Monday, April 1, 2013

Cross The Line Book Review

Overview of the book from back of cover:
When veteran NFL quarterback Noah Larson finally guides his team to the Super Bowl, his dreams -- and life -- are dashed when his six-year-old son is kidnapped for a unique ransom: lose the game or his son dies.  
Seattle sportswriter Cal Murphy and photographer Kelly Mendoza get pulled into an FBI sting to help rescue Noah's son in Mexico. But when everything falls apart, Cal and Kelly are left to save themselves, save Noah's son, and save the Super Bowl. 
Boy, this Quarterback is seriously screwed! Seems like no one really knows where his 6 year old son is and it's Wednesday and the game starts on Sunday.

He has an interview with Cal Murphy, a reporter, and while Noah is answering some questions from several other reporters, a message comes thru on Noah's cell phone that he forgot that he laid down on the table. Cal sees the picture of the little boy tied up and gagged and the text says, lose the Super Bowl on Sunday or he dies. Cal knows in his gut just like the FBI does, that the chances of getting this boy back alive is slim to none.

Why? Because the biggest drug cartel in Mexico has him and nobody crosses them and lives. They have tons of money so this is really just about messing with the American people and messing up their Super Bowl Sunday. The money is just an added bonus, I think. They had someone in Miami place huge bets against Noah's team, The Seahawks and so they stand to make alot of quick money.  And of course, they tie up loose ends by killing the guy who placed the bets and his girlfriend, just in case he talked too much and told her, which he didn't, so she gets killed for nothing!

Now, here is the part I don't like and I have said it before and it has stopped me from reading the rest of the book. I don't like reading about children being abused or beaten. There are 2 mexicans guarding the boy. The one on the night shift is mean as a snake and every day when the day man comes in, the boy has new marks on his face where he has been slapped. The day mexican wishes he would get the boy out of this but knows if he does, his whole family will be killed, including his own 6 year old boy. He tries his best to help the boy and control the mean one, but it does no good.

Also, comes the chilling orders that as soon as the game is over on Sunday, they are to kill the boy and dump his body into the river. They really never had any intention of letting him go.  What do you think the good mexican will do? I sure do hope he has enough self respect left to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Cal calls one of his FBI buddie's and tells him about Cal's situation.  They knew something was up with all the high bets being placed against the Seahawks, they just didn't know how it was gonna be done or which player it would be. Noah is furious that Cal called them but he better be glad because they really have no intention of letting him go......

Cal and the FBI come up with a plan for Cal to do some big time fake story on this drug leader to get inside the hacienda and stake it out for the FBI. Yeah, he's nervous as all get out, but he keeps thinking, if I had a kid that had been taken like that, I would hope somebody would come and try to save his kid.  He needs a photographer and he is hoping his sometime girlfriend will go with him, although, if you really love her, why would you put her at risk?

Okay, guys, the rest I am leaving for you to find out if Cal is successful or not.

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

The first signs that I might like writing about sports -- and be slightly competitive -- appeared when my year two (or first grade) teacher, Mrs. Holland, asked my class to write and illustrate our day. Mine read like this: “The Red team beat the Blue team, 1 to nil. And I won.” The next 47 entries covered my exploits on the soccer pitch while growing up in Ipswich, England.
In South Carolina as a teenager, my dad told me that I could get paid to watch sports provided I could write about it. Sounded easy enough and by the time I was 16, I landed a job at my town’s daily newspaper and had a column on Major League Baseball players from our area. I also covered my first riot there at a sporting event -- and it’s safe to say I was smitten with journalism.
After graduating from one of the best journalism schools in the country, I took a job as a sports editor in South Georgia and learned firsthand about the passion of high school sports in rural America. I thought I knew before, but I didn’t. This was another world.
I also had the opportunity to cover major sporting events like the Olympic Games, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four. It was a thrill!
But nothing was as thrilling to me as uncovering the truth in investigative assignments. I once broke a story about a prominent southern football team’s NCAA violation -- and found out the violating coach had committed suicide only a few months earlier. The story won a national writing award and stoked my desire to write about these issues. It made me realize that the sports world was just another fantastic backdrop for drama.
After writing non-fiction books with athletes, for athletes, and ghost writing for many others, I decided to enter the world of fiction writing. It had been something I wanted to do but never found the time. So, I made the time--and am now having a blast. I hope you enjoy reading my novels as much as I enjoy writing them!
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CMash said...

Thank you for your honest review. So sorry that you DNF this read, but as we know, not every book is for everyone.