Monday, March 4, 2013

AHAVA Velvet Cream Wash & Smoothing Body Exfoliator Review

I know everyone has heard about AHAVA and seen them in their local stores, but have you actually tried them? I never had even though many a countless time I would pick one up and then put it back. It would have been nice to splurge but with my monthly disability check, I have to be reasonable and think of everyone else, too, so this kept getting pushed to the back of the list.
But, I finally just recently got to review 2 of their products and they were worth the wait! My how awesome the Hibiscus & Fig Body Wash was! I loved the smell. Every so often when I want to calm down after a bad day I just open the bottle and take a deep breath of that awesome smell and instantly feel calmer.

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It is really an awesome scent and I am surprised that no one else has even attempted to make something similar to that. But, that's okay, because now that I know AHAVA has it in their line of Body Washes, I will make some room somehow in the budget to get one when this one runs out.
It is actually a Mineral Botanic Cream Wash and I am not sure how to explain the difference between that and a regular body wash so I am going to use some of their description so that I don't mess it up:
This luscious cream body wash, infused with extract of Hibiscus and Fig, provides an extra hydration-boost for dry skin while uplifting and awakening the senses.
  • Hibiscus helps to smooth and moisturizer skin as it promotes the healing of dry skin with natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Fig extract contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as natural moisturizers

This is actually made for people like me who have extremely dry skin and I can't thank AHAVA enough for asking me what kind of skin I had before they sent me something to review that wouldn't have helped me. So, I really do appreciate the awesome Customer Service for thinking to ask me or I might not have gotten the pleasure I receieved from this mind blowing body wash!
Here is a little more information on AHAVA and why their products work so well:
A basic ingredient 

Salt is widely used in cosmetic products: soaps, cleansers, face and body moisturizing creams, anti-aging products, spa and hair cosmetics, and more.

the osmoter™

A perfectly-balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals that effectively replenishes, rehydrates and recharges the skin. It's a sensation that says "my skin reborn".
I was also very lucky that they sent over one of their new products SMOOTHING BODY EXFOLIATOR with Dead Sea Plants for Pampering, Anti-Aging Exfoliation that helps the body to look younger and more radiant, I really love this Exfoliator. It's sorta like a scrub but it's alot more complicated than JUST A SCRUB!
This is how they explain what this product does:
AHAVA Smoothing Body Exfoliator contains an age-defying blend of ultra-exfoliating Dead Sea plant extracts that promotes skin clarity and radiance and provides anti-aging benefits to skin by improving circulation.
Isn't that amazing? I have never had a product before that had Dead Sea Plants in the mixture, have you? It's a very gentle scent because it's purpose is not to make you smell better when you step out of the shower, but for your skin to be smoother and more radiant and that is exactly what it does.  These are the ingredients that make it so mind blowing:         

Powerful Plants

AHAVA's anti-aging SMOOTHING
formula contains
these unique key ingredients:

Date Kernels

Date seeds are rich in
proteins and essential
fatty acids that enhance
the skin's natural barrier.
They provide an effective exfoliating and nourishing treatment that also enhances microcirculation.

Moroccan Argan

Ground Moroccan Argan
shells cleanse and polish skin
as they remove dull cells and impurities from its surface for immediate radiance. In addition, natural Vitamin E and essential fatty acids from the shells protect and hydrate the skin.

Grape Seeds

Like grapes themselves,
the seeds offer generous
amounts of antioxidants
and essential fatty acids. Grape seeds reinforce the skin's own protective processes while exfoliating its surface.
This system is also on sale and just click the banner and it will take you right there!
There is one other product I think that would have made this complete and I will have to save up for it too the next time because I think with the three of these products, I can get my body back to being in tip top shape in no time!
This is the Dry Oil Mist and this is what it does:
This dry oil spray contains a blend of lightweight nourishing oils to recharge skin with deep hydration and leave it feeling soft with a radiant glow.
  • Sesame Seed Oil and Vitamin E provide anti-aging properties that strengthen skin natural barriers
  • Vitamin E protects skin against free radicals
I also wasn't aware that they have skincare products also so I am getting a great education in all things AHAVA! I saw a few of those also that I would love to try and one in particular is their serum.
EXTREME NIGHT TREATMENT  This remarkable concentrate in a nourishing night treatment works while you sleep to enhance clarity and even skin tone, giving skin a more naturally youthful appearance.
  • Dead Sea Minerals, Dunaliella Algae, Tibetan Goji Berries, and Date Fruit extract provide essential moisture and anti-oxidants, helping to firm and smooth skin
  • Himalayan Raspberry Root regulates cellular turnover and improves skin’s texture
  • Icelandic Moss works to calms and soothes skin

  • EXTREME Results:
  • 96% felt their skin texture was more nourished and soft
  • 94% reported that their skin was firmer
  • 91% saw a reduction in facial lines and wrinkles

  • Doesn't that sound awesome! Wow, the things you learn when you go digging are amazing. So, I have my goals set out on what 2 new products I want to try along with making sure I don't forget the original two that started this whole journey, and that is the Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash and the new Dead Sea Plant Smoothing Body Exfoliator. If you don't do anything else, at least try the new Body Exfoliator.

    It is worth every penny and will leave your skin feeling fabulous. I normally just use it on my legs, feet and hands as those are the driest. You can either use both of them at the same time but I would do the Exfoliator first and then the Mineral Botanic Cream Wash if you want the scent to linger. But, if it doesn't matter to you, then the other way around is just as good, too!

    Just so you know, shipping is free with orders over $50 and you get 3 samples with each order!

    Oh, just a little tidbit I picked up from the About Us:
    The AHAVA brand can be found in over 30 countries in the world’s most discriminating department stores, perfumeries and chain outlets. AHAVA continues to earn international acclaim from result-oriented customers who appreciate its genuine skin-friendly benefits.
    Connect with AHAVA several ways:

    Phone: 1-800-366-7254

    Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


    Ari T said...

    All the products seem incredibly lush, but it's the exfoliator that really has me curious. I love how it has some unique ingredients with the date kernels, the grape seeds and the Moroccan Argan shells! And then on top, Dead Sea plants? How very exotic! I'll have to try to scoop this up when I find it in the store!

    fee roberts said...

    I received a sample of this and I loved it =D

    slehan said...

    I've never tried any of their products. Good review.

    meegan whitford said...

    great review! thanks I am looking for a good exfoliator so maybe I will try this!

    Avon Shay said...

    Just LOVE Ahava products. I used to get my co-workers to bring me back and cream, dead sea salt scrub and other products whenever they went to Israel. It's cheaper there. :) Great review, Mary!

    desitheblonde said...

    i like those kind of the problem i have dry skin and

    Jennifer Hiles said...

    I have not tried AHAVA products yet but it was interesting to learn that Fig contains anti-inflammatory properties, I had no idea!