Monday, January 21, 2013

Save Oogave Sodas

A little while back I reviewed Oogave and also had a giveaway where the winner got a case of their awesome soda's. Well, they are in trouble with the big soda companie's trying to swallow them up and they asked me to help by putting up a post so that you guys are aware of what is happening to the small businesses.

Go here to read all about it: Save Oogave!

I also have a video for you to watch:

Organic Soda Revolution
Founded in 2009, we are a young, growing organic soda company based in Denver, Colorado and we could use your help! As many people know, it takes the average company about 5 years to become profitable.   
And cash flow is critical! We've found ourselves short on cash, but long on opportunities and successes! Sometimes you just need an extra push to get to the next phase!  
Alas, we don't have deep pockets and gargantuan ad budgets like they do. We hustle, negotiate and pour our hearts into this business.   
We do it because we are passionate about having healthier options available for soda lovers everywhere.
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.