Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Funny Irish T-Shirt For Saint Patrick's Day

I love those looks that Mike gives me, don't you? I tell him I am gonna start calling you sourpuss face if you don't start smiling! I do have to disclose that he rarely does smile when I ambush him straight from work and throw a tee at him and say let me take a picture, quick, please? I know if I don't grab him the second he comes in the door, I won't get him to do anything, so he knows that, and he really isn't mad, just playing hard to get!

He really does like the shirts and has gotten quite a few laughs at them. He can't wear them to work but he wears them around here and outside when he's working and the neighbors will get a good laugh at him if they see him. They always ask him if he is going to Savannah or anywhere where there is going to be a party for him to wear his Hilarious Irish shirts for St. Patty's Day. And his answer is always, "no" and they know that but it's a running joke with them. They know that it is very rare that Mike drinks or me for that matter.

But, they love to tease him because he can get so flustered so easily. Mike has a very very Southern drawl and you know the instant he opens his mouth where he is from. We joke all the time about it and how the first time he talked to me I wouldn't have much to do with him because I thought he was some kind of hillbilly or something! Honest, I am not kidding!

He used to get ribbed at school, high school and at Devry. The only time it wasn't funny was when he next to last boss took an instant dislike to him based on how he talked and she hounded him relentlessly until she got to know him and then when he left for a promotion, she finally admitted she hated to see him go because she knew she just lost one of the best workers she had. To this day, she wishes he would come back. And he may if things don't get no better where he's at now.

But, anyway, here is what the shirt says if you had a hard time seeing it the way Mike was holding it up:
You can get this shirt in a men's tank, sleeveless, hoodie, longsleeve or slim fit in the men's categories. And wow, there are 16 colors to choose from! Then the other choices are women's girly tee, spaghetti strap, girly tank and baby doll shirt with all the same 16 colors. Now, where else would you find such an array of colors like that and in women's and men's styles that you could actually match if you wanted to.  Not many places that I know of! I kinda like the idea of matching tee's in the same color and style. Be an instant hit on vacation that's for sure! You might even be the main attraction because everyone would want to know where did you get those shirts?
I though this was a cute saying that isn't offensive, well, only if you like pigs, I guess:
I don't know about where anyone else is from but those of us in the South, love our bacon biscuits and you would be hard pressed to steal one, you might get your hand chopped off! Just kidding!
I have nothing against cats, mind you, so this is for pure laughter factor. I could just see us all being paranoid over who is watching us now all the time when we know that they have those satellite's out their in space. Makes you wonder who is manning those things?
And the last one I will leave you with is pretty funny all on it's own without any exlpanation!
You can find all of these T-Shirts at Funny Shirts, except the very first one that comes from the St. Patrick's Day shirts.  I gave you a good bit of idea's on my last Saint Patrick's Day review and decided to change things up a bit on this one so you could get a glimpse of a few other kinds of shirts that this company makes. When you are in the Saint Patrick's Day site, on the very bottom will be a list of all the different kinds of shirts that you can get from them. That is where I found all of these shirts under the Funny Shirts.
They have a vast array of shirts that have been divided up into categories according to Holidays and then the rest are just whatever they happened to think about, I guess. Whoever comes up with these slogans has got to be one funny person or maybe there is more than one, so whoever you are, you sure are pretty darn funny!
Thanks for that because without your shirts to help us make fun of ourselves, we would be pretty darn boring and dumb! I mean that in a kind way but we really would have no humor in our lives if we had nothing to laugh about, don't you think?
So, go give them a check out and see what tickles your fancy!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Jerri Davis said...

Those are very nice T-Shirts thank you for sharing. Jerri Davis

fee roberts said...

My brother loves silly T-shirts. I'll have to check them out for his birthday in May. Thanks for the review =D

Tara said...

These t-shirts are cute and funny! I've always loved funny shirts, but since I've gotten older, I've felt obligated to only wear them in certain company. ;)

francis485 said...

great review, i love these kind of shirts they are too funny, thanks again for the great review

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

So great. I love the "free beer" shirt. Can't wait to see what else they have

Jennifer Hiles said...

I just have to get the "Bacon is Meat Candy" t-shirt! I love how they over so many styles of shirt (spaghetti, baby doll, hoodies).

Mer said...

Love the shirt (and the expression!). These are all pretty funny, and I have a friend with an upcoming birthday who shares my sense of humor...