Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mineral Hygenics Blush & Lipstick Sponsor Spotlight Review

You guys know that I love Mineral Hygenics because I have had them here so many other times but I gave them a break in the last few months but they are back and they have an awesome blush and lipstick to give away along with a makeup brush.
They are the coolest company with some of the best mineral makeup and I knew you would appreciate some new Spring colors for the Spring Fever Giveaway Hop that starts on March 1st and ends on the 15th. Yes, that means the winner will receive the same set that you see above! Cool, huh? Oh, and by the way if you would like to get 10% off of your purchase, use this code for the next 3 months (cupoftea)! Enjoy!

The brush is called an Angled Blush Brush:
The Angled Blush Brush is hand made and perfected with soft-tapered bristles. The natural fibers are contoured and shaped to fit perfectly in your cheek to beautify your look.  You will love how this brush feels on your skin and how perfectly it blends in your blush to make it appear effortless. This is one brush you will definitely want to keep and use as often as you can.
I chose the color Bliss as my blush because it is a little bit of everything. It can be used as a light bronzer or a little bit of color brushed here and there to give me a radiant and glowing complexion instead of a pasty white one. I do not get out in the sun, so I have very pale white skin and have to be careful when choosing colors. They have to be smooth and natural looking or I can wind up looking like a disaster!
Well, that didn't come out too good of a picture! Sometimes, my camera can be right on and at other times, it can make things either appear too light or too dark so here is what the color looks like on Mineral Hygenic's site:
Wow, that is a big difference, isn't it?  Well, now you can see why I said it could be used as a blush or a bronzer depending on how much you put on and how well you blend it in. I tend to go very light on everything and thought that the Bliss Blush looked the most natural of the colors that could possibly be a bronzer also.
Then lastly, I choose the color Citrine in the Lipstick because, again, I wanted to look natural and not made up like some character in a horror show.
I chose this color because it has a peach base and doesn't really look as orange as the above picture makes it out to be. It's really hard to buy makeup online and I normally only do it after I have used it or tested it in a store, but on this one I went on blind faith.
Citrine is a peach based lipstick that is a warm nude with gold toned coverage and a soft, sheer apricot shimmer that I thought would work well with the Bliss Blush. The Citrine Lipstick is specially formulated to be free of synthetic dyes and colorants, these colors work with your own lip color to look natural and it's the most natural lipstick available!
And it works very well with the very light tinted moisturizer I use now. Yes, I said tinted moisturizer. I have finally accepted the fact that as I have gotten older, liquid makeup that teenagers or young women use is not the kind of makeup I need. I need makeup that softens my face and the colors I chose from Mineral Hygenics do just that.
They have 4 other colors to choose from if you aren't into natural looking makeup like me, so have no fear, you will get to choose your own colors because I know and so does Mineral Hygenics that not everyone else may not have the same light complexion that I have or they may desire darker colors just because that is what they like to wear. And that's okay.
You will absolutely love all of Mineral Hygenic's products and I hope that you will read some of the testamonials that people have written in to them about how their makeup has worked out for them. If you have never used mineral makeup before, just follow the directions that will come with your order. 
Plus they have online help also to show you which colors will go with your complexion. At the bottom of each page of their website you will see pull down boxes that help you with every step. I did want to copy this for you so that you will feel confident in Mineral Hygenics:
Mineral Hygienics is the most natural cosmetic a woman can wear. They are loose powders formulated from crushed minerals extracted from the Earth with no fillers added.
  • Does not contain harmful chemical additives, harsh dyes, or man-made fragrances – thus limiting the risk for skin allergies
  • Completely free of irritants such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, salicylates, carmine, synthetic fragrances, methylparaben, petro-chemicals, and many other questionable chemicals commonly found in other make-up
  • Non-organic, inert materials don’t allow mold or fungus to grow, extending the shelf life far beyond most other types of makeup
  • Ingredients adhere to the skin’s surface and are not absorbed – so you can have full day coverage without it clogging your pores or building up within your body
  • Natural ingredients are recognized by our bodies
  • Synergistic blends capable of replenishing, revitalizing, and protecting skin
  • So gentle on the skin, it is recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Estheticians after plastic surgery, dermabrasion and skin resurfacing
  • 100% chemical-free natural protection from the sun’s damaging rays

Connect with Mineral Hygenics several ways:

Mailing Address:
511 Bailey Avenue
New Hampton, IA 50659
Phone:  1(866) 628-1038

Don't forget that you will get Mineral Blush or Bronzer along with the Angel Brush in the Spring Fever Giveaway Hop that begins on March 1st and ends on the 15th. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Then on Green Earth Day, they will be giving the Mineral Lipstick away in the Earth Day Giveaway that begins on April 6th and ends on the 20th.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


Andrea said...

I use mineral makeup all the time and love it! That brush looks super soft and I would be happy to try one. :)

fee roberts said...

I love mineral cosmetics. I've been using pur and it seems to be ok. I would love to try this brand, though. Thanks for the wonderful review as always =D

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

I haven't been able to afford this type of makeup, but I'd love to try it.

meegan whitford said...

I would love to try this I am looking for a mineral makeup that I like

Carolyn Colley said...

I would like to try the blush, thanks so much for the review

desitheblonde said...

i liek the idea of all anureal and then they are good for you

deanna said...

I've been looking for new cosmetics. thank you for the review

Mer said...

I love natural cosmetics, and these colors look lovely. I think the blush especially you could layer to get a perfect amount of natural looking color.

Jennifer Hiles said...

I had been wanting to try Mineral Hygenics for awhile now and I just bought their mini starter kit. I'm going to open it tomorrow and try it out - i'm so excited!

kathy smith said...

I have never tried Mineral Hygenic makeup. I would love to try the loose powder and lipstick. Thanks for review.

Tina Kohrman said...

I have used mineral makeup in the past and I loved it. Unfortunately I have not been able to buy anymore at this time but I would definitely love to try this it seems like an awesome product. Thanks for sharing.

Nora Driskel said...

I don't wear much make up just because of all the stuff they leave out. I would love to try this product.