Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion Review

I really got to review a pretty awesome lotion for the skin called Enhanced Lotion made by Alpha Hydrox. I bet you have heard of them or seen them in the stores but have you ever bought one of their products? I kept looking every time I went to Ulta and would stare at it and then finally turn away because I really did not know anyone who personally did not use it, so I had I no way of knowing until now. They really do work! I was very suprised considerint that they don't cost an arm and a leg.

Alpha Hyrdox Enhanced Lotion is for people who have dry skin like me so if you have oily skin, don't use this product, they have others that you can get help with, I would imagine since it's saying for dry skin only I am betting someone with oil skin would get even worse oily skin?

So, please be careful and read what they are for before you go and do something that might make you look horrible. I have been listening to all of the fake fillers and fake doctors that don't have licenses and it's mind boggling, but if you have a good doctor, ask him what he thinks (oily skin or acne problems) could be made worse by this breakthrough.

The Enhanced Lotion has 10% Glycolic AHA  and has effective pH4 and is fragrance free. Pretty impressive, huh?  It has been proven to help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles with continued use! If you will stick with it, you can having glowing radiant skin just like the rest of the women who have found out about this awesome product.
Here are the product details:
**Effectively and safely lifts dead cells from the skin's surface which revitalizes and helps restore younger looking skin.
**Renews moisture, refines texture, improves elasticity and skin tone.
**Formulated with rich moisturizers and Vitamin E, Alpha Hydrox & Vitamin E,  Alpha Hydrox and Vitamin E.  Alpha Hydrox leaves skin silky soft and smooth.

Just remember that when wearing products with any form of retinol is more dangereous or Vitamin A so watch and be careful going out in the sun. It will make your skin more prone to get sunburned quicker. So, please watch your face really well and put on a very high SPF sunblock.

Directions on how to use:

1.  Wash face and apply Alpha Hydrox Lotion to the face and neck.
2.  Do not rinse off or take off
3.  You can also apply either their Sheer Silk Moisturizer with SPF 15 or use one that has been working for you.
4.  Above all, if you are sensitive to these type of products, do a small patch test to make sure their won't be any allergice reaction.

What is in Enhanced Lotion:

10% Glycolic AHA
Helps reduce & prevent wrinkles
6 fl. oz.

* For dry skin types
* Effective pH 4
* Enriched with moisturizers and Vitamin E
* Softens fine lines & wrinkles
* Improves elasticity & evens tone
* No fragrance or parabens

And what is so neat is that they have it broken down into which products you should use for your personal information, like they have divided their skin products into:

1.)  Dry Skin
2.)  Normal Skin
3.)  Oily, Combo, Acne- Prone Skin Routine
4.)  Sensitive Skin

You can have a great skincare program for you based on those above.  If it would make you feel more comfortable talking it over with your doctor, the by all means do so.  And then come back here and and enter all the skincare products you would like. I just want to make sure you are getting something that you can use, not throw money away.  Whether buying or winning, it is a letdown for something to come and then you can't use it.

Just found this out in the About Us:
Did you know that using a well-formulated alpha hydroxy (AHA) exfoliating product will begin to improve the appearance of your skin within a matter of days and will continue to improve it with sustained use? Helping the outer layer of skin function more normally really can make your skin look younger, fresher and healthier.

Think of exfoliation like a pedicure. Before you get a pedicure the skin on your heels looks dry, rough, discolored and scaly. Once the dead skin is removed, your feet look smooth, soft and healthy. That’s what AHAs can do for the skin on your face and the rest of your body.

The top dead layer of normal skin sheds thousands of cells every few minutes, allowing new skin cells to move to the surface. When we are young, skin cells turn over very quickly. However, as we begin to age, the rate of cell turn over slows and the shedding of dead surface skin cells becomes inefficient, causing a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface.

Sun damage, loss of estrogen, dry skin, oily skin, and skin disorders such as psoriasis or roseacea can all effect this natural exfoliation process, leaving the skin rough, scaly, thickened, discolored, and more wrinkled.

Exfoliation helps to remove the dead cell build-up, revealing the healthier, younger-looking layer beneath. Since abrasive exfoliants such as scrubs and loofah-type products can break down the skin, the safest and most effective exfoliating skin-care products are properly formulated alpha hydroxy acid products that contain sufficient amounts of AHAs (8% or above) at an effective pH level (4 to 4.5).

Using a good AHA product once or twice each day, helps to loosen and dissolve the thickened, built-up, stagnant dead skin cells that are getting in the way of the healthier skin cells beneath.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Maryann D. said...

I keep reading about Glycolic AHA. This would be a great product to try. I am looking for products that help exfoliate my skin and I am sure this helps to make your skin look smoother.
twinkle at optonline dot net

celina k said...

This stuff sounds amazing. I'm going to have to check it out!

Carlo Powe-Crawford said...

I've been using AlphaHydrox almost daily since 1993... I am, consistently, guessed 20 years younger; being guessed 35 years old twice just last week alone. It's CRAZY! One guy (who is 49 years old) exclaimed, "You're older than me!" It's to the point now that I don't even bother trying to tell anyone how old I am anymore... they NEVER believe me. I simply hand over my drivers license and let them see the truth for themselves. Otherwise it becomes a tit-for-tat conversation; yes I am, no you're not kind of a thing.

Use AlphaHydrox and wear a high SPF sunscreen daily, and if you haven't aged I can tell you that doing so will slow the process down considerably. AlphaHydrox works. It's one of the few OTC (over the counter) creams that I use that is worth spending the small amount of money that it costs. To be 100% honest... I also use a Neurtogena product and Dr. Zein Obagi's dermatologist prescribed NuDerm products in conjunction with AlphaHydrox.

To be thought to be 20 years younger, consistently like I've said, is something I attribute to AlphaHydrox, that's for sure. If my face doesn't feel tingly after I apply any cream... I don't feel it working. I don't feel it working? It's not a part of my skin regime. It's just that simple. AlphaHydrox does exactly that; you feel it working!

Sharon Shoemaker said...

My mom told me about this stuff! She swears by it!

Jeanine B said...

My grand daughter is only 10 and she already has acne. I am going to check this out!

fee roberts said...

I'll have to try this! You all have me convinced! Thanks everyone and thank you Mary for the great review! =D

GladysHardeman said...

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