Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Tote Bag Sponsor Spotlight Review

You are gonna love these awesome Save the Planet tote canvas bags! I had gotten several of them from Hard Rock Cafe. So, I kept one for this event and the other two for one of the Green Events that I have managed to get 2 of everything so there will be 2 winners. Hard to get enough for 3, so the extra one is gonna go to the Greet the Spring Giveaway Hop that starts on March 18th and ends on the 29th.
Hard Rock Earth Day Tote 2012:
Features fun Earth Day art with Hard Rock Mantras and Earth Day messages on beautiful 100% cotton canvas tote

**Size: 16 3/4 "W x 15"H x4 1/2"D
**Bag Color: Natural
**Tote includes zippered Closure, inside zipper hanging pocket, and self-fabric handles.
They even has this recyclable bag to get groceries with. I think the people at Hard Rock Cafe have some of the most awesome bags and gym bags and backpacks. Their recycle tote is 100% cotton light weight fabric.

I love this Natural Canvas Pin Collector Bag that they have. Too bad it's out of stock right now but I am sure they will get more in. You would love the feature's it has:

- Natural Canvas
- 100% Cotton
- Leather Trim
- Metal Hardware
- Bag Measures 15” x 13”
- 5 Inside Zippered Foam-lined Pockets Measuring 13" x 8.5" each
- Hidden Zippered Pocket on Outside of Bag
- Mesh Lined Pocket in Back

Of course, everyone knows that Hard Rock  Cafe has such awesome gifts to collect and long time ago when I was much younger, I would collect their shot glasses from every Hard Rock Cafe that I went to. I actually have quite a collection. The farthest being California and of course the closest is Atlanta.

And as we all know, their food is just as awesome! I have to admit that they have the best burgers I have ever eaten.  Unfortunately, we don't get down to Atlanta anymore, so we haven't been in a Hard Rock in awhile but I do hope to visit again one day. It's kinda like something you have grown up with and it's still ticking so that has created some really fond memories of them.

I do have a few of their T-shirts also. I had a friend who traveled alot overseas and he would bring me back one from Paris, London and seems like I am leaving one out but you get the drift. It's hard to reflect back on life and wonder where did it all go? But, at least, I have my fond memories of Hard Rock Cafe and will always smile about how we would go out of our way to make sure I got a shot glass from every town that we went to that had one.

You will love the Save the Planet Tote! It is made with good solid canvas and you can use it for whatever you need for it to be. I think you will be quite pleased to see that it has a rich thick material. Hard Rock Cafe did not opt out and make a cheap easy tote. This tote bag will be one that you will love and come to use more and more often.

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trishaboo said...

I love being able to take my own bags to the store. I usually know how many I need.
Keep up the good work.

Mikki said...

I like this tote as it has a zippered closure. Most totes like this are open. This one also has a bit of pizazz with the leather trim and metal hardware.

ann said...

I agree that we all should use the re-usable bags at the store . I really like these. Im sort of addicted to collecting ones from different places.I like the one with the green print on

Kelly A. Tanner said...

I also love the Natural Canvas Pin Collector Bag!

desitheblonde said...

we sue the one of the bags form the stores her aaould love to win and then use it

Dorothy Teel said...

I love hard ROck, in Vegas cool place, I have a son who collects the shot glasses, and he does not even drink. I love the bag and think I could use it alot. My Harrah trip snack bag handle is tearing and I need to replace it..