Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Nut Cuttin Time Amercia! Book Review

This book was written by Patrick Dorinson and he calls himself The Cowboy Libertarian. The name of the book is titled It's Nut Cuttin' Time America! The Moment of Truth Has Arrived.

About the Book:
Sometimes serious, at all times humorous and filled with satire, It’s Nut Cuttin’ Time is written by someone who just doesn’t comment on politics from the bleachers, but who was actually in the arena for over 25 years. It’s Nut Cuttin’ Time is an insightful look at the last four years in America and sets the stage for the pivotal 2012 election and what is to come afterwards.

It takes aim at the preening politicians of both parties and also takes a swing at our self-indulgent celebrity-obsessed pop culture. Patrick Dorinson is a modern day Will Rogers with sharp elbows who’s had an insider’s view of the political system having been on both sides of the aisle and as he likes to say, “in the aisle itself”.

He now is a proud independent and paraphrasing the words of Marx-Groucho not Karl-says he will not join any political party that would have someone like him as a member. His unique political journey has been a search for real leaders, regardless of party, to move America forward but says in frustration, “I have chased more false prophets than the ancient Hebrews in the Old Testament”.

He says he is still searching and doesn’t expect the 2012 election will end his search.
Well, I really appreciated that someone has the courage to stand up and say the things that Patrick Dorinson has said in this book. If we all don't agree on the running of this country pretty soon, I fear we are headed for disaster.

I am sorry but if you believed that the people in Washington, D.C. was not gonna raise your taxes, you are living in a fool's dream.  They cannot pay for Obamacare without raising everyone's taxes, not just the rich. The rich will just leave, just like they have started leaving Europe when they decided to tax the rich 75% of their earnings!!

I would be upset too! If I worked my butt off and went without for a long time so that my business prospered, then they should be able to keep their money. Nobody wants to admit it, but Mitt Romney was right. There is a large portion of our country that "DOES NOT PAY ANY TAXES"!!!!!!!

How do I know that? Because I worked for 2 different construction companies as an Office Manager before I got sick and had to go on Disability.  The illegals and even the legals will claim 15 to 20 dependents on their Employee Tax forms when they are hired and that means that when I wrote their checks each week this is what happens:
I also hate to tell you but by owning your own home, you are then getting taxed again whereas people who rent don't!  So, that means a person who doesn't own a home and doesn't pay any school taxes, you are paying for their kid's to go to school, even if you never had kids and none are living in your home.

I really think a Flat Tax would solve everyone's problem and we can all stop pointing fingers because we are all paying the same amount. If you buy something really expensive, the rich man is gonna get taxed on that item alot more than he is now. Plus all the renters will have to help with their children's schools.  We have got to get past this finger pointing. Just get it done.

And lastly, it is foolish to put your total faith in just one human being. Your total faith should be in God, who has a whole lot more power than one human being could ever imagine. Unfortunately, even though I hope we wake up and work together, I really don't see it happening because too much hate is being tossed about trying to keep us all split apart.

Washington, D.C. knows if the American people ever came together as one, they wouldn't stand a chance and they would have to solve the issues we are facing right now. But will we? That is one biq and important question that I wonder about alot!

Happy Reading!

Patrick Dorinson is a columnist for the FOX Opinion on the FOX News website and regular contributor to “The Arena” on POLITICO the #1 political website in the nation. He is the resident political analyst for Morning News on Newstalk 1530 KFBK radio in Sacramento, California. He also appears regularly as a commentator on local television.
Mr. Dorinson has appeared on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel on the FOX News Channel and on Cavuto on the FOX Business Channel as well as on FOX webcasts.
He is host of weekly radio talk show, The Cowboy Libertarian with Patrick Dorinson. It airs Saturdays from 5 to 6PM Pacific on Newstalk 1530 KFBK.
Dorinson lives on a 15 acre ranch in Nevada City, California with his wife Carol, is an avid student of the West and a pretty fair horseman. And he knows that when learning how to ride, the ground is the best teacher, having the broken bones to prove it.
He enjoys working and riding alongside his friends in the ranching and cattle business whenever he gets the opportunity. And if he had his druthers and could find an outfit to hire him he would make his living on the back of a horse.
Visit his website at

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