Thursday, November 7, 2013

Glass Dharma Review

When I first got my 4 different sizes of straws, I didn't think it would be too much trouble but when you compare it to my camera and the way it's acting lately, well, I did have a problem. It was really hard to get an angle on how to show you the straws, so I took some pictures off of their site and then will attempt to put some of mine mixed in so we can see the difference.

I really did love the idea of glass straws because it is less paper used and less paper that ends up on the ground, let's face it, it does! Although I have been trying lately to not use them as much because I found out that just like smoking, sucking on straws causes those fine lines around the mouth. But, you still have to use them at certain times so I love having them there when those times arise.

Now, don't get me wrong and I am not real paranoid, but only Mike and I are allowed to use the glass ones. I have others for company. Let me explain, I have to take RA injections every few weeks and those act just like chemo, they destroy your immune system, so I have to be careful I don't catch colds or flu's from anyone, so that is why I said that about us being the only ones having the glass straws. Plus, it makes me feel like royalty to have such special straws!

As you can see they have different sizes for different kinds of drinks. They also sent me a cleaning brush and to be clear, cleaning brushes do not come with the straws. You have to get that separate if you want a cleaning brush to clean your straws the proper way.  This cleaner is for the larger shaped straws and there is a smaller one for like the sipper. This is what they look like:

Okay, I am going to attempt to show you the sizes I got and the colors but if they aren't too hot, I will use some of their pictures again.

Okay, that went pretty good so here are some of the sizes and colors I got:

I think the only one I need to show from their site is the bent one just like you get at the hospital if you are laying down and they put one in your cup so you don't spill it all over yourself. I believe these would work awesome for when you are at home sick or your children are or if they are not old enough yet for a straight straw:
Okay, can you see how they bend slightly so that you can sip at an angle? I think I have another image that might look good also:

So, hopefully, by now you have gotten a sense of what they are and how to use them. The ones with the gemlike colors on them are my favorites. I just love staring at them and thinking, how in the heck did they do that? Well, hint, family members, I would love to have a set of straws in just about every color that they have in the bigger size since we only use the others if we don't feel good but a few of the next size to the biggest would be great also!

These are the great benefits of using Glass Dharma:
  • Made of borosilicate tubing and is the strongest glass commercially available.
    Means that we have spared no expense in bringing you the strongest, most durable drinking straw possible.
  • Annealed to Corning, Inc. specifications (a process that strengthens the glass).
    So you can have confidence you are purchasing the highest quality glass straws available.
  • Made of glass which does not leach ANY TOXINS into your food.
    So you can use your non-toxic straws with confidence.
  • Created with the beauty and elegance that only glass can give.
    You’ll feel like royalty – with a touch of ‘glass’.
  • A great environmental addition to your kitchenware.
    Great for hot or cold drinks, microwave and dishwasher safe!!
  • Are fully backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    If they don’t meet your expectations, return for a full refund.
  • Covered with our unbelievable Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage.
    Means that if they ever break, we’ll replace them - Free,
    (Why do we do this?)
  • Hand-made in the U.S.A.
    Buying from Glass Dharma means that your dollar is not going off-shore - it stays right here in the U.S.A
Here is what I loved most about this company:
Hassle-Free Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage  
If, for any reason*, your Glass Dharma Drinking Straw should break, click the link below for instructions and a form to obtain your replacement.  
Due to technical difficulties, please email us at
Hassle-Free Satisfaction Guarantee  
If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, click the link below for instructions on returning your straw(s). We will issue your choice of an exchange or a refund for the total amount of the items you are returning. (excluding shipping)  
Due to technical difficulties, please email us at 
Now, I found this info on the website and wanted to share as much of his journey to making this company, but I don't have enough space for that, so please, go read the rest of the story. You will love it, I promise.
Hello, my name is David Leonhardt.  
I’ve been a lampworker (glassblower) for over 15 years. In 2006 my wife, Gail & I moved from the Sacramento, CA area, to our dream of living on the Mendocino Coast.  
I started doing some work for a local glass shop in town and noticed that the owner had glass drinking straws for sale. I had never heard of these before and I am always intrigued by something made out of glass that I hadn’t thought of. I was struck by the unique elegance in such a simple item.  
I immediately recognized that here was a partial solution to our “plastics problem”. Now, granted, there are a lot more plastics in our world than just drinking straws, but bear with me a minute and let me put things in perspective ...  
As of March 2008, McDonald’s serves an average of 52 million meals PER DAY! (Per their website) How many of those served do you think were given a plastic straw? I hope it is becoming obvious just how big of a problem these pesky little plastic straws can be. Remember, this is just from McDonalds!! Get the picture??  
So ... I created the GlassDharma line of glass drinking straws and this website to contribute one solution to the misuse of plastics in our society. Everyone that has seen these straws are filled with delight. Not just because they promote health and are environmentally friendly, but that they do these things with elegance and style.
Connect with Glass Dharma several ways:

Mailing Address:
17900 Ocean Drive #48
Fort Bragg CA 95437
Phone:  707-964-9350
Fax:      707-964-9320

The awesome folks at Glass Dharma will be giving the winner of my Black Friday GC Giveaway Event their own $25 GC to spend on their site! The Event starts on November 8th and ends on the 22nd. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


Gala said...

I'd get a set of four decorative dots drinking straws with one cleaning brush for SMOOTHIE

Jessica Robinson said...

i'd pick the Ice Tea straws, right in the middle of sizing.

Catie said...

I would get some 9" smoothie straws!

JC said...

I'd like smoothies straws, they would be very helpful.

Devona Fryer said...

I'd like the 9.5 mm size.

Jessica said...

I would probably get the bent straw for smoothies

Ken Ohl said...

smoothie straws. thankyou, ken

BethElderton said...

I might choose the Beautiful Bends Iced Tea.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

chris0855 said...

I'd choose the Simple Elegance-Ice tea, Extra Long Drinking Straw!

Debbie said...

I'd love the decorative dots iced tea ones.

Kristin McDonald said...

I'd pick the beautiful bends iced tea straw

MRWriter said...

I'd get the Decorative Dots Smoothie.

Kate Ex said...

I would get a couple Ice Tea straws. :D

Silent Poet said...

I would probably choose the decorative dots straws! Thanks for the giveaway!

-Rachael Henzman

Aneesa bint Lewis said...

I would choose the Beautiful Bends Smoothies Straw!

tweetyscute said...

I would love the SMOOTHIE
12mm x 6.25

Theresa J

Stephanie said...

i like the beautiful bends ice tea size

dawn keenan said...

I think I'd like the iced tea straws.

Yesenia said...

I would get decorative dots ice tea.

Paul T / Pauline T said...

I like the BUBBLE TEA straw ----- Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny ..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com


I'd get a set of 4 decorative dot straws

Megan Parsons said...

I like the set of bubble tea straws!

Lyndi Malarchuk said...

I would love the 6 pc set of smoothie straws with the decorative dots. They are so cute!

Joni Caraway said...

JJ Caraway said...

I would probably get the smoothie or bubble tea with dots

Joni Caraway said...

jj Caraway said...

I would probably get the Smoothie or Bubble tea with colored dots.

Joni Caraway said...

JJ Caraway said..

Left you a comment about the drinking straws on facebook.

JJ Caraway Facebook name

Christine Jessamine said...

i love the smoothie straws!

christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

rebeccabasset said...

I have been wanting to try these for some time now, and I always wanted to know how to clean them. Thank you for your post!

Danielle Royalegacy said...

These are just too cool! I can really see that you would want to get a brush to go with them.

Barbara Platt said...

love that they're eco

Helena Lemon said...

I love this idea! I would love sipping drinks from one of these!

Danielle Royalegacy said...

My sister has two of these, and I am a bit jealous of her. I would love to have some, too! These are so neat.