Monday, January 21, 2013

Progress Update #2

Well, it looks like things might not get better as I had hoped. When I went back after the first procedure, I told him we must have had a lack of communication or the other doctors did not know what they were talking about. He said what do you mean? When I complain about my neck pain, it is not the pain above the neck, it is the pain in the shoulder blades and in between. When I went to see a back doctor in 2003, he told me that the shoulder was controlled by the neck nerves and I had to see a neck doctor.

So, when they did that procedure that Friday, they numbed my whole head! It freaked the living crap out of me. I could not feel my ears, my mouth, my jaw, nothing! It lasted about 8 hours and when I went back to have a follow up and he asked me how did it work that is when I told him we had a miscommunication. He says the first doctor was not right. The shoulders are considered the middle back. Okay, all fine and well but when can we do the back then? Well, he says, we can't.

He never did give me an answer but I figure since I messed him up on the neck part and now he won't get the money off of doing one more procedure and then the actual numbing of the nerve for a whole year, what else could it be? Because in the beginning he asked me which one did I want to start with, neck or back and because I assumed the shoulders were the neck, I said let's do the neck first.

So, now I am really puzzled. On top of that, he says he will eventually have to lower the dosage of the pain pills that I can't stay on that level for long. I about had a heart attack. They don't work 100% now as it is and if he lowers them, I am really gonna be screwed! I will go back and see him on the 28th and I really need my husband to be with me and hear what he is saying because I know I am not crazy. Why would he offer to let me choose which one to start with and then now we can't do either one because I did not mean for him to numb my whole head?

Then to tell me I am gonna have to come off of the higher dosage and settle for less? Is this man trying to drive me insane? I can barely stand the pain now, if he lowers the dose, I can only imagine what will happen. What should I do? Gosh, why in the heck did my old pain clinic doctor have to quit and send me to this man? If this new RA medication works, maybe it won't be too bad but none of the last 8 have worked.

And as far as I know, there is only one more left and that's it. If neither of these two work, I am really screwed. It will be like my body is baking from the inside. The RA is inflammation and they take blood tests to see how high my inflammation is. That is how they know the meds are not working. They stay normal or almost normal for awhile and then the blood work will come back showing the inflammatin is rising up again.

It's like my body figures out what the meds are doing and then mutates and figures out a way to beat the meds. So, it's like my body is attacking me. With the inflammation high, that is when the bladder and the IBS kick in big time along with the Fibromyalgia and you wanna talk some serious pain? I have been pretty strong with some crying spells here and there but if he lowers that pain dosage, I just may lose my mind. Imagine having an urinary tract infection 24/7?

That is what it does to my bladder, makes it burn 24/7 with no relief. Not even the pyridium works. I have to actually go and have what they call "rescue treatments" when the meds don't work. That is when they have to go up in there and spray my bladder numb until the inflammation goes down. That numbing stuff doesn't last long on the bad breakouts, so sometimes I have to go 2 or 3 times a week. But with the pain meds I have right now, they seem to be keeping that under control.

I am so screwed if he does this. I gotta figure out why all of a sudden has he turned around and changed the whole plan that I thought we had decided on. Is he trying to make me look crazy? What a frigging mess!

Okay, I gotta get to bed, it is after 5 am and I have been up all night. At least I did get one review done and posted a few I had said I would help with. And I did draw my winner's names for the last couple of giveaways and I will email you guys when I get up after while or go look. The names are on the RC forms.

I have got to stop typing now because my fingertips are starting to hurt and so is my wrist. Have a great week everyone! I may not post til the weekend. No need in writing anything else since I won't see him until the 28th. Maybe by then he will change his mind again?????


Admin said...

Mary- just wanted you to know I am still praying for you- it breraks my heart that you are in so much pain, with no real answers. Sending you fuzzies♥
marie howard

jody cowan said...

I'm so sorry to hear you live in so much pain! Have you tried different doctors? I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain, have for years. When I went to a new Dr. because we moved, he took an xray and said nothing was wrong. I was so shocked, I just sat there, saying nothing. I swear I think he thought I was trying to get pain meds (for the wrong reasons). So now, I'm back to just living with it and using over the counter meds. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better. I'll be waiting to hear what happens on the 28th.