Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bow N Ties Puccini Tie Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I got this awesome tie to review from Bow N Ties. They recently unveiled the PUCCINI's New Repp-Stripe Collection that comes in 8 different colors.  The one above is the color they call Rich Peacock with White Stripes.
I tried to match it with the one I got and I am pretty sure this is it. We were orginally suppose to go see his dad (he is a Baptist preacher) one weekend after we got the tie and it was for him really, not my husband. He does not wear ties unless it's a funeral or a wedding. But, things kept coming up and we never made it there (they live 2 hours from us).
Below is the one I got and I am hoping it is the same one. Hard to tell on computers about colors and my darn camera doesn't want to cooperate sometimes so I wanted the first picture to be correct before I showed the one I took, so here goes:
See, it's hard to tell because of the lighting in my kitchen and it's against a darker background but I kept looking at the tie and looking at the ones on the site and I am pretty sure they are the same, even though it may look different.  Bow N Ties thinks that this tie should be paired with a light tan colored suit, solid white shirt, and either crisp white, or matching teal handkerchief. So, that is another reason I copied the top picture, so you could see how it looks with a white shirt.
It actually does look very nice and I think since we didn't make it over, I will keep it and get him a white shirt and that will be part of his Father's Day gift from us. What do you think? I know ties is one of those gifts that everybody thinks no one wants, but when you are talking about a Baptist preacher, they definitely believe in the suit and tie while preaching. Now, hubby doesn't wear one but he does wear a really nice dress shirt and pants.
I grabbed a few more colors that I thought would really look good with a white shirt also and these are also Puccini ties. This one would really look good on his Dad. This one is the Yellow and Navy tie.
By the way, here is the list of the 8 colors you can get this tie in if you are wondering what colors they have in the Puccini line. Now what is off to me is why Rich Peacock is not on this list and I got it straight off of their site. When you go to Rich Peacock tie's page, it says it's a Puccini. Mmm, maybe they added another color and didn't update the list?
**Bright Red & White Striped Tie
**Aubergine Purple & Berry Pink Striped Tie
**Festive Silver & White Striped Tie,
**Yellow & Navy Striped Tie
**Brick Red and Midnight Blue Striped Tie
**Amber Yellow & White Striped Tie
**Oasis Blue & White Striped Tie
**Deep Burgundy & Gray Striped Tie

This one, Bright Red with White Stripes is my very favorite. I love seeing a guy wearing a red tie. It's classy to me, plus it is a very good tie to where around the Christmas holidays. But, really, you could wear it all year round and the reason why is that it doesn't have little Christmas emblems or icons dancing all around it. That is why I call it the classy tie that can also be worn at Christmas. Doesn't get any better than that because you can get 2 rocks for the price of 1!
And this was the other one that I liked the most, I guess because of the light pink/lavender color? It is called Aubergine Purple & Berry Pink.  This would look good on a Lavender shirt or even a Pink one if someone had the nerve to wear it. So, there you have it, these are my favorite colors from the Puccini line of ties that Bow N Ties sells on their website.
They have all kinds of other designers and types of ties and bows to choose from and so many different color combinations it will make your head spin. But what I liked about this particular Puccini line of ties is that they are only $9.90 and well within range of what we can afford. Yes, they do have some that are higher but for me, these look pretty good and feel nice so I see no need to spend more if you already have a gem in the palm of your hand.
Some of their ties are handmade designer silk ties to microfiber ties. Whatever your choice in ties is, I don't think you will be disappointed with what you get when you order. I would buy from this company in the future if I need to buy one for my father-in-law, who loves ties and doesn't mind getting more for his birthday or Christmas like most men do.
I will let you in on another scoop I found on their site. They are debuting New Tie Collections for Spring and Summer 2013:
We are excited to be featuring the new spring & summer collections by designers Chevalier, Puccini, Cavallieri, BlackBird, and several others. What’s new are soft pastel hues, 16 new silk knit ties, bold plaid patterns, as well as a collection of cotton ties. One of the most popular colors this season is green, particularly mint and emerald.

 Last but not least we are excited to be featuring a new designer: Cantucci – a boutique designer that uses finest screen-printed silk fabrics out of Como, Italy. We especially like this designer’s collection of self-tied bow ties, matching patterned handkerchiefs, silk scarves, as well as ascots.
And they do have a Bridal Guide also! I even saw a bow tie for a dog! I am not kidding you! Just click on the below banner and enter your Wedding Photo and you might win $250!

They even have sections to help you learn how to tie a tie, trivia about ties, how to clean them, a Men's Dress Code section that will help you figure out what kind of tie and/or suit goes with what occasion, how to tie a bow, how to fold a handkerchief and how to tie an Ascot! So, you can learn alot just from cruising around their site. I guess I just always assumed that men knew how to do all of this stuff and never realized that they have the same Help Me sites that we have on our accessories and stuff.
Here's just a little tidbit I found in the About Us section:
Bows-N-Ties is a wholly owned subsidiary of San Francisco based e-commerce retailer United E-Commerce, LLC. Although the site was just recently launched in 2009 ties are anything but new to us. United E-Commerce, LLC is the parent company of several online retailers specializing in men’s fashion accessories ranging from finest neckties, cufflink sets, dress shirts, briefcases, and leather accessories. 
Connect with Bow N Ties several ways:

Mailing Address:
434 Page Street, Ste A
San Francisco, CA, 94102
Phone: 866-927-6065

The kind folks at would love to give one winner a tie also! I think it will be in the Puccini line since that is what I reviewed. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Catie said...

My fiance would like Oasis Blue and White!

Gala said...

Skinny Knit Tie in Solid Navy Blue

Krista Grandstaff said...

I really like the Bright Red with White Stripes...classic but still sharp :)

Krista Grandstaff said...

I would give the tie to my husband... he looks great when he has a meeting to go to and wears one :)

Allison said...

I think the Rich Peacock with White Stripes.

KMichelleC87 said...

my boss would like the red one


Sandy VanHoey said...

I'd ask my son but I like the Wide Striped Silk Tie in Navy and White

Carolyn Colley said...

the Aubergine Purple is very nice

Megan Parsons said...

Oasis Blue & White Striped Tie
makeighleekyleigh at

Sarah Walker said...

Oasis Blue & White Striped Tie

deb c said...

I like the Aubergine Purple & Berry Pink tie

Jill D said...

I like the Dark Navy Striped Tie.