

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I like the artwork! This looks like a fun book with a good message, and I like the supplemental materials.

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I love books that teach kids a lesson while entertaining them. It's so bright and colorful it'll definitely keep their attention. Thanks for the review.
Carol L
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