Monday, January 14, 2013

NRG-X Labs 400mg Green Coffee Bean Extract Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Awhile ago I was given the chance to try out's new Green Coffee Bean Extract to help lose some weight. Unfortunately for me, this was back when I did not know that my thyroid had plummeted and it was so low that they had to raise my synthyroid pretty high from a 112 mg to a 175 mg!

That's a big jump and I have never taken that high a dose before so I had a real dilemma on my hands as to what to do with this weight loss pills. I had been given 2 bottles but because I had to stop mine in the middle, I decided to give the other one that hasn't been opened away in this giveaway.

I can't give a fair and balanced review because the thyroid was so slow that no matter what I did I could not take any weight off. Well, I take that back, I did manage to lose 3 pounds one week but gained it back about a week and a half later which is when I think the thyroid sunk even lower. So, now, I am back on a different dose now of 150 mg instead of the 175 mg which means it has stabilized some but I am still a little concerned about the fact that I used to take a 112.

I know as we get older things change, but gosh, I wasn't expecting it to get that darn low! So, to be fair and hopefully whoever wins this bottle can come back and tell us how they did. I bet a normal healthy person would lose a good bit on these because it seems that even Dr. Oz approves of them!

Here is a quote I got off of their site from Dr. Oz:
TV Doctor Customers: This Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement supplies 400mg per capsule. Dr. Oz's recommendation is 400mg 3x per day before larger meals.
Green Coffee Bean Extract Highlights Include:

**Lose weight quickly and naturally
**Low in Caffeine (no jitters and no 'crash' afterward)
**Doctor Recommended **50% Chlorogenic Acid (the fat burning ingredient found in green coffee beans before they are roasted)

Right now has a sale going on that when you buy one of the GCB400 or GCB800, you will get one free! That means You save: $57.67!

I could go on and give you more technical information but I don't like doing that and since I wasn't a good subject for this test, I would rather end it here and have the giveaway and then let's let the person who wins my 2nd bottle come back and either leave us a link to her review on this product or if she can't do a blog post review, maybe come back and tell us in a blog post comment what she thought and how much did she lose.

What do you think? You know me, I don't like to sit here and tell you, oh yes, this worked miracles and I dropped 10 pounds or 15 and then you try it and nothing happens. I just won't do it! It does make me sad because I really do need to lose 15 pounds for the sake of my poor knees.

Remember they have both been replaced and so there are alot of exercises I can't do but really it's the RA and Fibromyalgia that keep me so tired and then the low thyroid didn't help so I don't think any supplement would have worked at that time.

So, I would love to pass one on to you and see if you get some great results and if you do, please be kind enough to come back and let us know. That way I can let the sponsor know also that someone was able to take advantage of the product and had a good experience.

Here is what I found on the About Us section: stands for the very best products in the supplement industry at the very best prices. Unlike some other sites who only order the products you order after the fact, we have a 20,000 square foot warehouse stocked everyday with over 3,000 items.  
Since 2000 we have been serving customers throughout the United States. We have grown so much that we can now proudly say that we have earned the right to our slogan "Your One Stop for Wholesale Nutrition". is unmatched not only for rock-bottom prices but, also great service.  
We know what makes you, the customer happy, great prices and great service. We keep our prices low across the board, so you can be confident that you are getting a great price on every line we sell. You will find that other sites have low prices on one brand or product and really high on others, this is inconsistent.  
Some of these sites offer free shipping. However the product price has the shipping figured into the price. We keep our prices and shipping consistent.
Connect with several ways:

Mailing Address:
5 Earl Ct Unit# 160
Woodridge, IL 60517
Order Line: (800) 499-4810 (Please note that this is an order line only)
Customer Service Line: (708) 478-8143
Email Address:

So, remember, I am giving the extra bottle away but still, I would love for you to stop by and see what all is all about and if you like them on Facebook, the whole month of January, they are giving away different products. I don't think they include weekends because I couldn't find any because I was gonna enter. Thanks everyone! Open to the Continental U.S. only. Good Luck!


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