Friday, March 29, 2013

Found Item Clothing Tee Shirt Review

I found a really cool tee shirt company that has some really nice, family oriented shirts that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen outside the house in and it's called Found Item Clothing and they sent me that awesome Cheers T-shirt that Mike is holding up!
I know you can't hardly tell, but he is actually smiling and in a good mood when we took this picture. We both loved Cheers and I don't know about anybody else, but they don't make good comedies anymore or the comedians aren't funny to me, whichever one it is, we all had a fondness of Cheers, so when I went looking at the Movie shirts, I saw this one right away and told Mike we really needed to get this one.  
It's a very nice clean shirt with no dirty words or pictures, so in my book, that means it passes with flying colors! And they are all 100% cotton!  Did you know that the brown ink is in honor of the beer and the green color of the shirt is in honor of the Irish Americans? See, and you just thought it was another pretty little t-shirt!
I know you gotta remember this hilarious movie, don't you?  Oh, the good ole days are gone it seems. Now we have reality shows which is the last thing I want to be reminded of every single day 24/7! Can we not have a few nights that are not offered to any news/politics/reality shows/game shows/etc and just have some good clean, funny comedy or I will even take some awesome drama if things get get too bogged down by drama.  Oh, did I mention that it glows in the dark?
Now, who could forget Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary? That girl was seriously funny and wow, even for a woman, I must admit she was stunning and sexy, everything all of us other women want to be. And if memory serves me right, Red was her color (for lipstick, I think)! Seriously, I remember watching that movie and wondering if all men were that dumb or they made a very seriously funny movie (which I think that was really the point).

And by the way, if you sign up for their newsletter, they have drawings and you and you can win $50 to spend in their store!

They also have these adorable Bunny Slippers and now after looking at them for a good while, I want a pair! Dummy me, with Easter coming, I should have thought about slippers more than shirts. They have them in Men's sizes, but do you really think a man is gonna wear Bunny Slippers???
They also have Halloween Costumes and more shirts from the 80's, Props (like in movie props), Real Genius Shirts and Movie Alphabets.
Did you know that there is a tutorial on how to age our shirts? Well, Found Item Clothing has one!
The transition from stiff, new tee shirt to soft, threadbare keepsake is an uncomfortable and lengthy drag... but your friends at Found Item Clothing are here to help. We've subjected our esteemed t-shirts to a series of field tests, each experiment conceived to challenge or (confirm) the conventional wisdom and bring a degree of clarity to the t-shirt aging process.
Below, we present our initial findings to you, in the form of a comprehensive guide to what works - and, conversely, what doesn't - when aging t-shirts.
The transition from stiff, new tee to soft, threadbare keepsake is an uncomfortable and lengthy drag… but your friends at Found Item Clothing are here to help! How you ask?

Let us introduce, then, the very first installment of a new project, Aging Tee Shirts The Found Item Way, that will explore these, and related issues, methodically, but also with a crafty, DIY sensibility.
Along these lines, we’ve subjected our esteemed tees, both the actual garments and the screen prints that adorn them, to a series of rigorous field tests, each experiment conceived to challenge (or confirm) the conventional wisdom and bring a degree of needed clarity to the subject matter (which as it stands right now, is scattered willy nilly amongst various sites on the Infotainment Super Highway).  
In the chapters to come, we’ll present our initial findings to you in the form of a comprehensive guide to what works — and, conversely, what doesn’t — when aging t-shirts.  
1. Readers are encouraged to follow along at home. All of the materials used here are readily available off the shelf at your local supermarket.

2. Your results may vary; always exercise caution and safety around chemicals. 
3. Finally, this is an open-ended project and we’ll brainstorm new stress tests in the future. Likewise, if you have any suggestions, tips, or recommendations — complaints, too — that might contribute to our scholarship, hit us up: travis [at]  
If one of our goals is to age new tees prematurely, convincingly, and safely at home, then a secondary objective is to share this knowledge with others in an easy, centralized and collaborative manner.
Connect with Found Item Clothing several ways:

Mailing Address:
4110 SE Hawthorne, Box 280
Portland, OR 97214

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you


Susan said...

I am loving the bunny slippers you posted about in your Found Item Clothing review. I looked a little deeper at their sister site and found slippers with microwaveable inserts. With my fibromyalgia and aching feet, I think these would be great to own. I am putting the microwaveable insert slips on my wish list! Mary, thanks again, for wonderful reviewing of products.