Monday, March 25, 2013

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Review

I received this single diamond quartz from a company called Herkimer Diamond Quartz a little while ago and I have been looking at it every so often to figure out what to do with it. It is 7.40 carats and as you can see, it has seems to have gold like flecks running through out the stone. Remember I said that when you see the other pictures.
I am not sure what grade this diamond quartz is and I believe from the reading I have been doing on their website that these are diamond quartz's which is not the same as the real deal. I believe if I had a real 7.40 carat diamond it would be in the thousands of dollars so I think these are for making nice looking jewelry much like the cubic zirconia.
It is pretty and definitely catches the eye and they are in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Like I said, I got this one in a very nice burgundy velvet bag and in the inside of the 2nd bag it had some numbers and then it said 7.40 carats 14x12. I guess that is the size. No paperwork or letter came with the single piece of jewelry or quartz, so I am flying a little blind here and just guessing.
I think these would make awesome looking necklaces and because of the goldish color running thru them, I would use a gold chain to really bring out the color.  I guess one of these days when someone is having a special on creating something for you, I will look into that, but for now, it will go in my jewelry box for safe keeping so I don't accidently lose it.
I did notice that it seems to change colors depending on what is underneath the quartz so here you can see that the yellow flecks are barely visible and I can tell where they are because I am used to looking at it but I can see where someone else would think this was a totally different item than the one above.
I grabbed this bit of I guess you could call it About Us information off of their Education site and I tried to get only the relevant information that you might need for curiosity:
Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal website is an online Herkimer retail company selling high quality finished goods. Our senior partners in the business started buying and selling Herkimer diamonds some 30 years ago and we have moved from Herkimer diamonds to jewelry almost 12 years ago.  
Company name purchases the rough Herkimer diamonds directly from the mines across the world and process all of our own material in our offices, Thailand. Once our Herkimer diamonds are selected to be used in our designs they are sent to our gold and silver factory in Bangkok where our skilled jewelers hand create each and every piece we sell today.  
At our main office in Bangkok, Thailand we have our own dedicated teams responsible for every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. With these professional resources available we are able to quickly accommodate our customers’ requests to design and custom make a truly unique personal piece of jewelry at a reasonable cost and timeframe.
I tried not to do that but it was hard to figure out exactly what they do and say it in my own words and since it will be the only thing I took off of their site, I wanted to make sure I told you exactly what I think they are doing. 

I did look around and tried to find one like mine but found that they have really done an excellent job of trying to create each of these pieces so that they are not all alike. I am sure that there are some who will look the same but even then, I bet the differences will still be noticeable.

Now, see what I mean about the backgrounds. On my blue kitchen counter, the quartz almost looks totally gold or yellow. So, I had fun just playing around with it and putting it on different surfaces and textures to see what would happen. Since it's the only thing right now that I can do with it, I had some fun figuring out which one I liked the best.

This was actually part of the envelope that it came in and as you can see, it took on a whole new look when placed on this envelope! I really just enjoyed watching it play chameleon. You know, just like that lizard can that hides from it's enemies by blending into the background? That is what I think would make an awesome name for this quartz!
Even here on my dishtowel, it still looks really golden. But I will tell you that the one that it really resembles the most is the one in my hand. For whatever reason, the little devil liked being yellow and the only time I could catch it being the correct color was by holding it!
Now, I will point out that this is a different picture than the one above. And even here, you can see, it tries to fool the eye. This one here almost looks 100% perfect! So, you can see why I had fun playing around with it to see how many shades I could actually make it look like!
At Herkimer Diamond Quartz, from what I could see, they pretty much paired all the stones with silver and a few that were gold were mostly all necklaces.  All the rings were made with silver. I guess they did that to keep you a little more grounded and traditional. Plus gold these days is worth it's weight in..............GOLD! I know, bad pun, but just had to do it!
Go get your own stone to play around with and see what all colors you can get yours to change into and you will see why I was so fascinated with mine.
Connect with Herkimer Diamond Quartz several ways:
Mailing Address:
Herkimer Diamonds #4605,
616 Corporate Way,
Suite 2, Valley Cottage,
NY 10989-2050
Phone: (US) 1-718-785-0537 or (UK) 02-03371-0053

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Mer said...

This is so pretty! I love how each one is unique! It would make a gorgeous pendant, especially with sold color tops.

ann said...

I never seen or heard about any that looked like this with the gold specks in them. Im not sure if I like that as I do not care for gold jewelry for myself. Thanks for all the info and pictures tho

MoonRae said...

True Herkimer Diamonds are a form of quartz found/mined only in Herkimer New York, that's why they are called that.There are also these formations of crystals found in Thailand, Tibet,Afghanistan,Pakistan and a few other places but they are not true Herkimers. What you have looks to be a Golden Enhydro, which has petroleum in it thus the golden color. It may also have water in it and that makes it an enhydro.Look very closely at the inside and you may see a bubble moving. This also fluoresces under a blacklight. These are very cool,very healing crystals especially when worn close to the brain and heart. They are said to stimulate the Crown,Heart & Throat Chakras.
You have a very special crystal there, enjoy it!!

Susan said...

I like how unique each Herkimer Diamond is. I think it would be great fun to own one just to "play" with. I wonder what it would look like in the sunlight. ~~Susan