Thursday, January 31, 2013 Purple & Pink Heart Charm Bracelet Sponsor Spotlight Review

Isn't this charm bracelet for Valentine's Day awesome? Leave it to to have the best looking bracelets! I love the combination of colors of pinks and a touch of light purples. The little heart hanging down is the right touch to set it all off!  This one is called the Purple & Pink Hearts Charm Bracelet.

These are a little different than the leather ones that I have been reviewing and giving away in some of my past reviews, so whoever the winner is of my Crazy Cupid Giveaway Hop for Valentine's Day, make sure you measure your wrist and follow the directions.
I did not know what kind I was getting to review so thought nothing of it and when it came, it is too small for me. I can barely get the clasp to close and it's very tight and so when my RA is acting up it will be even tighter. I am going to save this and give it to one of our nieces for Christmas this year.

I have a friend who has small wrists and she was able to put it on and wear it, so I know it works for people with small wrists. Since she liked it so much, I told her to keep it. She was very grateful and appreciated the early birthday present.  So, the nieces will get something else this year.
 Above is the kind of clasp that is used and I got them both undone to see if I could take a few charms off and then it would fit but it still won't let me take any off because it looks like the part that I thought screwed in and out is actually welded onto that big silver piece right in the middle. Then the two long silver things where this clasp actually hooks to is too big to get any of the charms off on both sides so I am not sure how this was made.

This is a closer up picture so you can see that the charms are actually pretty big and I bet that is what took up so much of the chain. It is a very beautiful bracelet and will make an awesome one to wear, just remember to go by the sizing chart so that you will be able to wear yours if you win or if you decide to buy one.
Here is the sizing chart for the charm bracelets:
CHAIN LENGHTH: The proper sizing for bracelets with charms is to add 1" - 1.5" to your wrist size. Go up one size for a very loose fit.
Examples: 6" wrist = 7.1" chain6 1/4" - 6 1/2" wrist = 7.5 inch chain.6 3/4" wrist = 7.9" chain. 7" wrist = 8.3" chain7 1/2" wrist = 8.7" chain.8" wrist = 9.1" chain.

If I am reading this right, I think I would need either the one for the 7 1/2 or the 8 inch for my wrist. I have actually both sizes in 2 other bracelets and on the 7 1/2 size I had to take several charms off to get it to close and then I just added them to the 8 inch bracelet and they both fit perfectly now.  Even on the 8 inch bracelet, I had to leave several inches on each side empty of charms for the bracelet to be loose on my wrist but it all worked out.

They have so many to choose from besides this one, it will make your head spin. I found several other ones that would make excellent Valentine's Day gifts too. This one is called Red Love Charm Bracelet.

Oh, don't forget that you get free shipping on any orders over $50.00!

Or if you are into gold colored jewelry, which I also love, I thought this one makes a striking bracelet and would look good all year round. It's called Winter Gold but it has a small gold heart hanging from it so it would still qualify for Valentine's Day, don't you think?

Lastly, I found this one in a totally different set of bracelets that are called Shamballa Bracelets. I have never heard of that name before but did recognize the style. I have seen it before and have actually thought about getting one but I would need to see if it has the little pulls like the leather ones do that you can adjust it to fit any way you want.
Here is a little info on is owned and operated by SedonaBiz LLC, an internet company nestled in the panoramic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. The majesty of Sedona inspires us everyday to offer beautiful bracelets at reasonable prices.
You won't find bracelets on our website that cost thousands of dollars. No! We want to appeal to the jewelry lover who likes to wear a different bracelet everyday. We offer beautiful, fun fashion bracelets that are good quality and don't break the bank.

We also try to make it as easy as possible to buy a bracelet online by giving you tips for measuring your wrist, and telling you what wrist size each of our bracelet fits so you don't have to guess.
Many sites only tell their customers the size of the bracelet, but not the best wrist size for that bracelet. As we know, the bigger the beads, the smaller the wrist it fits.

We also sell the very popular Bracelet Assistant which makes putting a bracelet on by yourself easy and fast. We've all experienced the "flopping" bracelet, and the Bracelet Assistant solves that problem.

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Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


desitheblonde said...

i like this braclet and would love to win

Lauren Roch said...

I REALLY like the shamballa bracelet style :)
Thank you for the informative review! I am glad you included measurements of the bracelets, that is very helpful.

Jennifer Hiles said...

They are so pretty! I really like the Winter Gold one. These would be a perfect gift for my daughter for Valentine's Day!