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Karma Wellness Water Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I had the pleasure of getting to try a new kind of water that I accidentally ran across while researching vitamin waters and the name of this particular company is called Karma Wellness Water. I decided to use the video that they had on their site to show you how it works.

It is a little different than what we are all used to seeing so I did not want to mess up the explanation, so I decided to let the video show you how it's done. It is quite unique and amazing all at the same time!

This first one is called Acai Pomberry. It is an Immunity Booster, which is something I really could use right about now with the Fibromyalgia and the RA kicking my butt, but first I am gonna have to find out if there is potassium in this one.

I looked all over the bottle and here on the web and I don't see it but alot of others didn't have it listed either and I found out that they did. I know the rest of them have potassium, just not sure about this one. So, I am leaving this one for last so I can be the one to drink at least one of these, if I can. Here is the ingredients and what they do:

Boost your immunity with:

**1,000 mg Vitamin C4(1,667% RDI)Enhances your immune system, brain function, and mood **Zinc is Important in growth, development, and immune response
**Berry Extract Super-fruits and über-antioxidants that promote health and immunity
**Tea Extracts Antioxidants that support immune function and general health

The other vitamins are: Vitamin A110%. Vitamin B3110%. Vitamin B5110%. Vitamin B6115%. Vitamin B12110%. Vitamin D110%. Vitamin E110%
This one is called Vitality and it's main purpose is healthy hydration. Unfortunately, this one had alot of potassium (potassium sets off my I.C. attacks which is chronic bladder pain) so I let my husband drink this one. He loves these kinds of drinks and I get them mostly for him because he works outside, especially in the summer. But, I sure would love to be able to drink something besides water, tea and an occasional Dr. Pepper if I have had a good week. Here is what is in Vitality:

Improve your hydration with:

**Green Tea extract natural source caffeine that supports general health & wellbeing
**Reservatrol associated with anti-aging and vitality, as well as heart health
**Maca extract medicinal herb traditionally used to promote vitality
**Calcium helps maintain important mineral/electrolyte balance
**Magnesium mineral necessary for every major biological process
**Potassium regulates fluid balance and supports muscle tissue development
**Sodium mineral and electrolyte that helps regulate water in body
**L-Tyrosine Amino acid aids focus and alertness while reducing stress and fatigue
**Phosphorus mineral that helps increase endurance

The other vitamins are: Vitamin A110%. Vitamin B3110%. Vitamin B5110%. Vitamin B6115%. Vitamin B12110%. Vitamin D110%. Vitamin E110%
Okay, this one is Body, which acts like a fitness accelerator. Boy, this one really has the potassium in it so another one that hubby had to drink. Oh, by the way, another reason this has taken a little longer than usual is since I couldn't drink them, Mike only likes to drink these kinds of water in the summer when he's hot and I told him I couldn't wait that long so he finally broke down and helped me with them. This is what is in Body:

Increase your fitness with:

**Potassium vital to muscle formation, energy storage, electrolyte and fluid balance
**Sodium regulates the amount of water in the body
**Calcium helps develop strong bones and maintain mineral/electrolyte balance
**Glucosamine promotes good joint health and cartilage resiliency

Here are the other vitamins in Body: Vitamin A110%. Vitamin B3110%. Vitamin B5110%. Vitamin B6115%. Vitamin B12110%. Vitamin D110%. Vitamin E110%
This one is called Spirit, which is a mood elevator. This is another one I did not see potassium on the label or here on the website but because it is green like lime (citrus is also a known irritant that will bring on my bladder pain), so I decided to play it safe and let Mike have this one also.

I guess some would say I am overly cautious, but if you had just one of those attacks, most people end up in the hospital like I used to but I have learned to tone it down by watching what I eat and drink plus I take the tons of meds like I am suppose to and I don't skimp on them either.

I try my best not to have an attack because it's like bee's have gotten inside your belly and are stinging you all over. So, yeah, I am very cautious. Plus, it makes hubby feel important to give his input when he can. Here are the main ingredients:

Elevate your mood with:

**Ginseng strengthens the body and helps it recover from stress
**L-Theanine Amino acid known to encourage relaxation
**Ashwagandha extract Indian plant that helps protect against mental & physical stress
**Acai & Pomegranate Fruit Extracts Super antioxidants that promote health & immunity **GrapeSeed Extract maintains proper immune function as well as skin & joint health
**Yerba Mate Leaf Extract promotes improved energy, cognitive function, and mood

Other vitamins in Spirit: Vitamin A110%. Vitamin B3110%. Vitamin B5110%. Vitamin B6115%. Vitamin B12110%. Vitamin D110%. Vitamin E110%

This one is called Mind for sharper thinking. I was almost tempted to try this one but because it says Orange Mango, I was a little hesitant because of the citrus factor. Mike really enjoyed this one the best, I think. He loves oranges and mangoes so he was pretty happy with this one. Here is what is in Mind:

Enhance your mental alertness with:

**Choline Amino acid that supports brain function, clarity, and memory
**Coenzyme Q10 Antioxidant that helps fuel the body’s daily activity
**Yerba Mate South American plant that promotes focus, clarity, and energy
**Eleuthrococcus Senticosus Root Extract restores vigor, increases longevity & stimulates memory **Guarana Seed Extract natural source of caffeine that energizes the mind and body
**Natural caffeine stimulates the nervous system and elevates alertness and mood

Rest of vitamins in the Mind: Vitamin A110%. Vitamin B3110%. Vitamin B5110%. Vitamin B6115%. Vitamin B12110%. Vitamin D110%. Vitamin E110%

Why should you drink Karma? Well, Mike needs it for several good reasons and I could use all of them but I am thinking maybe I can drink the Acai Pomberry. I am gonna ask my doctor when I go next week and take the bottle with me is the only way I can know for sure.

But here are your reasons why you should drink Karma:

**Three to six times the active ingredients of competing brands
**110% (or more) of the recommended daily allowance of seven essential vitamins: A, B3-Niacin, B5, B6, B12, D, and E
**A variety of superfruits, antioxidants, and nutraceuticals gathered from around the globe **Powerful and natural ingredients including everything from Acai Extract, Yerba Mate and Siberian Ginseng, to Zinc, Glucosamine, and Green Tea
**Vitamins and nutrients delivered at maximum potency and peak freshness thanks to our patented, one-of-a-kind KarmaCap
**A simple way to transform water into wellness: just peel, push and shake
**An easy-to-drink wide-mouth bottle

This is what is in the About Us:
Karma Wellness Water is a truly enlightened product, born out of the idea that what goes around comes around. A product based on the simple belief that if you do something positive—for others, or for yourself—you’ll get something positive back in return.  
When you think about it, it just makes sense: make good choices, and you’ll see and feel the benefits. Like choosing a drink that transforms pristine spring water into wellness water, creating positive effects for your mind, body, spirit, balance, and vitality.
Karma Wellness Water has been kind enough to give one winner the same 5 bottles that I reviewed to you! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Gala said...

Raspberry Guava Jackfruit sounds tasty

Catie said...

The Body drink sounds great!

Jessica Robinson said...

I've never tried Karma, but I think I'd like Body the most.

rookieabh said...

Acai Pomberry
Ashley Sifers

Jennifer Hiles said...

I think the Acai Pomberry sounds yummy.

Chasity S. said...

My favorite flavor would be Mind.

June M. said...

I think the Mind (Orange Mango) flavor sounds the best :)

June M. said...

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Elizabeth said...

Body looks the best to me because I love berries!

Wild N Mild $$$ said...

I'd like to try the Spirit.
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Samantha D. said...

They all sound very refreshing. But i think i want to try the orange/mango the most.

Samantha D. said...

They all sound very refreshing. But i think i want to try the orange/mango the most.

Samantha D.

Ken Ohl said...

orange mango. thankyou, ken

Lanie Kay said...

I would love to try the Acai Pomberry! I love anything with berries in it. I saw these at the mini mart and was about to try one. They look refreshing.

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Spirit would be the one I need These sound great

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I would be excited to try Mind.

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I may share them with my boyfriend

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I thing the Mind- Orange Mango would be my favorite.

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Rasberry Guava Jackfruit

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I'd like the Mind (orange and mango) one the best! makeighleekyleigh at

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The mind one sounds good.

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i think i would like the orange mango the best
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Mind (Orange Mango) sounds good.

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orange mango!

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i would like to try their passionfruit green tea

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Orange mango