Friday, February 15, 2013

Stumbling On Open Ground Book Review

This is an amazing book that describes one man's struggles with his career and his cancer battle while still trying to connect with God and keep it all together.

Here is an excerpt about the book:
Rock and Roll, Cancer, and God’s Love Collide at the Crossroads of Doubt and Faith Stumbling on Open Ground is a story of private trial and faith like those found in the books of Esther and Job.  
Punctuated with stories from Mansfield’s years in the music business—working with George Harrison and Waylon Jennings, among others—Stumbling on Open Ground is a private dialogue between a charismatic man, his loving wife, and the extraordinary God who transformed them both in the middle of a heartbreaking disease.  
“Dealing with cancer is not as linear as most books describe the ordeal. Going into it, going through it, and coming out of cancer is not that orderly. The battle is more of a hanging on, a falling apart, a sense of loss, and a lot of lonely flailing among the rubble.”
Ken is married to Connie and they live in California.  Ken was used to living in the fast lane. He knew the Beatles for goodness sake!  When he was diagnosed the first time, he fought it as hard as he could. He and Connie loved living near the beach and would take long walks while he was fighting the cancer.

He was a religious man and he knew that he would be tested time and time again. He states that when you are at your highest high, you can fall to the lowest low with cancer in the picture. He got better and things were going good when he got the bad news again, this time it was anal cancer. He started to doubt God and wanted to know why him?

Through all of Ken's treatments every time Ken was at his lowest low and God would send new strength and added faith  to help him on his journey. When he wrote this book, he had been free of cancer for 3 years!

Every day, Ken & Connie give thanks to God, Life and all of their friends who stayed by them  and prayed around the clock in endless hours for Ken to get well.

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PixyStik4U said...

He knew the Beatles?? Cool!

Jeanine B said...

Thanks for the review. My husband has been battling cancer for almost 2 years now and it's definitely not a linear walk. I am going to get this book for him to read!