Friday, February 1, 2013

Gift Tree Ultimate Chocolate Experience Tower Sponsor Spotlight Review

I got this awesome Ultimate Chocolate Experience Tower from a company called Gift Tree and wow, this was a sight to see when it first came out of the box with the pretty white ribbon and they even included a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon if you don't use them but I do so I just untied the ribbon and will keep it for a future use.

We actually tried the littlest box first which had the Ghirardelli Caramel Squares because I love those little babies! It is the perfect amount of chocolate and caramel combined together that is perfect each time you eat one! There are 3 of these in that box.

Then the next thing I tried was the Dark Chocolate Confetti Popcorn. I am sorry, but flavored popcorns will be my ultimate favorite also. I just love the salty/sweet flavors! It was a mixture of white chocolate and dark chocolate with some caramel in there too. Very good!

Okay, let's see, then I tried the Chocolate Covered S'more Graham Crackers. Do you remember when we were small and I used to be in the Brownies and we would have campfires and do those for real? Gosh, nothing tastes quite like the real thing but these came in a pretty good second. I loved what they did to the outside drizzling it with white chocolate.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Seattle Milk Chocolate Truffles are some more awesome! I had actually given Mike a box of these for Christmas so to get a little more was awesome because those others are long gone! This one has chocolate, dark chocolate, orange, raspberry, and peanut butter. 5 truffles included are included in the box.

Let's see, then there are the Chocolate Covered Blueberries and I have to tell you these were pretty darn good, too! I love blueberries anyway and then add chocolate to them and it is off the charts! You will love this bag and the picture is not gonna be real good on this one. I should have taken them out of the bag because the plastic just glares back at you so forgive me for the bad picture. I ran out of time and wanted to get this review in on this event so I was cutting it short.

Lastly, we tried the Chocolate Covered Pretzels and not because they are last on our list, but everything was really good and because there was popcorn in there too, it just got pushed further down. If you love pretzeles, then you will love this bag! I am keeping these longer and trying to savor them and just eat one or two at a time so I don't overload on chocolate.

I told hubby I may have to lay off this candy and snacking for awhile if I ever am going to drop these few pounds that I need to get rid of. But, I will have to wait until after Valentine's Day, then settle down.

Now, if you are a coffee lover, this basket would be the one you would want to get and so would Mike! It is loaded with coffee goodies and snacks:

And if you are a big chocolate fan and nothing else, then they also have this one for you:

Gift Tree has so many different baskets to choose from I could go on forever, so go take a look and see what you like and then start dropping hints all over the place! Gosh, they even have personalized items, flowers, balloons, fruit baskets and wine baskets. They also have ideas for you to choose from if you want to add something special to a basket or just give that item as the gift by itself. You really need to go check them out, seriously.

I found this in the About Us section:
GiftTree is your gift company dedicated to making the gift giving experience simple and impressive. GiftTree was founded in 1997. Owners, Craig Bowen and Esther Diez, were excited to provide customers a full-service gifts company packed with quality and convenience. At GiftTree, we understand that our gifts must be a worthy representation of our customers.  
We also understand that a gift should be a simple and pleasant experience because the act of gift giving is an expression of joy and support for your recipient. Whatever your gift needs are, GiftTree is here to give you The GiftTree Experience of high level service, outstanding solutions, and impressive gifts.  
Our corporate headquarters is located in Vancouver, Washington where our production facilities, customer service and corporate center are located. Our outstanding gifts and gift baskets are hand designed and packed with care to be shipped directly from our 60,000 square foot warehouse to your recipient's door within days. Our exceptional customer service team works around the clock for the sole purpose of making your experience simple and sweet.  
We are available to serve you 24 hours a day. At GiftTree we have also extended our full line of services to corporations and businesses large and small. We provide companies with personal corporate service representatives to make the corporate gift buying experience easy and seamless.  
With quality products for holiday, promotional, and every-day gifts, companies find GiftTree to be the answer for all their personal and business gifting needs. 
Connect with Gift Tree several ways:

Mailing Address:
1800 W. Fourth Plain Blvd. Suite 120-B
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone:  800.379.4065

Gift Tree is offering the same Ultimate Chocolate Experience Tower to the winner of my It's Your Love Giveaway Hop winner that starts on February 2nd and ends on the 16th. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you. 


Kayla Rice said...

Wow this looks amazing!!!

Michele P. said...

I think these towers when rec'd as gifts are so much fun, each box is a little surprise and it is fun opening them to see what goodies you get.

Jennifer Hiles said...

What a cool idea! I love surprises and this would make a great gift. I'd love to try the coffee set or any of the chocolate ones!

charychild said...

I don't know if the blueberry box or the coffee box sounds better. It all sounds so awesome.

slehan said...

I wonder how long I could keep opening just one box a day? Nah, have to open them all up at once. Great munchies.