Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fibond Hair Loss Treatment Review

I decided to start this review with a video but it captures exactly what you are suppose to do to apply correctly. You will be amazed at what Fibond can do! It truly is remarkable. And it is not a paint or anything like what they had back in the 80's. This is a substance that bonds with your natural hair to make it look fuller. It will stay that way until you shampoo and then you will have to reapply after each shampooing. Fibond won't come off in rain, wind or perspiration
I wasn't able to do my hair because as the directions say, if you don't know what color to choose, choose the one that is darkest. I couldn't do that because let it to me to forget that something is coming and we were going somewhere where I did not want people looking at the gray hairs along with the little bit of receding hair in the front where I used to have thick bangs, so when I went to the hairdressers, I had them first wash all the gray out by an all over very light brown and then we put golden highlights to distract from how thin my hair had gotten.
What makes someone with very thick hair go to very thin hair is beyond me but I did have very thick hair at one time that it took me almost an hour to dry and fix my hair. Anyway, when the Fibond came, I was like, oh crap! I had gotten the light brown but with the golden highlights, it would have looked crazy to put it on top of my head with the highlights.
But, I have a neighor and friend who has some problems with her hair also except hers is a little worse than mine. You can't see missing patches on me but you can on her. So, we tried it on her and she was flabbergasted! She went home and her husband couldn't believe it was the same person. She got an even bigger gasp from the church Sunday School Class and then later, in Church also.
So, I think I might just have sold several people on at least going to the site and watching the video's and seeing if any of the 6 colors match their hair color. Yes, there are 6 colors to choose from:

I had hoped this would come out bigger so that you can see the colors but I couldn't get it any bigger. The blond would have been too light and the light brown was a tad too dark but my friend doesn't color her hair so it worked perfectly for her. Let me show you a few other cases that will amaze you:

I love the one at the top where the very obvious part in her hair is now covered up and really looks natural. When my hair grows back out again from the all over color and highlights, I still have enough in the bottle to do my hair and we will see which way I will go from there. Because having your hair colored and then highlighted is a huge expense that we don't really have the money to do so I let it go almost 6 months before I do anything whereas most women go around 3 months for touch ups.

They also have the most amazing Guarantee:
Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If for some reason you're not 100% satisfied with Fibond within 60 days, we will refund 100% of your money. No Restocking fees, no hassles, no questions.      
Here is a list of questions I found that might help you better understand what Fibond does:

Can I apply Fibond by myself?Yes, you can use Fibond by standing in front of a mirror.

Will Fibond fall out?
No, If you follow the instructions on the box and apply correctly it will not come off until you shampoo it out. It won't come off in rain, wind or perspiration.

Can I comb my hair after applying Fibond?
Yes. Make sure your hair is completely dry and use a wide soft brush.
Do not scrape the scalp.

How do I apply Fibond?
1. Make sure you hair is completely dry.
2. Hold the bottle upside-down over your thinning area
3. Shake bottle gently about 2 inches from your head so that fibers cling to thinning area
4. Repeat step 3 until you achieve the desired coverage
5. Tightly close the container and store away from moisture when not in use

How long does one Fibond application last?
It can last days or until you shampoo it out.

How long does one bottle of Fibond last?
Depending on the size of the thinning area a 25 gram bottle will last approximately 50 - 75 days.

Can I use hair spray or gels with Fibond?
Yes, Make sure you use the hair spray or gels AFTER you apply Fibond.

Does Fibond work for facial hair, like beard and mustache?
No. It's not recommended for any other body part.

Now, do the pictures make you feel more confident? I will try it once all my hair color fades. I am sure that it won't hurt me or cause anything to look out of the ordinary or call attention to myself because all of these people above tried it without any trouble, so I think it will not hurt any of us to give it a try IF you are suffering from any of these conditions where you might have a few places you would like to cover up.

You will find a few pictures on Fibond's website showing you who would not make a good candidate for this type of procedure. If you have a large receding hairline in the front of your face or if you are totally bald in the middle of your head and if you have a bowl like appearance around your head with all the top hair gone. This product won't help those extreme cases. But a few minor patches here and there will rock with this product!

Lastly, I thought for the fun of it I would give you some "fun facts" about hair that I found on Fibond's blog. You really should go and read it! I found some pretty hilarious things in there.

Here are some fun things to know about hair:
Consider this post something like ‘everything you wanted to know about hair (but were afraid to ask!)’. We’re going to explain to you some of the best facts about hair that people don’t know already, so you can be better informed about your own hair health, and can impress people in bars that you talk to.
  • Hair is the second-fastest growing tissue in the body, behind bone marrow
  • Hair is related to animal horns – it’s made from the same substance, keratin.
  • Lots of different animals lose their hair, not just humans. Other primates, closely related to humans, also lose their hair.
  • Polar bears don’t have white fur, despite what you think. Their outer layer of fur is actually transparent, and all that you’re seeing is the diffraction of light from the transparent hairs.
  • Hair first evolved some 310 million years ago, out of the keratin-rich claws our ancestral birds had.
Connect with Fibond several ways:

Mailing Address:
Fibond LLC
186-4694 Cemetery Road.
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
Phone:   614-493-7640

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers..


krystel warden said...

That sounds good for people who dint want to use ant medications for baldspots

Jennifer Hiles said...

Wow, I'm very impressed by the results. I love before and after pics! My husband is so worried about the bald spot forming on his head and my hair has always been super thin. I will have to show him this post and see what the thinks. He's been wanting me to pick something up for him

Renald said...

I know some people who could use this and good to know.

Jeanine B said...

Vwey interesting review. I am curious- is this a spray on fiber? The short hair in the last couple of pictures seem like it, but I can't really tell. My husband lost his hair from cancer treatment for the second time and it's left a large area that's bald. I'd love to find something that would give him back some confidence.