Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carmex Healing Lotion & Cream Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Wow, Carmex has outdone themselves this time on these two new products that will help your skin feel really amazing! I was recently sent their Healing Lotion and Healing Cream along with that awesome Carmex Hoodie!
Boy, you won't have nowhere to hide in that color, that is for sure! I have always known that Carmex has great lip products and they are the most sought after lip balms when you need help with those chapped lips but now they have added some of that great technology to these 2 new products to help tame the dryness that our bodies go thru sometimes, like right now, with my thyroid being extremely low, it has made my skin even more rough and dry than I have seen in a long time!
So, I was really excited to get these and try them.
Carmex's Healing Lotion:
This awesome Healing Lotion has soothing aloe and vitamin E in it to provide soothing relief to your skin while protecting it from dry skin. I love the smell of the lotion as soon as you open it, you will notice that it smells vaguely just like their lip balm.
The benefits of this great lotion besides smelling good are:
**Everyday Moisture
**Exclusive formula for healthier, softer skin.
**For Trouble Spots
**Intensive treatment and extra-effective moisture.
**Soothes and Heals
**Made to help heal chapped and cracked skin.
**Cruelty Free
**Carmex products are not tested on animals.
What I noticed the most is that my skin immediately drank it up and left no greasy hands behind. I tested that by still typing away and usually the greasiness will come off of my fingers and can clearly be seen on the keyboard but not this time.
That also means it won't get wiped off your clothes or furniture so that you get all the protection you need. I think for me that was the key thing, I hate putting on a lotion and then sitting down to watch TV or be on the laptop, I would then see that my legs left an impression on the recliner and would have to get up immediately and wipe as much as I could off. Now, when I do that, I put a blanket underneath me, but I won't have to do that anymore!
Carmex's Healing Cream does all the same things that the Lotion does, it is just a more creamier, thicker cream used to repair the driest, roughest skin on your body where the lotion is used everyday to help protect & soothe your skin.
Look at it this way, the lotion is there to protect you from getting dry skin but if you happen to already have it, then you want the healing cream to help bring back the soft skin.  The Healing Cream does have 9 ingrediants that help with this healing process.
Did you know that Carmex has been around for 70 years? Wow! It started in 1937 and they stick to th original formula and make it in big batches and because some ingrediants are even more pure and natural than they were in 1937 are the only differences. For an example, take lanolin: lanolin of years ago was darker and sometimes smelled musty; today’s light-yellow lanolin is almost odorless.
They have an awesome Money Back Guarantee:
Let us know if you are not completely satisfied with your Carmex purchase, and we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that. All we ask is that you mail us a photocopy of your receipt and the reason it didn’t work for you. We want to make it right. And we want to always make you happy.
Don't let that sourpuss face alarm you, he is really a big gentle teddy bear but he hates it when I ask him to hold something up for me.  He is about as bad as me in that area. We both aren't too thrilled to have our mugs taken, but sometimes, it just has to be done. I think I just caught him as he woke up from taking a nap and was on his way to get something to drink and I was taking pictures of the lotions and creams and grabbed him for this awesome hoodie with the Carmex logo.
It will be a great hoodie to grab in the mornings and nights to take Charlie out for his bathroom runs.  Love the plush and well made hoodie which helps knock off the chill up here in the mountains.
There is alot of history behind Carmex but I will only give you the beginning story. Check out the rest and how they grew all the way up to now:
Alfred Woelbing, like many people, suffered from cold sores. Unlike many people, he had an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for kitchen chemistry.

Alfred decided to solve his painful condition for himself, and concocted a remedy for his cold sores. In 1937, he began making Carmex by hand, pouring the lip balm into the familiar yellow-capped jars in his kitchen.

His sales method: visiting pharmacies one by one. If they weren’t interested, he gave them a dozen jars for free—along with a postcard to reorder. In no time, the pharmacies sold the free samples and the reorder forms starting coming in.

Alfred produced Carmex from home for many years, moving into a full production facility in the 1950s, and then to their current manufacturing site in 1975. About 100 people (including Alfred’s grandsons Eric and Paul Woelbing) continue to produce our original formula in its trademark little jars, and have expanded the line to include ultra hydrating Carmex Moisture Plus® as well as soothing skin care products.
Connect with Carmex several ways:
Carma Laboratories, Inc. Customer Service
5801 West Airways Avenue
Franklin, Wisconsin 53132
Phone:  414-421-7707
The awesome folks at Carmex will be giving one winner the same Healing Lotion and Healing Cream that I just reviewed! You will love them. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck!


Dawn Ganey said...

Yes I use the carmex lip balms, every year I stockpile.

JannyBee said...

I love carmex for lips
Janet Benthin

Janette Hindman said...

I use their chapstick all the time.

Ken Ohl said...

yes I use carmex for the lips when I need to. thankyou, ken

deb c said...

yes, I have used their Carmex Moisture Plus Peach for the lips and love it.
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Paula L. said...

I LOVE Carmex. I think I have every flavor going and the lotion and cream are great also.

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Megan Parsons said...

I've used their chapstick before
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Small Footprints said...

I've used their healing lotion and it's awesome ... it's about the only thing that softens my dry skin at this time of year. And it smells so good ... practically good enough to eat.
Sml Footprints
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mediaworm said...

I have only ever use the lip balm but would love to try all the products because the lip balm works so well thank you for the giveaway

trishaboo said...

I use them every winter.

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

I've actually never used their products but I would love to!

Jill D said...

I have used their lip balm in the past but no other products. mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Colleen M said...

I have used their lip balm and really like it!

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rookieabh said...

I use the Carmex original jar all the time!
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June M. said...

I do use their lip products, I especially love the Moisture Plus :)
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Marlene Breakfield said...

I've used the lip products

Vera Khule said...

Yes I have used the lip balm and I like it.

Susan said...

I have used Carmex for Lips

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Allison said...

I like their lip balms. I haven't tried anything else.

Charlotte Raynor :-) said...

I use the Carmex for my lips every winter. Love it!

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Jessica Schank Snow said...

Yes, I've used their lip gloss. I love it!
Thanks for the giveaway! =)

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Stephanie said...

I like the carmex lip gloss.
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Courtnie Miller said...

I have not used Carmex.

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I have used the lip balm.

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No I haven't

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Yes, I like their lip balms, thanks!

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Kim Reid said...

Commented on your facebook page - Kim Reid

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Klydra Pugh said...

I grew up using Carmex lip balm in the little jars.
Thanks for the chance.

lmurley2000 said...

i have used their lip balm