Monday, February 4, 2013 Valentine's Day Flowers & Teddy Bear Review

You guys have no idea how excited I was to get these awesome Valentine's Day flowers and the Valentine Teddy Bear from! Why you ask? Well, because our 14th Anniversary will be on the 13th (yes, we got married the day before Valentine's Day on a Saturday) and then the next day is Valentine's Day!

And where did we go on our honeymoon? You would never guess in a million years and nobody who knows me would either unless I told them because it is so out of character for me!

We went to Cesar's Palace in the Pocono Mountains! It was hilarious! You gotta go at least once in your life! They give you suites and in every suite you can either have a champagne glass bathtub or a heartshaped tub.

You have your own heated pool in the room with you. It is in it's own glass covered room. Then the bed is heart shaped with lights in the ceilings to make it sparkle like stars at night and you are surrounded by mirror wherever you turn on the bed.

Then in the Champagne Glass tub, you can turn all the lights off and there are stars above that also. And this is a 2 story suite so the glass starts at the bottom in the living room by a fireplace and goes to the 2nd floor where you get into the tub! I am telling you, this was funny and romantic and silly all rolled into one.

So, Thanks for bringing back all those memories with the flowers! Why? Because it was the day before Valentine's so of course, everything was red and white in my wedding. I had the most gorgeous red roses and white lilies!

 And I had on a red garter and all the men had red carnations. My Matron of Honor had a red dress on and carried red & white flowers. It was the best time of my life and I am so thankful I got to go because if I had waited, I would have never done it.

You all know I am disabled now and in alot of pain, so we will never go on another trip like that again, but I got the memories and bunches of pictures to prove it. Sorry, some are not fit for public viewing! also has a discount code of 15% off on their flowers for my readers, by just entering "blog" at checkout. You can also use the link in the sponsor's name in the first sentence and it will take you right there! They really are awesome flowers!

Oh, and you can also enter to win $100 and give your honey 'A Hint' for Valentine's Day. Just use the link I provided or the card below. Just click on it and it will take you there also, whichever is easiest for you.

They have other awesome arrangements to choose from for Valentine's Day and don't be afraid to tell your spouse about them because sometimes it is just the right time to have flowers! Valentine's Day is one of those occasions because I have 2 reason's to celebrate.

Any other time I tell him I leave it up to him. Sometimes, he will surprise me for no reason at all, just wanted to cheer me up and so he stops and gets them. I really do have a great husband and I hope all of you out there do, too! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

I love pink roses, too and Mike will suprise me with those alot and so this threesome above would have been just as beautiful with candy and the bear! They have so many to choose from it would be really hard to choose but I saw these and they really did remind me of my bouquet, which I still have one rose frozen in the freezer downstairs, keeping for days when I need it.

And then lastly, you could also choose these which made me also think of that special 5 day celebration that I allowed myself to have even when I guess some would say we were foolish to spend that money, but I sure am glad I did now! I have those to remember and don't regret it one second!

So, whatever your dream wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or to just get away, GO NOW while you can. Waiting too long may actually be too late and you will never get there if you don't do it while you are young enough to enjoy it and be happy!

God Bless All of You!

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Mikki said...

How sweet of your husband. I just get the flowers. I think a Teddy Bear is adorable.Sometimes, when he has some extra cash I get flowers on non-holidays..."just because". Hang on to him...he sounds like a "keeper"

Kayla Rice said...

Those flowers are gorgeous.

Ari T said...

What a special memory! It's great you got to experience something so wonderful! The flowers are beautiful, by the way!

Heather Bingham said...

That is way to cute!!

fee roberts said...

Wow! What a wonderful story Mary. I hope you two have a great Anniversary. The flowers are beautiful. I'll have to check them out and get some for my Mom. I always spend Valentine's Day with her since my Dad passed. It helps keep her spirits up that day. Thanks for the wonderful review and hoping you two all the best =D

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Sharon Shoemaker said...

This makes my heart smile :)