Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Grand Murder & Alluring Murder Double Book Review

Excerpt from book: 
A Grand Murder is the first book in the Catherine O'Brien mystery series.  
When a prominent local businessman and friend of the chief of police is murdered on the front steps of his posh Grand Avenue Hill home, Saint Paul homicide detective Catherine O'Brien a pithy, vertically challenged, St. Paul, Minnesota, homicide detective with a monstrous coffee habit and her partner Louise are given two days to find his killer.  
They soon discover their victim had a list of people with motives to murder him, including his fashion designer ex-wife, his mistress's husband, and the chief of police. The only evidence they have to go on is a missing cell phone, a stolen book, the victim's letter opener, and an ugly pair of Alpaca wool mittens.
My Thoughts:

A wealthy man, named Stanley, is murdered outside his mansion and Catherine and Louise are on the case. They try to talk to his business partner a few days later but they are too late, he is dead also. Catherine & Louise are detectives and they have a side kick named Diggs, who is a forensics pathologist expert. If anything can be uncovered, it will be Diggs who figures it out with their help.

The ex-wife of Stanley's name is Brenda and she was arrested and questioned but later was let go. Then Catherine & Louise find lots of folders on people that he has been blackmailing, so now, we have a boatload of new suspects to consider.

That's where I am gonna stop so I won't ruin anything for you!

Happy Reading!

Excerpt from Alluring Murder:
The irreverent detective is back, and this time she’s on vacation.  
God help us all.  
St. Paul, Minnesota Homicide Detective Catherine O’Brien and her loving husband Gavin are vacationing on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. When a local is murdered Catherine is tapped to help the small town Sheriff until the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension arrives to take over the investigation.  
Catherine is surprised when her partner Louise and Diggs the forensic pathologist, whose crush on Louise is only dwarfed by his own genius, shows up to assist instead of the BCA.  
Before long Catherine and Louise discover this sleepy little town has a dark side hidden beneath its placid lake charms. Somewhere in the tangle of cheating and deception is a motive for murder..
My Thoughts:

Well, Catherine and her husband, Gavin had finally gotten away for a vacation! But, it was only because there had been a shooting and Louise had been shot and so had Diggs. So, technically, she is on a leave, not a vacation, which doesn't last long because Gavin wakes her up one morning to tell her there has been a murder in the fish house on the lake.

His name was Warren Pease and it appears he was bashed upside the head and then worked on (don't like to use gory terms in my reviews). Let's just say it was not  a pleasant sight. Catherine & Louise agree to help the small town sheriff and his very rude Deputy, Watkins.

They think a man named Patrick did it because his wife had an affair with Warren. But then another murder happened that changed things around and they had to look at new angles.

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Stacy Verdick Case was born in Willmar, Minnesota. After a brief stint as a military brat, where she lived in Fort Sill Oklahoma and Fort Campbell, Kentucky, her family moved back to Minnesota.
Stacy currently lives in a suburb of St. Paul with her husband and her daughter. Her Catherine O’Brien mystery, A Grand Murder, is available from Before the Fall Books. Her second Catherine O’Brien mystery Murder is a Family Affair, will be released shortly.
Stacy is hard at work on her third book in the series.

The author has been kind enough to let me give both of these books to one reader! You will get to read the books I just reviewed. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Lisa Brown said...

I prefer stories that end and do not continue to another book. Memory is not as good as it used to be at my age :)
Lisa Brown
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Meghan said...

Yes! I like to know what my favorite characters are doing all the time. I don't want parts to be left out!
Thanks for the giveaway!
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Megan Parsons said...

Yes I love them because you get to know the characters a lot better, but I hate waiting for the next book to come out
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lag123 said...

Yes I like my books to be in a series. I then eagerly anticipate the next book.

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Anita Yancey said...

Yes, I like for book series to pick up where the last one left off. I usually can't wait to get the next book. Thanks for the chance to win this book.


cmgren said...

I do like series to continue from where they left off. What I don't like is if in book two they name the killer from book one. Sometimes I get book two first and it ruins book one for me. I end up not purchasing the first int he series.

ann said...

Im not picky I just love mysteries .
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