Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Amanda's Story Book Review

If you are a thrill seeking science fiction or drama book reader, like me, then you will love this book. From what I gather from reading it there a book before this one and this one is just explaining how Amanda became to be. Gosh, if that is so, then I need to get the Hybrid because I want to know what has happened to her since this book.

I love these series type books as I have several favorite authors that I follow alot. Amanda's Story is written by Brian O'Grady and this is a prequel to Hybrid.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
In his national bestseller HYBRID, Brian O'Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control. At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn, a woman not killed by the EDH1 virus, but changed in frightening ways.  
HYBRID only hinted at the story of Amanda's work in Honduras that led to her exposure and the ramifications when the American government sought to contain the damage. Now, that story can be told. AMANDA'S STORY is the heart-stopping tale of a woman caught up in a storm she wanted no part of, and what happens when she refuses to be collateral damage.  
It is the story that readers of HYBRID have been waiting for and that new readers will find impossible to put down.
This book was fast paced from the moment I opened it! Amanda's life is anything but dull from losing her husband in an accident along with her only child, she is constantly being picked at to pull out of it. She finally does and takes a job with this company to go and help other countries when they have some kind of disaster and need help.

Unfortunately for them, some crazy terrorist has put some kind of virus in this small country and they are called there for help. They do not know that they are dealing with a virus since they can't get anyone in this small village to answer the phone. Even the military that was sent there to see what is going on aren't answering.

It becomes apparent within hours of coming into contact with a sick person that they take in that they are dealing with something very deadly and lethal. It is some kind of speeded up virus that only takes no more than 2 days to kill you once you get it in your system.

Amanda is the only survivor out of 8 who had gone down there to help. She is not delivered home, but to a secret military base where they lock her up in a contained room and they wear biohazard suits.

Her family has been left with the impression that she did not make it and she keeps asking to call them but is stalled every time. She thinks she is getting out once the tests come back negative but one man wants to introduce her back to the virus to see what will happen.

No one but Amanda has figured out that she has been changed in some ways. She has abilities she did not have before and they can either make her a threat to other nations trying to harm Americans or she may be forced to defend herself against the very people she calls her own.

What will she do?  Read the book and find out! It really is awesome. Now I definitely have to read the first book!

Happy Reading!

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CMash said...

So glad you enjoyed this read. I agree with you, it was awesome. Very nice review and post. Thank you!!

PixyStik4U said...

this sounds like an enjoying read!