Thursday, March 7, 2013

Decorate With Butterflies

I love watching butterflies in the spring and summer. They are the most colorful creatures we have on this planet of ours and I am always saddened that they have such a short life span.  It is one of the most diverse creatures that exists because they come in all kinds of sizes, colors and markings. It is hard to find two that are alike.
I found this article on how to decorate your home using butterflies and brought it on over for you to see and you can read more on their website thru the link I provided at the end of this article.
The butterfly is a classic symbol of spring with its bright wings and delicate body. Craft butterflies are a great way to decorate your house in anticipation for the springtime, and making butterflies doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have paper and a little time, you can start making butterflies.
There are many ways to make butterflies, as is evident with these 18 blog posts. You can make butterflies out of food and create a spring meal or just a fun surprise as a snack, or create paper ones that can be placed around the house.
For a more grown up look you can make butterflies out of materials other than paper, such as aluminum cans, old vinyl records or felt. Take a look and be inspired.
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