Monday, March 11, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel Review

I recently got a chance to try Garnier's new product called Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel and I have some place on my arms that I have been trying to get rid of for a long time. I don't have any yet on my face but at the rate that this is going for my arms, I will know where to go if I do end up with some on my face.

Here is a picture of my arm now:
and then this is another spot near this one:
It is harder for you to see these on this arm because I am so fair skin and my camera isn't the best in the world. I should have tried taking before pictures before I applied for this new Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel but I felt for sure I would get better pictures. I know where to look and can see them and hopefully you will see a few also.
Here is a different angle and you should see them maybe a litte bit better. It is going to take a little while longer to get them completely gone, but I can tell the difference and once I have finished the whole bottle, I will come back and give you a report on how it all went.
So far I think it's going pretty good and was really pleased to see any improvement. I am one of those doubting people who always say I will believe it when I see it, so I am pretty sure there will be some progress the next time that I post about this awesome new spot remover. If it works on my arm, I have a few places on my back and belly I would like to try later on but first, I need to make sure that this goes well.
If you go on Garnier's Facebook page, they have $1.00 off coupons that you can print and try it for yourself. I have left you the link in the above sentence. Just click on Facebook and it will take you there.
From the looks of it, they are trying out alot of new products on their main website. I saw several new shampoo's and even a new haircolor product, so it looks like they are very busy!
I even saw where they are getting involved in the going "green" also, so the closer to Green Earth Day gets here, I will come back here also and see what's going on with that project also.
For now, the testing of the dark spots on my arms is going as well as can be expectted and I hope my next report will totally be off the charts and have some great news to share with all of you.
I did see this one Face Cream called Ultra Lift 2-in1 Wrinkle Reducer Serum & Moisturizer that I am going to track down and see how it is suppose to work and maybe I will have something good there also to report.
This is Garnier's Mission released on Facebook:
Garnier USA is a division of the global cosmetics company, L’Oreal. L’Oreal is a leader in developing alternative methods to animal testing with the ultimate goal of eliminating all animal testing completely. In1989 L’Oreal voluntarily stopped using animal testing for the evaluation of its entire range of finished products.
The company has invested $800 million over the last 25 years to develop innovative , alternative methods to animal testing, particularly in the area of reconstructed tissue development. We are totally committed to a future without tests on animals.

To learn more about L’Oreal’s work in the area of alternative methods to animal testing, please visit our Sustainability website at
In the meantime, you can connect with Garnier several ways:
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you. I am a BzzAgent and I was given this toy by them to do a review.


Mer said...

I've tried the Garnier moisturizer and like it a lot, but none of their other skin products. It sounds like this one works really well! Have you tried any of their eye creams? I've been thinking about giving those a try.

fee roberts said...

Awesome! Thanks for the review Mary. I'll have to try this out. I have tried a lot of dark spot removers and so far they haven't been all that good.