Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simply 7 Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Wow, are you guys gonna love these snacks! I wasn't too sure about some of the flavors, but I was very surprised and pleased with several of them because they turned out to not be what I figured in the beginning which made us all happy campers!

Here are the flavors we reviewed:

1.) Pomegranate Chips Dark Chocolate
2.) Pomegranate Sea Salt
3.) Pomegranate White Cheddar
4.) Pomegranate Black Pepper
5.) Hummus Tomato Basil
6.) Hummus Sea Salt
7.) Hummus Roasted Red Pepper
8.) Hummus Spicy Chili Pepper
9.) Lentil Chips Creamy Dill
10.) Lentil Chips Sea Salt
11.) Lentil Chips Jalapeno
12.) Lentil Chips Bruschetta

I gotta tell you the biggest surprise for me was that I liked the Pomegranate Chips the best! And I don't even like that fruit and can't eat or drink anything that is made with pure Pomegranate. I am gonna assume this is an additive that was not the main flavor because when I ate the Sea Salt ones that you see above, they honestly tasted just like regular potato chips! Now, isn't that wild?
Here are some good reasons to like the Pomegranate chips:
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

  • Now, the other one I loved is the Dark Chocolate but it must be a new one and haven't updated their site yet because I couldn't find any information on that one. I just assumed it would be here so I threw the bag away when we finished it. Even Mike loved that one! I actually think it was our number 1 favorite of all of these chips. You really couldn't taste the chocolate or the pomegranate. It's hard to describe other than it was delish!
    Now, if you love dill (think sour cream & dill), then you are gonna love this Lentil Chips with Dill. It was our 3rd favorite after the Chocolate, Sea Salt Pomegranates and then this one. What a delicious trio we found out of all of those! We loved the creamy dill flavor mixed in with the chips of lentil that it made the perfect snack foods! I don't know if you can see them really clear but they are like scoops so whatever dip you use, it definitely won't slip out of these. They are alot bigger than some of the others on the market now.
    Here's a little more info on Lentil Chips:
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • 40% less fat than potato chips
  • Vegetarian

    Now, in the Hummus group, we again liked the Sea Salt. I have to tell you that all of the Sea Salt Chips whether they are Hummus, Lentil or Pomegranate all tasted like real chips without the calories and fat. That is what is so amazing about all of these chips. Mike ate his plain but I love hummus dip so I ate mine with just a regular hummus that isn't a big deal. I can find these at the grocery stores all over the place. Awesome snacks is all I have to say!
    Little more info on the Hummus Chips:
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • 50% less fat than potato chips
  • Vegetarian

  • No matter which ones you choose, they all are less in fat and are good for you. They have no preservatives so unless you move them into the fridge, please eat by the expiration date. I have found that when I get foods prepared organically or naturally and they don't have the preservatives, it is best to keep them cool so that they don't spoil faster and you will have more time to enjoy them. Just thought I would throw that little tidbit at you.
    The other flavors were just as good, like the White Cheddar Cheese with Pomegranate.  The only one in the Pomegranate I could not eat was the Black Pepper.  Same thing with the Tomato Basil, Roasted Red Peppers and the Spicy Chili Pepper. With my stomach and bladder, I just did not want to take the chance of a relapse. But Mike took those to work with him one day and by the next day they were all gone.
    They all said how good they taste and were all equally surprised that it didn't taste less but more. They got to see that eating a chip that is 50% less fat than potato chips isn't as bad as they imagined. Now, on the Lentil Chips he took the Jalapeno and Bruschetta to work and the guys were very impressed with the Jalapeno ones the most.
    Here is what I found in the About Us:
    We created Simply7 because of a distressing trend we noticed in our local grocery stores: food made with ingredients that most people don’t recognize and can’t even pronounce. Over the years, we have learned to examine the nutritional content of foods (calories, fats, vitamins, etc.), so why do we not scrutinize the ingredient labels on our food as well?  
    Go to your pantry and see if your favorite products pass this test: Can you name the natural source of each ingredient? Do you know what you are really eating? Can you pronounce the ingredients on the label? The idea behind Simply7 was born because many of my favorite foods did not pass this test (and I suspect that many of yours don’t either).  
    I decided to create a company that makes sure that every ingredient in our products is not only natural but is SIMPLE. You should be able to identify the raw vegetable, fruit, grain, or legume the ingredients in our products come from. I also wanted to show people that simple ingredients are actually exceptionally delicious.  
    I don’t have a place in my pantry for healthy products that taste like cardboard, so I don’t expect you to have to sacrifice taste either. We took these principles and established the 7 core standards that our company stands behind.
     Hence, the name Simply 7:

    1.) 0 Grams Trans Fat and No Cholesterol
    We believe in eliminating the bad stuff, so there are no trans fats or cholesterol in our snacks.
    2.) No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    Nature is beautiful and it tastes great! Why mess with perfection?
    3.) No Additives or Preservatives
    Preservatives add strange things to your food, things you shouldn’t have to eat. And if you can’t finish the bag before it goes bad, we are doing something wrong.
    4.) Gluten Free Ingredients
    Our chips are made with gluten free ingredients to help minimize allergy symptoms so you can perform at your best.
    5.) All Natural Recipes
    The closer it is to its original form, the purer it is and the better it is for you.
    5.) Simple Ingredients
    We believe you should be able to read an ingredient list and actually know what you are eating. We only offer snacks that have no unrecognizable or hard-to-pronounce ingredients.
    7.) Simply Delicious
    We believe you can balance healthiness with taste so we made our food taste good and be good for you. All of our snacks are deliciously wholesome. If it doesn’t taste good, why eat it? 
    Connect with Simply 7 several ways: 
    Mailing Address:
    Simply 7 Snacks
    P.O. Box 710543
    Houston, TX 77271
    Tel: 1-877-682-2359  or  Fax: 1-877-682-2368
    The awesome folks at Simply 7 are offering one winner the same package that I just reviewed. Thanks so much Simply 7! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


    cindy jones said...

    i think i would like the hummus with sea salt the best ...all the chips sound interesting and i like to try new things

    Catie said...

    I think I would love the Hummus with Tomato Basil the most!

    Jessica Robinson said...

    I like plain chips so I'd probably like Hummus Sea Salt the best.
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    Pomegranate White Cheddar sounds like something I would like to try!
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    Bakersdozen said...

    I want to try the hummus roasted red pepper chips. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Debby said...

    I bet I'd like them all! The Hummus Spicy Chili Pepper sounds especially good!

    Thank you for the giveaways!

    Gala said...

    Pomegranate White Cheddar sounds great

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    I'd like to try the Pomegranate White Cheddar. I like just about anything with white cheddar.
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    Megan Parsons said...

    Hummus Tomato Basil

    Sonya Sanderson said...

    Lentil Creamy Dill
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    barbara stenby said...

    The Lentil Dill sounds interesting but then again they all do! I want to try them all! Pom black pepper weird but interesting!

    Ken Ohl said...

    Hummus Tomato Basil. thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

    Jackie said...

    They all sound delicious! I'd love to try the Pomegranate Chips Dark Chocolate
    Thank you!

    Tara said...

    I'd really like to try the Tomato Basil Hummus chips. I have had lentil chips in the past, and they were really good! Tara allisontb at gmail dot com

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    Kristen said...

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    Pomegranate White Cheddar:) I have never tried this flavor in a chip form...I think it will surprise me, Thanks Mary!
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    I would share this with my husband and kids :)
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